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Master Internet Business



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Become an expert in digital transformation: discover the MIB, ‹Master’s in Internet Business›, the leading course for Digital Business


The MIB changes your life

The master’s degree that prepares you to ‹lead the new digital paradigm›

The MIB is an MBA that will allow you to take control of your professional career, redefining your job prospects and taking you wherever you want to go. The program that gives you an overarching perspective on the challenges facing the digital economy.​

Upcoming applications

You decide ‹where and when›

Madrid. 1 October | 4 Octuber 2024

Barcelona. 17 October 2024

Online. 22 October 2024

Harvard. 2025

9 months, 60 ECTS


What is the MIB?

Transform your career: become an expert in ‹business and digital technology›

Knowing that you have the skills to guide your business through a digital transformation is a great feeling. And that's what the MIB offers. ​

The first MBA in the Digital Economy

We launched this innovative program in 2008. It’s now a master's degree that adds three qualifications to your CV in just 9 months: the MIB, your chosen specialization, and a seminar at Harvard.​


At ISDI, we are pioneers in the latest trends in education, which is why our programs include a unique AI module developed in collaboration with Google AI Academy. We are the only business school in Spain that offers this exclusive learning opportunity, combining academic excellence with tech innovation thanks to our outstanding partnership with Google. Through the Google AI Bootcamp, students receive practical training from Google professionals on the latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence, developed by Google: Vertex, pre-trained models via API, AutoML model and Google’s Generative AI

Give a real boost to your employability

Learning from the best, with the latest content and projects based on real case studies, to give you the opportunity to improve your job options. Some of our students already work at companies like Amazon, Glovo and Google.​

MIB Profile

The program for the leaders of the ‹Digital Transformation›

The MIB is aimed at experienced executives. Do you want a change of position in your current workplace, to find a new employer, or start your own business? If that sounds like you, this program will expand your overall perspective on strategy and technology through the use of data, AI and other tools that will allow you to take your business to the next level.​


The facts speak for themselves, and they ‹recommend ISDI›

Choose ISDI for a unique course program that is designed to maximize your opportunities. When you choose ISDI, you choose results. These are the numbers:

of graduates work in areas related to the program
0 %
go on to start a business after the course
0 %
Startups lanzadas por nuestros alumnos gracias al apoyo de expertos
+ 0


The MIB: exceptional education, certified by the best

QS Rating

Top 10 in Spain and top 38 in the world: The QS Stars university rating system has awarded us with the highest possible score for teaching, employability, and online learning. That’s one of the reasons the MIB is one of the leading business management programs in the country (top 10 in Spain), and excellent value for money (Top 38 in the world).​


This certification is awarded to professional master's programs like the MIB. It is the equivalent to the accreditation awarded to standardized university degrees and master’s programs and meets the quality standards of the European Higher Education Area.​

UCM Digital Tool Kit

The Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) certifies 4 credits of the MIB program, which entitles students to apply for the official UCM diploma.​

Teacher staff

To give the very best education, we have ‹the best​​​›

Your lecturers are the people who put ideas into practice to change the digital world of tomorrow. In every class, you will learn from experts who are leading members of their fields

Sacha Michaud


Lorem ipsum

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Néstor Gándara

Sr. Partner Solution Architect

Borja Olazabal Lago de Lanzós

Q-commerce & Brands Director

Alex Urcola

Principal Data Analytics Consultant

Elena Borrás

Digital Director

Ana Gómez

Head of Agency Partnerships Iberia

David Hurtado

Innovation Lead

Francisco Servia Fiuza

Senior Product Manager

Showing 0 of 46 teachers





Become an expert in ‹Artificial Intelligence›

AI has transformed the digital sector And now it can transform your career. Just like all our programs, the MIB includes access to The AI HUB: a unique learning platform that will help you become an AI expert and learn how to use it on your projects in an ethical and measured way.​

AI basics and how to get the most out of AI in your projects.​
Become a ChatGPT professional and get the most out of all its features.​

Study advanced levels of interaction with different types of AI through prompt engineering techniques

Delve deeper into the use of key AI tools.​

We will teach you how to choose the tools that fit your project and how to use them, with detailed explanations, introductory videos and access links.​

Any questions?

Do you still have any ‹questions about the Master’s in Internet Business?​ ›

Don’t keep your questions to yourself. If you need more information, don't hesitate to get in touch with us via any of our contact channels, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.​

Professionals from any background can study the Master’s in Internet Business.

The ISDI Master’s in Internet Business is aimed at experienced professionals who want to improve their digital knowledge, as well as executives and entrepreneurs who need to lead the digital transformation in their companies.

As an Alumni, once you finish the Master’s program you will still have access to all the resources available on the MIB. You will continue to have access to updated resources and content forever.

Course program

The MIB, a ‹comprehensive course›

Your new mindset will include

Your new skills will include

Your new tool kit will include

The Course

A course, and a ‹roadmap›

The digital world does not stand still: it is constantly advancing and evolving every day. That’s why, in order to create a program that meets your goals, we are constantly updating our content, adapting to new digital trends so we can always provide you with the training you need:​

5 ECTS, 40 hours. Description: Vision and business strategy for digital products and services

  • Overview of the opportunities that the internet and digital ecosystem offer for companies of any size and sector.
  • From the outset, the course tackles the concepts of vision, mission and values, which are fundamental to a company’s business strategy in the digital age.
  • Introduction to the main aspects of creating a digital product or service strategy, through research tools such as Design Thinking.
  • Immersion in the areas that have the greatest impact on managing a digital business: operations, sales and finance.
  • Holistic understanding of the changes that consumers and the market have experienced both online and offline.

7 ECTS, 56 hours.

Description: Key technology strategies in a digital business

  • Technology as a key asset for digital strategic development.
  • Basics of digital technology operation. Opportunities and limitations.
  • Analysis of the technical and human aspects to be considered when building solid and flexible digital applications and assets.
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Blockchain, 5G, NFT, Metaverse, Cybersecurity and Voice Assistants, supported by case studies showing how they are used in companies.
  • At the end of the course, students will complete a hands-on project in which they create and train a Machine Learning model, configure an EC2 instance in AWS, and use WordPress to create a website for their business or personal project.

5 ECTS, 40 hours. Description: Data management, analysis and visualization

  • Knowledge and analysis of the data life cycle: collection, storage and governance.
  • How to create a digital measurement plan and approach to the fundamentals of Big Data, defining metrics and KPIs.
  • Data analytics: structure and analysis
  • Predictive models, data storytelling, ethics and privacy.

7 ECTS, 56 hours. Description: E-commerce, sales and go-to-market strategy

  • Complete immersion in the process of generating business through digital channels.
  • Understanding the main drivers for customer acquisition and conversion on digital channels.
  • Introduction to key techniques used by companies to reach potential consumers, search engine strategy (SEO/SEM), branding and creativity.
  • Analysis of advertising from a strategic and tactical perspective, developing the necessary knowledge to suggest concrete actions.
  • Review of the key aspects of e-commerce, either directly or through marketplaces, differentiating between B2C, B2B2C and B2B environments.

6 ECTS, 48 hours. Description: Transforming businesses and organizations in the digital age

  • Improving leadership capacity in the digital age.
  • Understanding the characteristics of entrepreneurship in the digital age, and taking a look at the best practices exemplified by entrepreneurs.
  • Incorporating concepts, methodologies and a roadmap to transform businesses and organizations.
  • Introduction to sustainability and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and their impact on business decisions.
  • Through real case studies on transformation, discover the importance of an organization’s culture and values in the digital age.

Team project, organized around Agile methodologies, that creates a Transformation Strategy for a real company. 9 ECTS, 72 hours.  Coordination: Javier Martín, CEO at Summa Networks

Project phases:

  1. Transformation plan. Future scenario.
  2. Creating and prioritizing initiatives.
  3. Developing the chosen initiative (Quick win)
  4. Developing the product/service involved in the Quick Win initiative.
  5. Go-to-market strategy
  6. Scaling the initiative to the organization, impact analysis of the full plan implementation, following these 5 pillars: Product, Finance, Technology, Operations and Organization.

At the end of the Final Master’s Project, each team will have created a new organization with new business models, talent, operating models and even a new culture, principles and purpose, having acquired a working methodology that could apply to any business organization.

Choose Your Specialization

Artificial Intelligence: Opt for this track to discover the significance of Artificial Intelligence in the present and future of businesses. You’ll learn how to incorporate Generative AI into your daily operations, optimize your labor productivity with cutting-edge technological tools, and identify new business opportunities based on AI application cases.

Digital Sales: If you’re keen on mastering digital product sales, this specialization is for you. Explore the workings of the sales funnel and journey in a B2B environment. Together, you’ll create an e-commerce store with real product campaigns and sales.

Growth Marketing: Master acquisition strategies, manage B2B/B2C sales, and excel in scalability through the control of state-of-the-art tools and retention actions. In this program, you’ll learn the strategic keys to using acquisition, conversion, and optimization tools in marketing.

12 ECTS, 320 hours.

The MIB is a program aimed at experienced professionals. The talent and career services team will offer internships to students who are in a period of career transition.

Discover the latest trends in digital transformation through the MIB and connect with experts in strategy and technology at the Harvard Digital Immersion Seminar. One week in classrooms at Harvard’s RCC and 40 hours of study with visits to key institutions. Academic recognition from the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) worth 3 ECTS credits. Connect with experts in digital innovation at Harvard, gain invaluable networking opportunities, and have a transformative experience for your professional career.


Digital Excellence Chairs

The Digital Excellence Chairs are collaborative initiatives between ISDI and leading technology companies. The goal is to promote digital transformation and innovation through activities and programs. The Chairs are designed to promote excellence and leadership in the digital field.

ISDI and Salesforce have come together for a strategic partnership that drives digital transformation and innovation. This remarkable synergy will forge the future of digital transformation, becoming a reference point in producing leaders with the skills they need to drive change across the business world.

  • ISDI is an Authorized Training Partner (ATP) for Salesforce in Spain, France, Portugal and Mexico, and is the only official school for training and certification in the EMEA and LATAM regions with this status. More than just an educational institution, ISDI is a pioneer in certifying instructors in these countries, further raising quality standards.
  • As part of its ongoing vocation to provide high-quality professional development, ISDI is committed to training recent graduates at Salesforce. This strategy not only helps strengthen individual talent, but also contributes to the growth of the Salesforce ecosystem.
  • In addition, ISDI and Salesforce have joined forces to select and train specialized consultants on the Salesforce platform. This unique collaboration ensures that professionals are at the forefront of the latest trends and technologies, in order to produce innovative and efficient solutions.

The partnership between ISDI and Google has brought two leading organizations together to drive digital transformation and innovation. This unique synergy translates into excellence and leadership in the field of digital transformation.

  • As an Authorized Training Provider of Official Google Cloud Certification, ISDI provides access to official resources that will allow you to master the design, management and administration of applications and infrastructure on the Google Cloud Platform.
  • ISDI and Google have joined forces to create the ISDI-GOOGLE AI ACADEMY. This alliance is ultimately aimed at launching a Google Artificial Intelligence program, designed specially for executive profiles, that goes beyond the technical and focuses on business, strategic vision and related strategic processes. In addition, AI and Google Cloud Certification are integrated in ISDI programs.

ISDI and KPMG have a strategic collaboration on different projects to drive digital transformation and innovation. This powerful synergy fosters excellence and leadership in digital transformation, with events and programs focused on training, innovation and development in the digital age.

  • The Legal Tech Chair encourages innovation in the legal and tech sectors with an Advisory Board made up of leaders from companies including Google, Meta and BBVA, to name a few.
  • The collaboration has resulted in Digital Talent initiatives such as the Talent Day—part of the ISDI MIB and DMBA study programs—as well as sponsorship of the Digital Professions Map in Cybersecurity and Legal Tech.
  • The KPMG management committee takes an active part in the ISDI Board Members of the Digital Age program, showing their commitment to training business leaders in the digital context, and continuous education for their management teams.

ISDI and IBM have entered into a technology-leading strategic alliance that covers initiatives focused on digital transformation with special emphasis on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. At ISDI, our partnership with IBM not only aims towards academic excellence, but also at creating an ecosystem that combines education, technology and innovation to prepare leading professionals in the digital world.

  • The BIG DATA & Artificial Intelligence Chair is a space dedicated to researching and creating use cases and practical applications of the latest trends in Big Data and AI.
  • This includes events aimed at identifying and developing emerging talent in the digital field, such as the Talent Day MIB in Madrid and Barcelona, the Talent Day DMBA, and the Digital Professions Map. The focus is on Data & AI, providing valuable information on the most sought-after skills on the market.
  • The partnership includes collaboration on training programs for both students and companies. They also work together on a global training strategy with industry leaders that encompasses technical aspects, employer branding and strategic partnerships.

ISDI and NTT DATA have come together to build a strategic collaboration, joining forces for training, research and sponsorship in a display of their shared commitment to a sustainable, digital future.

  • The Data & Artificial Intelligence Chair is the epicenter for research and knowledge sharing in these key areas. NTT DATA supports this initiative by awarding scholarships to study the Master Data Analytics MDA, providing an opportunity that not only funds education, but also offers a job position and strengthens the next generation of leaders in data analytics.
  • NTT DATA’s commitment extends beyond scholarships, and includes sponsorship of the MDA program. The company provides key professionals to ISDI teaching staff, so that the course can continue to be equally strong in terms of the level of training offered.
  • In addition, NTT DATA offers a training plan to management staff, contributing to the continuous improvement of skills in the digital field.
  • The synergy is also shown in key events such as the Talent Day MIB in Madrid and Barcelona, the Digital MBA, and sponsorship of the Digital Professions Map, with a special focus on Cloud Computing.
  • The highlight is the Artificial Intelligence Barometer—led by NTT DATA, ISDI and Microsoft—, which includes trends and valuable data on AI and has been presented in a number of different cities.

Specialist Knowledge

Choose your ‹goal› and the path to reach it

Experience has shown us that a combination of overall understanding and specialist knowledge is a winning recipe for success.​

Artificial Intelligence

A Specialization to Lead the Future. Understanding the possibilities and exponential growth of this technology is crucial to harness its potential for innovation, efficiency, and business growth in the digital era. Only those who master the concepts and applications of AI will be better positioned to succeed in an increasingly competitive and data-driven business environment.
  • Utilize Artificial Intelligence to lead your business, team, or project.
  • Applications of Artificial Intelligence for making business decisions.
  • Optimization and labor productivity through the use of generative AI tools.
  • Practical LABs: Google Vertex AI / Salesforce Einstein Generative AI.
  • Digital Humanism and ethical considerations for a future driven by Generative AI.

Growth Marketing

You will delve into the scope of Growth Marketing extensively. From acquisition strategies and asset design to the implementation of B2B and B2C sales actions, focusing on scalability with the use of tools and activation of loyalty and engagement actions.
  • Growth Marketing: Framework and mindset to work on a Full Funnel and omnichannel strategy based on OKRs. Keys and tools for acquisition, conversion, and retention. Growth Methodology: OKRs, Test&Learn.
  • Neuromarketing techniques and Behavioral Economics.
  • Practical Challenge: Solve a real marketing challenge of a company applying the methodology and tools of Growth Marketing.

B2B Sales & E-commerce

The goal is to acquire a deep understanding of managing both B2B and B2C e-commerce funnels, providing you with the necessary tools and use cases to optimize each stage of the funnel and the customer journey to maximize their Lifetime Value.
  • B2B: Analysis of the specific funnel and levers of action for commercial activation at different points of the journey.
  • B2C: E-commerce platforms, online store design and creation, dropshipping, traffic generation, and conversion.
  • Practical Challenge: Creation of a real e-commerce store, including campaigns, optimization, sales, and customer service.

Employment opportunities

Choose ‹MIB›, choose your future​

This course will open doors at companies looking for digital transformation, but it will also give you a solid grounding as an entrepreneur with the knowledge and skills to digitize any business.​


The Master Internet Business gives you ‹certifications› in key technology

At ISDI, we make sure your education meets your needs. In every way. By the end of the MIB, you will have all the knowledge you need to get certification in all these fields:​

Salesforce Associate: Learn fundamental skills on the Salesforce platform, driving careers in management and business development.

Salesforce AI Associate: Become proficient in Artificial Intelligence skills applied to business solutions on the Salesforce platform.

Tableau: Get to grips with data analysis and visualization skills, gaining the tools you need to interpret and communicate information effectively

Airtable: Master the tools and practices required to optimize data and project management

Webflow: Learn web design skills, showing your abilities in creating dynamic and functional websites

Learning experience

Master Internet Business is more than a training course: it’s an experience​ ‹experience›

The MIB course at ISDI is 100% focused on you and your experience. The program is based on real projects, and we constantly analyze our teaching methods.​

Discovery Classes

Studying is important, but if you choose ISDI, you choose to learn by doing. The MIB is made up of a series of dynamic sessions that are complemented by 100% practical workshops. Together with your team, you can use digital tools to solve all kinds of challenges. In addition, your course will include three specializations so you can choose the one that best suits your needs: Growth, B2B Sales & E-commerce and AI.​

Digitalization project

At ISDI we prefer to go from theory to practice. Throughout the master’s degree you will be asked to complete a core project, which involves digitizing a company with real and current case studies. You will put everything you have learned in the Discovery Classes into practice with the help of a mentor, teamwork sprints and by relying on agile methodology and collaborative tools.​


Round off your education in the heart of the digital world. The MIB experience includes a Harvard Digital Immersion Seminar (ISDT), a week-long transformative experience taught in English at Harvard University premises. A 40 hour course where renowned digital leaders share their ideas on business innovation. ​


Beyond ‹MIB›

Our commitment to our students continues even after the courses are finished. Once you have completed the MIB, we will put all our tools at your disposal to maximize your employability.​

Employer Branding

The perfect opportunity to get a first-hand look at the companies leading the digital revolution. During Employer Branding, digital leaders share crucial knowledge and show us the profiles that are most in-demand in the workplace.

Elevator Pitch

The Elevator Pitch is your opportunity to present your value proposition to key recruiters and talent managers at leading companies in the digital sector.


Students have the chance to take part in informal interviews at ISDI and network with leading companies in the digital sector.

Our partners

The MIB is all that's standing between you and the ‹job you want›

On the MIB course, we teach you not to limit yourself, because we know that only those who think big get where they want to go. That's why some of our students work in companies like these:​

On the MIB course, we teach you not to limit yourself, because we know that only those who think big get where they want to go. That's why some of our students work in companies like these:​

Some data

The Master Internet Business gets ‹results›

As you know, at ISDI we are more about actions than words, and perhaps that’s why our results speak for us better than any explanation could.

of our graduates work in fields related to the MIB.
0 %
of our graduates work as managing directors or CEOs.
0 %
startups have been launched by our students thanks to the course.
+ 0

Digital Talent Community

Digital Talent Community: Become part of ISDI ‹forever›

At ISDI, we help our students become their best professional selves, set up networking with leading businesspeople, and put our graduates on the radar of leading companies in every sector. But we wanted to go even further. That’s why we created the Digital Talent Community (DTC): a platform that will give you access to exclusive training courses, professional development programs and networking opportunities from the day you start the MIB. ​


We make sure everyone is included. We keep you in the loop by giving you access to exclusive events, sharing all the latest content, updating class programs and publishing the ISDIgital Now blog.​


Turn your dreams into a realistic goal. In addition to your course, you will have access to a job bank, mentoring sessions with MIB alumni, and one-to-one sessions with a Career Advisor. When you add it all up, your career goals are much closer than you think.


There are many more people like you. Connect with them and benefit from an unprecedented and ever-growing digital network.​

Boost your startup

We’ll support your ‹ideas​›

Use the MIB as a turning point in your career. And also as a starting point. At ISDI, we believe in you and your potential, which is why we support, help and monitor student and alumni startups every day.​

ISDI Start: The incubator

In our incubator, experts will help you develop your idea, launch it on the market and consolidate it as a successful company through different business verticals such as EdTech, robotics and sustainability.​

ISDI Investors Club: The meeting point

This is a space where investors, family offices, business angels and corporations can get together with startups with growth potential, like yours.​

The network

We’ll give you access to a large network of contacts that has been developing since 2014. Startups, mentors, public institutions, investors and corporations have all come together to push each other forward.​

Upcoming editions

Choose ‹where and when›

All our campuses give you access to the cutting-edge technologies and tools you will need to get the most out of the digital world.​


Upcoming applications

1 October | 4 October 2024

Monday to Thursday

7 pm to 10 pm


16:00 – 22:00h


8.45 am to 2.45 pm

Thursday (once a month)

7 pm to 10 pm


6.45 pm to 10 pm


4.30 pm to 9.30 pm


Upcoming applications

17 October 2024


4 pm to 10 pm


8.30 am to 2.30 pm

Thursday (once a month)

7 pm to 10 pm


6.45 pm to 10 pm


4.30 pm to 9.30 pm


Upcoming applications

22 October 2024

Monday and Wednesday

6 pm to 8 pm

One Tuesday a month

6 pm to 8 pm

Optional in-person bootcamp

At ISDI Madrid headquarters (1 week)


6.45 pm to 10 pm


4.30 pm to 9.30 pm

Admission requirements

Admission requirements for the MIB


The first step in the admissions process is to fill in the form with the requested information. A member of the Admissions team will be in touch as soon as possible to answer any questions you might have. Choosing the right students for ISDI courses is crucial, and the Admissions Department will be there support you throughout the process.

Personal guidance

After reviewing your CV/LinkedIn profile, we will invite you to have a chat with us—either by telephone or in person—and you will receive personalized advice from our Admissions Manager. During this first meeting, we will take the time to understand where you are in your career and what your goals are after the course. We will answer any questions you have about the course content, learning methodology, future colleagues, and funding channels. At ISDI, you will have the opportunity to check out our facilities, the Work Space that is open to students, the team running the course, and our culture and ISDIness. We will also invite you to the next Info Session, Open Day or event.

Submitting documentation

Before the interview, we will ask you to provide us with the following information so we can assess your profile: 1-page cover letter/professional letter of recommendation/updated CV/LinkedIn profile/official academic transcript/ID or passport


Once we have answered any questions you have, we’ll set up an admissions interview with a member of the Admissions Committee. We want to hear more about your academic and professional profile, but we are also interested in your personality and values. The interview, which may also be carried out over the telephone, is an indispensable requirement in the process.

Admissions committee

After the admissions interview, the other members of the Admissions Committee will review your application alongside feedback from the person who interviewed you. We’ll let you know our decision within 3-7 days.

Reservation and enrollment

If you are accepted onto the course, we will let you know how to reserve your place and enroll on the program. From that moment onwards, you’ll be part of the ISDI community! We’ll let you know about talks and events you can attend before starting classes, so you can get to know your future classmates and start to get in touch with the digital ecosystem. Welcome to ISDI!


To understand the MIB, you have to ‹experience it›

Quique Marroquín Llagostera

Brand Manager

El MIB de ISDI ha sido un desafío constante en lo digital y personal. Construir una familia con mi equipo ha sido gratificante. Cada esfuerzo vale la pena.

Pablo Arana

Global Head of Sales & Partner Enablement

My experience in the second edition of the MIB program in Madrid in 2010 was pivotal for my professional development. After six years at Google, working in various regions, I can attest that this period was crucial for my growth.

Antonio Yuste

Program Manager

The MIB program has transformed my professional approach and how I tackle projects. I am now better informed and more connected in my networking. I recognize the personal impact of the program and the valuable learning environment it provided.

Academic partners

Today’s leaders teaching the ‹leaders of tomorrow›

You want to connect with our partners, and the feeling is mutual. Experts from leading multinationals teach content at the MIB based on real case studies in their sectors, giving you first-hand experience of the situations you will face tomorrow.​

Logotipo LVMH Logotipo Accenture Logotipo Loreal Logotipo Glovo Logotipo Pepsico Logotipo IBM Logotipo Affinity Logotipo Cabify Logotipo Fever
Logotipo IBM Logotipo Affinity Logotipo Cabify Logotipo Fever Logotipo Telefonica Logotipo Accenture Logotipo Loreal Logotipo Glovo


You create it, and we’ll help you ‹promote it​›.

These are some of the startups launched by the career professionals who have studied with us.

Logotipo 9-Puntos Logotipo Agua-3-Growth-Engines-Blanco Logotipo BCN letters Logotipo Both Logotipo bull performanze Logotipo clickoala Logotipo cod consulting Logotipo Coto-de-Cata-blanco Logotipo CROnuts
Logotipo Curro-Finder-blanco Logotipo Doers-OntPartners-blanco Logotipo everCONTENT-blanco Logotipo Finance-HUB-blanco Logotipo FINDOIT-blanco-scaled Logotipo gen d Logotipo hacking ecology Logotipo hanek

Do you have any questions, or is there something we missed? ‹We’re right here›

Suggestions, questions or complaints

Do you have any ‹suggestions›?

Would you like to share something about learning at ISDI? Get in touch by writing us an email at:

To make sure the email gets through correctly, please write “suggestions, complaints and claims” in the subject line. Your message will be sent directly to the ISDI Academic Directorate.

MIB: Master Internet Business

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