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Data Management Executive Program



With the Data Management Executive program, your ‹data-driven leadership› journey starts now. Discover how to transform the structure of your company, adopting a data-driven approach that will drive success and innovation.


The DAEX changes your life

Discover the ‹power of data› with the DAEX

The DAEX is your strategic partner to unlock the true power of data and empower you as a decision maker. Precisely designed, this program immerses you in the fascinating world of data, empowering you to lead your business with a 100% data-driven mindset.

Upcoming applications

You decide ‹when and where​›

Online. 12 noviembre 2024

10 weeks


What is the DAEX

Maximize your ‹potential​› with the DAEX and achieve your goals

The Data Management Executive Program (DAEX) is perfect for those directors, executives, and professionals who have understood that the future of their company lies in equipping it with a solid data-based strategy.

The power of data

In our program, we provide you with the knowledge you need to turn data into strategic assets, allowing you to make crucial decisions for the success of your business.

Data success stories

Dive into the success stories of industry-leading companies thanks to effective data strategies. We reveal the best practices that have led these companies to success.

Bringing data and business together

Overcome the barriers between data and business. In our program, we will teach you how to build strong business strategies by merging two seemingly disparate worlds. Learn how to transform information into actions that will drive your company's growth.

DAEX profile

An executive program for executives and middle managers, focusing on ‹data strategy›

Designed for executives and middle managers, this program gives you access to the most advanced business strategies, leveraging the power of data to make strategic decisions quickly. In the digital age, it's not enough to know your data; you have to understand the direction your organization needs to take in an increasingly uncertain environment.


Use data to transform your ‹leadership›

Learn how to build your company's business strategy by bringing together two traditionally isolated worlds: data and business. Here’s the data that backs ISDI:

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go on to start a business after the course
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startups have been launched by our students thanks to expert support
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This training course chosen by specialists

QS Rating: Teaching and Employability: ISDI has been awarded Five Stars in the Teaching, Employability and Online Training categories.

Teaching staff

Learn from people who have already used ‹data to transform› their business

Discover how leading experts have become the driving force changing the course of the digital world.

Virginia Carrion

Manager Data&Analytics - BigData, Cloud & AI

Óscar Coca

Digital Solution Architect

Laura Gil

Directora Transformación Digital

Melanie Calero

Chief Data Officer

Melanie Calero

Alfredo Carrión

Director Data Analytics & AI

Jairo Arias

Customer Engineer

Jairo Arias

Tomás Trenor

Data and Analytics Director

Nera González

Innovation & AI & Product Development Manager

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Unleash the ‹Innovative Power› of Generative AI

Delve into the evolutionary aspects of Artificial Intelligence (AI), learning not only how to use it, but how to make it the perfect partner in improving all your projects. Develop a thorough understanding of AI technology, from a baseline of academic integrity.

This solid foundation covers the fundamental concepts of AI, exploring how it can be applied in projects and in the professional world.

Learn how to use ChatGPT in an advanced way, making the most of all its features. The course provides indispensable advice on role assignment, context management, and critical thinking.

Learn advanced ways to operate Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) through specialized prompt engineering techniques.

Explore different variations of AGI, gaining a deeper understanding of how to use key AI tools.

Gain access to a series of recommended tools, organized by how they apply to projects. Each tool comes with detailed explanations, introductory videos, and access links.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any ‹questions about the DAEX program›?

If you need more information, don't hesitate to get in touch with us via any of our contact channels, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.​

Studying an executive program in Data Management is crucial for executives and middle managers as it provides skills for data-driven decision-making, improves competitiveness, inspires business innovation, ensures data security and optimizes operational efficiency. In addition, it encourages professionals to adapt to the digital transformation, while developing a valuable network of contacts in their career.

The ISDI Data Management Executive Program is designed for executives and managers who work in the digital environment. These professionals seek fast and high-quality training to lead data-driven decisions, and to acquire knowledge in advanced analytics and data governance. They aspire to integrate data into their work, transform their perspective on the market, and lead specialized data teams to efficiently manage the digital transformation in their business.

Studying ISDI’s Data Management Executive Program is the right move because it offers a unique combination of technical and leadership skills—a must when managing teams and making data-driven decisions. Through real business transformation projects, students will have the chance to apply their knowledge in practical contexts. The program ranges from data valuation to trends in analytics and technology, promoting a data-driven culture. The goals of the course include discovering the value of data, designing sound business strategies, acquiring technical and leadership skills, connecting data and business, exploring trends and technology, developing a data-driven culture, mastering the data lifecycle, and applying knowledge in a practical way. Participants understand data analysis tools, create customized roadmaps, and are trained to lead data-driven organizations while making informed and responsible decisions.

Course program

The DAEX te ‹empowers› you to make data-driven decisions

Your new mindset will include

Your new skills will include

Your new tool kit will include

Course program

Empower your ‹leadership› with the DAEX course

Discover the DAEX, the next step to learning, applying and deepening key knowledge. Our unique methodology merges hands-on classes with active professional experts. Dive into a real business transformation project, where you will have the chance to show your skills as a leader. Chart your success with a custom roadmap. Unlock your leadership potential and take your career to the next level with the DAEX.

  • The value of data
  • Data Business Models
  • Data Storytelling
  • How data impacts customer knowledge
  • How the data impacts company operations
  • An overview of digital technology
  • Digital company tech platform
  • Data tech platform
  • Data lifecycle
  • Data intake, processing, storage and integrity
  • Data governance strategy
  • Legislation and regulation
  • Legal and operational aspects in data use and processing
  • Cybersecurity
  • CDO use cases
  • Cloud
  • Big Data architecture
  • Architecture design workshop
  • Fundamentals of data analysis
  • Measurement models Indicators and metrics
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Visualization & Dashboards
  • People Analytics
  • Fundamentals of advanced analytics
  • Fundamentals of Deep Learning and NLP
  • Advanced analytics. Business cases
  • Management and methodology of data teams and projects
  • Selection and development of high-performance data teams.
  • The life cycle of data-driven projects
  • Ethics applied to Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
  • Data & AI-focused public affairs
  • Intelligent Process Automation in Insurance, Governance, Media and Pharma
  • New data models in Hospitality
  • The impact of data & AI on the insurance and health sector
  • IoT case studies applied to industry and security
  • Advanced analytics in the automotive & financial sector
  • Data & Health
  • The core project is the practical implementation of everything you have learned during the DAEX. This digitization project allows you to demonstrate your strengths as a leader, work with an agile methodology and find a value proposition that will launch a product to the market.
  • Teamwork
  • Agile methodology
  • Go to market
  • YOU ALREADY KNOW YOURSELF: Set out your weaknesses, and work out a strategy on how to minimize them. You already know how to use your strengths.
  • DEFINE YOUR VALUE PROPOSITION: Working alongside your mentor, you will specify what you want to do, how far you want to go, and who you can count on.
  • IF YOU HAVE A PLAN, GET IT STARTED: The DAEX lets you show how you can launch a project or implement an initiative in your company immediately.

Explore the latest currents of digital change as you study the MDA and connect with specialists in strategy and technology during a Digital Immersion Seminar at Harvard. Dive into a week-long program at Harvard’s RCC facilities, taking part in 40 hours of study with visits to key institutions. The program gives you academic recognition from the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) worth 3 ECTS credits. Connect with leaders in digital innovation at Harvard, expand your professional network, and experience a transformative boost to your career.

Digital Excellence Chairs

The Digital Excellence Chairs are collaborative initiatives between ISDI and leading technology companies. The goal is to promote digital transformation and innovation through activities and programs. The Chairs are designed to promote excellence and leadership in the digital field.

ISDI and Salesforce have come together for a strategic partnership that drives digital transformation and innovation. This remarkable synergy will forge the future of digital transformation, becoming a reference point in producing leaders with the skills they need to drive change across the business world.

  • ISDI is an Authorized Training Partner (ATP) for Salesforce in Spain, France, Portugal and Mexico, and is the only official school for training and certification in the EMEA and LATAM regions with this status. More than just an educational institution, ISDI is a pioneer in certifying instructors in these countries, further raising quality standards.
  • As part of its ongoing vocation to provide high-quality professional development, ISDI is committed to training recent graduates at Salesforce. This strategy not only helps strengthen individual talent, but also contributes to the growth of the Salesforce ecosystem.
  • In addition, ISDI and Salesforce have joined forces to select and train specialized consultants on the Salesforce platform. This unique collaboration ensures that professionals are at the forefront of the latest trends and technologies, in order to produce innovative and efficient solutions.

The partnership between ISDI and Google has brought two leading organizations together to drive digital transformation and innovation. This unique synergy translates into excellence and leadership in the field of digital transformation.

  • As an Authorized Training Provider of Official Google Cloud Certification, ISDI provides access to official resources that will allow you to master the design, management and administration of applications and infrastructure on the Google Cloud Platform.
  • ISDI and Google have joined forces to create the ISDI-GOOGLE AI ACADEMY. This alliance is ultimately aimed at launching a Google Artificial Intelligence program, designed specially for executive profiles, that goes beyond the technical and focuses on business, strategic vision and related strategic processes. In addition, AI and Google Cloud Certification are integrated in ISDI programs.

ISDI and KPMG have a strategic collaboration on different projects to drive digital transformation and innovation. This powerful synergy fosters excellence and leadership in digital transformation, with events and programs focused on training, innovation and development in the digital age.

  • The Legal Tech Chair encourages innovation in the legal and tech sectors with an Advisory Board made up of leaders from companies including Google, Meta and BBVA, to name a few.
  • The collaboration has resulted in Digital Talent initiatives such as the Talent Day—part of the ISDI MIB and DMBA study programs—as well as sponsorship of the Digital Professions Map in Cybersecurity and Legal Tech.
  • The KPMG management committee takes an active part in the ISDI Board Members of the Digital Age program, showing their commitment to training business leaders in the digital context, and continuous education for their management teams.

ISDI and IBM have entered into a technology-leading strategic alliance that covers initiatives focused on digital transformation with special emphasis on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. At ISDI, our partnership with IBM not only aims towards academic excellence, but also at creating an ecosystem that combines education, technology and innovation to prepare leading professionals in the digital world.

  • The BIG DATA & Artificial Intelligence Chair is a space dedicated to researching and creating use cases and practical applications of the latest trends in Big Data and AI.
  • This includes events aimed at identifying and developing emerging talent in the digital field, such as the Talent Day MIB in Madrid and Barcelona, the Talent Day DMBA, and the Digital Professions Map. The focus is on Data & AI, providing valuable information on the most sought-after skills on the market.
  • The partnership includes collaboration on training programs for both students and companies. They also work together on a global training strategy with industry leaders that encompasses technical aspects, employer branding and strategic partnerships.

ISDI and NTT DATA have come together to build a strategic collaboration, joining forces for training, research and sponsorship in a display of their shared commitment to a sustainable, digital future.

  • The Data & Artificial Intelligence Chair is the epicenter for research and knowledge sharing in these key areas. NTT DATA supports this initiative by awarding scholarships to study the Master Data Analytics MDA, providing an opportunity that not only funds education, but also offers a job position and strengthens the next generation of leaders in data analytics.
  • NTT DATA’s commitment extends beyond scholarships, and includes sponsorship of the MDA program. The company provides key professionals to ISDI teaching staff, so that the course can continue to be equally strong in terms of the level of training offered.
  • In addition, NTT DATA offers a training plan to management staff, contributing to the continuous improvement of skills in the digital field.
  • The synergy is also shown in key events such as the Talent Day MIB in Madrid and Barcelona, the Digital MBA, and sponsorship of the Digital Professions Map, with a special focus on Cloud Computing.
  • The highlight is the Artificial Intelligence Barometer—led by NTT DATA, ISDI and Microsoft—, which includes trends and valuable data on AI and has been implemented in a number of different cities.

Employment opportunities

DAEX: Your ‹next step› towards career success

Not only is it an opportunity to broaden your skill set, but also a chance to drive your career towards success. With the DAEX, you are taking the next step towards a promising professional future.

Learning experience

DAEX, the program that maximizes your potential

This program goes beyond conventional education, offering a comprehensive experience that combines advanced knowledge in data analysis with practical and strategic approaches. With the DAEX, you not only learn the essential skills of the data world, but you also have the opportunity to apply that knowledge in practical projects, demonstrating your ability to address real-world challenges.

Classes with data experts

In a dynamic educational environment, our professionals will guide you through the complexities of data analysis, providing you with the tools and knowledge you need to excel in this field.

Personal roadmap

Start by getting to know yourself, analyzing you weaknesses and designing strategies to overcome them. Learn how to use your strengths effectively. With guidance from a mentor, you will be given then chance to define your value proposition, set clear goals, and find support along the way. Get it all going with the DAEX.

Get stuck into an exceptional career opportunity with our Harvard Seminar

The seminar will help you expand your capacity for innovative thinking and develop crucial leadership skills in the inspiring surroundings of the MIT Media Lab. In addition, you will expand your global professional network and get ready for extraordinary experiences in your professional career.


The meeting point between training and job opportunities

We go beyond the classroom, providing you with employability services that will give your career path a boost. Discover the path to job success with the DAEX!

Career Services

A dedicated Career Services team is on hand ready to support and advise you at every stage of your career journey. We focus on enhancing your professional development, giving you the tools and guidance you need to successfully achieve your career goals.

Exclusive access

Students are given exclusive access to a dedicated site that enhances their learning experience. This is where you will find everything you need to complement the support work of our team, ensuring a complete immersion in the knowledge and opportunities offered by ISDI.

A point of reference

At ISDI, know how important it is to have a guide on your transformation journey. With our program, we will connect you with an exceptional sherpa in the form of an outstanding ISDI student. This reference point will be your guide, source of inspiration and personal mentor, sharing their valuable advice and experience.

Our partners

The only thing standing between you and your dream job is the DAEX

At the DAEX program, we focus on equipping you with the skills you need to tackle any challenge, in the knowledge that only those with a truly comprehensive perspective can achieve their goals. That's why so many of our graduates are employed at well-known companies.

At the DAEX program, we focus on equipping you with the skills you need to tackle any challenge, in the knowledge that only those with a truly comprehensive perspective can achieve their goals. That's why so many of our graduates are employed at well-known companies.

Digital Talent Community

Digital Talent Community: We go beyond education to offer you a community forever

At the DAEX program we don't just train you, we invite you to be part of a lasting community. The Digital Talent Community gives you access to exclusive services, must-see events, and an ever-growing digital network.


At ISDI, we are at the forefront of digital progress. With the DAEX you can explore a career path filled with exclusive events, discover the latest trends in content, take part in masterclasses and gain access to the ISDIgital Now blog.


Unleash your talent. And it’s not just the DAEX course program—you also get access to job banks, mentoring with alumni, and one-on-one sessions with a Career Advisor. Your career goals will soon be within reach.


Get involved in our community. Build connections and benefit from an ever-expanding digital network. Discover connections that will drive you forward.

Boost your startup

We can help you maximize your innovative potential

The DAEX is not just a challenge, it’s the beginning of a new stage in your career. At ISDI, we believe in your potential and provide you with daily support and guidance, monitoring the progress of startups.​

ISDI Start: The incubator

Take the plunge with ISDI Start, an incubator that provides the boost your idea needs. Our experts are on hand to help you develop, launch and consolidate your ideas in fields like EdTech, robotics and sustainability.

ISDI Investors Club: The meeting point

Join the ISDI Investors Club, a meeting point for business success. This is a place where investors, family offices, business angels and corporations collaborate with startups with growth potential like yours.

The network

The ISDI network is a gateway to limitless opportunities. Join a community that has been carefully developed since 2014, where startups, mentors, public institutions, investors and corporations all work together towards shared success.

Upcoming editions

You choose when and where

At ISDI, we don't just offer an online campus, we provide a transformative educational experience. Through our digital ecosystem, we give you the knowledge and tools you need to tackle the challenges of contemporary society.


Upcoming applications

12 noviembre 2024


7 pm to 10 pm


5 pm to 8 pm


9 am to 11 am


The admissions process for the Data Management Executive Program


The first step in the admissions process is to fill out the form with the requested information. A member of the Admissions team will be in touch as soon as possible to answer any questions you might have. Choosing the right students for ISDI courses is crucial, and the Admissions Department will be there support you throughout the process.

Personal guidance

After reviewing your CV/LinkedIn profile, we will invite you to have a chat with us, and you will receive personalized advice from our Admissions Manager. During this first meeting, we will take the time to understand where you are in your career and what your goals are after the course. We will answer any questions you have about the course content, learning methodology, future colleagues, and funding channels. At ISDI, you will have the opportunity to check out our facilities, the Work Space that is open to students, the team running the course, and our culture and ISDIness. We will also invite you to the next Info Session, Open Day or event.

Submitting documentation

Before the interview, we will ask you to provide us with the following information so we can assess your profile: 1-page cover letter/professional letter of recommendation/updated CV/LinkedIn profile/official academic transcript/ID or passport


Once we have answered any questions you have, we’ll set up an admissions interview with a member of the Admissions Committee. We want to hear more about your academic and professional profile, but we are also interested in your personality and values. The interview, which may also be carried out over the telephone, is an indispensable requirement in the process.

Admissions committee

After the admissions interview, the other members of the Admissions Committee will review your application alongside feedback from the person who interviewed you. We’ll let you know our decision within 3-7 days.

Reservation and enrollment

If you are accepted onto the course, we will let you know how to reserve your place and enroll on the program. From that moment onwards, you’ll be part of the ISDI community! We’ll let you know about talks and events you can attend before starting classes, so you can get to know your future classmates and start to get in touch with the digital ecosystem. Welcome to ISDI!


Who could be better to ask than ‹former students›

Francisco Javier Márquez

Francisco Javier Márquez

Spanish Senator

Logo Senado España

If someone says they want to understand technology, and the impact it will have on their current and future profession, I recommend they study at ISDI. The school has great professionals, the students have a really high level and real curiosity to learn, and above all, everyone has experience in their fields, both the teaching staff and students.

Eduard Navarro

Eduard Navarro

Global Data Governance Manager

Completing a course at ISDI is an intense experience that requires dedication, organization and time. If you aren't familiar with them, collaborative tools and agile methodology can be challenging at first. But don't panic. At the beginning of the course it is important to get to grips with different resources, make sure to plan your time well, and be fully aware of the workload. In addition, you’ll have access to high quality resources and professionals of the highest level—I don’t only mean the teaching staff, as it’s equally important to establish relationships and learn from other students. Likewise, I strongly recommend taking advantage of the individual sessions with your mentor. Finally, it is incredibly important to dedicate time to aspects related to communication, such as how to tell the story, adapt to the audience or rehearse timing.

Academic partners

Discover our alumni success stories in ‹digital companies›

After gaining key knowledge on digital concepts, our alumni are hired by the companies that are redefining the digital landscape. From leading technology companies to visionary corporations, our graduates have successfully formed part of renowned business environments.

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Turn your ‹visions into reality› with our backing

At ISDI, we bring your ideas to life, giving you solid support to drive your success. Discover how we turn concepts into thriving companies through collaboration with experts on our innovative educational programs. Your ideas deserve to be brought to alive, and we're here to empower every step of your path to success.

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Do you have any questions, or is there something we missed? ‹We’re right here›

Data Management Executive Program

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