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We understand that each student has their own career goals, and that no two objectives are the same. That's why, at ISDI, we design a personalized employability path for you and support you throughout your professional career.

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Don’t put a limit on your aspiration. Take advantage of our network of contacts and play a key role in the digital age of business. Here are the figures to back us up: ​

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companies in our job board
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community satisfaction with our employability initiatives
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El objetivo es que no le pongas límites a tus aspiraciones. Aprovecha nuestra red de contactos y ten un papel clave en la era digital de los negocios. Así es cómo hemos llegado a estos resultados: ​

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You set the goals, we help you achieve them​

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Your dream job is out there, don't settle for less. At ISDI, we have the right team to help you achieve your goals. The Career Services team will support and guide you throughout your career, to get you where you want to go. ​

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