Trust: The most sustainable leadership value in extreme times

With Rodrigo Miranda, Director General of ISDI & Balvinder Powar, CCO at BOOSTER Space Industries.

In this dynamic session we will discuss the Key Leadership and Sustainable Values especially in these Uncertain and Extreme times. We have to understand what a VUCA environment is and how to turn it around, especially now. What can help us is to grasp the context of Disruptive Innovation which everyone talks about but few understand. How we innovate now and the values we demonstrate will deeply influence how our stakeholders react to us when things go back to some type of "normal."

Trust will be one of the key values we have to show now to keep positive engagement with our business and social communities & customers. Sustainabilty is also essential as we are concerned with our impact on the planet and also to be feasible financially.

As in any crisis, it is a time when something "breaks" to offer new opportunities: this is both a danger and an opportunity but also a chance to reinvent ourselves. In this session we will help you to understand these important concepts and how to apply them to achieve effective results.