UX Design From First Principles

Do not miss next 20th of february at 7:30 PM CET our new online webinar UX Design From First Principles with Jason Grant.

Viernes, 2 Febrero, 2018


Do not miss next 20th of february at 7:30 PM CET our new online webinar UX Design From First Principles with Jason Grant.

What you´ll learn

How to create optimal solutions using the first principles thinking along with empathy for user's feelings and emotional states.

Learning objectives

Give students a unified framework of thinking about any type of project in structured, human focused way.

Understand what universal framework of human needs is and how to use it in UX Design.


First principles thinking

Atomic Design Spiral Dynamics 16 lines of human development Applying Spiral Dynamics framework to UX Design Empathising in innovative ways

Keynote speaker

Jason Grant, CEO, Integral - Redesigning Humanity.


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