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Right from the get-go, every student at ISDI has access to digital tools. This is especially meaningful when studying the Online MIB, a master’s degree designed to learn in-depth about digital business, while using all sorts of digital tools and platforms.

Lunes, 24 Septiembre, 2018

digital business tools

The Online MIB is a master’s degree in digital business with real-time lectures and workshops. Over the course of nine months, students learn from top-notch professionals that work for the best digital enterprises. This learning process is achieved through a backbone project that compels students to work as a team that will build a digitization plan for a real company.

Once you are a student of the Online MIB, you will have to communicate, study and work through some of the most important tools and methods used every day by digital business professional. Slack, G Suite, Canvas, Mural, Salesforce, Balsamiq… In this post and infographics we will give you the broad picture of the tools you will be using at ISDI.

Starting out!

Before starting the programme, you will test your digital knowledge with a previous assessment through Google Forms and Typeform. With Data Studio, ISDI’s Talent team will better understand your level of expertise with different areas related to digital business. Because of this evaluation we will know where to begin with your personal digital transformation and where you may need a little extra help. We will also understand which professionals will suit you best for the developing of the backbone project.

The very first form of contact, even before joining the master’s degree, will be Gmail and Google’s G Suite. After becoming a member, the student will be granted an Online MIB account (@mib.isdi.education) that will turn into the new hub of knowledge and learning process. Via this email, our fellow partners from Operations will guide you at all times: they will solve your doubts, inform you about deadlines and key dates, etcetera. They will also let you know about parties and meetings to expand your professional network!

With Gmail you will have access to G Suite, to the Online MIB’s calendar, to Drive; and of course, it will be as well a communication channel with other students. In any case, email may not be the only communication channel, nor the best, as you will learn soon.

Naturally, you will obtain access to an application to work with the ISDI ecosystem. With the app xISDI you will have a both physical and virtual bond with the school, for life. Thus, you will benefit from the most extensive digital business job notice board, you will be informed about future talks and meetings, and more importantly, you will gain access to a strong network of students and professional experts. And of course, you will receive from here all your educational materials.

Learning tools: first of all, let’s learn about digital business!

When undertaking the Online MIB or any other programme at ISDI, you will be learning in the best digital environment. Our virtual campus is the online equivalent to being in the corridors of any of our locations. It is called Canvas, an online platform where you can acquire a ton of digital knowledge. This is a place where you can get a daily online contact with other Online MIB students, as well as many additional resources like the UDIS (interactive educational units), videos from the experts, LABs (digital workshops), and finally access to Q&As and forums, where you will be able to exchange opinions and personal views.

Digitallite is a learning alternative with a permanent focus that you will always have on your smartphone. This is where “permanent” becomes key, followed by the lifelong learning concept that has a huge potential among today’s trends: a professional of this 21st century has to be perpetually updated. With Digitallite you will gain access to every new important aspect of the digital business world, simplified in straightforward educational units.

Are you ready to be digitized? You can help us with your feedback in order to improve our services and deliver a better experience. For this purpose, an NPS (Net Promoter Score) constantly reviewed, will tell us what we are doing properly and what shall be mend. From the beginning till the end of your formation, we will take into account your opinions on our performance.

Collaborative tools: secondly, let’s learn together!

The very soul of the Online MIB is its backbone project. In order to complete it, every student is invited to use simple and agile tools to create a virtual teamworking environment. These platforms will help you close the physical distance and enjoy highly efficient working sessions. Besides, we will teach you how to get advantage of them and understand how efficient they could be.

Slack is an interesting proposal for an online working environment: it is an easy-to-use messaging app that improves team communication, taking a step forward from traditional services like Whatsapp. Slack can be also an organization hub and a search engine, beyond other communicational characteristics that integrate workflows of a team or a whole company. If you are not using this service today, you may be tomorrow.

Another tool, Trello, can help us organize and divide tasks between the members of a group in a very visual and simple manner. Notes, sub-tasks, people in charge and deadlines appear in a customizable collective board. It is very intuitive and easy to handle, and it is thought to be used alongside Slack and the G Suite from Google, enabling cross-platform performance.

Kanbanize is a more professional option. It is an environment that lets you link boards and tasks, generating links between them and including data, allowing a better management through a “work in progress” implementation.

As a group, you will have to develop a digital business model for a real company. For that purpose, your project will be done and re-done multiple times. Here it is where the magic of collaborative environments takes place: Google’s G Suite has a lot to offer when working online as a team. Email, videoconferences, calendar, sharing sheets and slides; many tasks can be held here online and reworked to advance in the progress of the team’s business model. This is the collaborative space where creativity and innovation will flourish.

During the Online MIB degree, you will be requested to plan, prototype and work in sessions of “design thinking” and other terms you will soon be familiarized with. To help you with these tasks, Mural will be your best ally. This tool can help you deliver a more visual business model working alongside Canvas.

Another good tool from Canvas to work collaboratively is the virtual room. This is where Online MIB students can come together to discuss about the project’s completion. ISDI is always opened to students to meet physically, but we encourage you to keep a regular control of the progress through the virtual room / lounge. Besides, it will be the place where the students will have to hand over the content from the different checkpoints of the backbone project.

Other digital business tools

There is not enough space in this article to explain all the tools, applications and platforms that you will learn to use in the Online MIB. All those will be key to develop a business plan, learn how to implement it, measure its success and report about it. Business Model Canvas, Invision, Balsamiq, Sketch, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Salesforce, Adobe Creative Cloud, Hootsuite, Mailchimp (to name a few) and many others that will arise, are especially valuable to understand new trends in the industry like machine learning, artificial intelligence or blockchain tech.

Do you know about Marketing Automation? ISDI has its own academic degree called MMA, created to master this new and innovative marketing technique. Furthermore, we are partners with Salesforce, market leaders in its sector. In the Online MIB you will have the opportunity to learn more about it and, thanks to ISDI, you will meet some of the best experts in Salesforce from around the globe. It can be a great chance to get acquainted with a company that is currently changing the foundations of how we deal with customers.


And yet we still haven’t mentioned something as big as Blockchain! After the completion of your master’s degree, you will obtain the qualification certificated by blockchain tech. You will be part of a cutting-edge service, due to the fact that ISDI is the first digital business school that certifies its academic degrees through this innovative technology. No one will ever have doubts that you studied here.

If you would like to know more about online training, find out all the information regarding the Online MIB here.

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