Quality Assurancce

ISDI and ISDIOnline take commitment to implement and continuously improve the Quality Management System, based on the requirements of International Standard ISO 9001:2008, in line with current legislation and other requirements applicable to their business.

  • Fulfilling the agreements established with clients, maintaining good communication with them and earning their trust by meeting their needs.
  • Carrying out services with a high degree of quality, in line with national and international certificates and standards, providing technical backup and guaranteeing all services they offer, which they achieve by counting on committed, responsible suppliers and by positioning their services on the market with a high degree of distinction.
  • Ensuring the professional development of company staff with regards to Quality, counting on motivated leaders and committed people to guarantee ongoing improvement.

This Quality Policy also constitutes a declaration of intentions and principles, providing a global framework to establish Quality Management targets. It will be reviewed annually and will be available to clients, employees and any other interested parties (public administrations, general public, etc.) at all times through the means deemed appropriate.