Technology makes marketing more effective

Technology makes marketing more effective

A strategic and hands-on program that will help you master Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, Hubspot, Google, Datorama and Tableau technologies, designed to train MarTech leaders.  Train as a future CMO or business professional with technological knowledge that the market is already demanding.


[October 2021]


9 months,
450 hours



What is the MMA?

Live your super transformation

A strategic and hands-on Master's degree that will help you master the technologies of Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, Hubspot, Google, and Data.

vision estrategica

Without data, there is no customer management

Understand the value of the customer in the digital age and the data associated with it. There is no valid decision in marketing if it is not one based on data. Only then can you develop a solid digital marketing plan capable of managing the customer throughout the entire funnel.


Master the technologies and tools

Learn about the current technological possibilities at the service of marketing and business to choose the ones you will need based on the objectives of your company. Learn to integrate these technologies in a precise and scalable way with the rest of the technological architecture of your company.


The MarTech is about optimizing budgets

Understand where to invest throughout the entire Customer Journey and let the data support you to make decisions, optimize actions, and maximize profits from start to finish.

COURSE 01 - MMA5001

Directed through cases of different industries, sectors and ecosystems to understand:

  • The current dimension of the data value
  • How Data impacts traditional business models
  • How new business models emerge from the exploitation and monetization of Data
  • How to apply innovation around data to generate new products / services, new processes ...

Faculty Member:
Miguel Ángel Sastre, PhD in Business Management and Strategy / Vice-Chancellor of Quality at the Complutense University of Madrid.

COURSE 2 - MMA5002

  • Phases and main processes in data management.
  • Basic principles in the collection, intake, treatment, storage, integrity and governance of data.
  • Learn the best practices in data management to achieve a holistic view of Data within a company.
  • Get to know the main roles and tools that exist in data management.

Faculty Member:
Diana Bermúdez, Academic Innovation Officer at ISDI/ PhD en Antropología

Certification Bootcamp 2: Google Analytics

COURSE 3 - MMA5003

  • Basic elements of the marketing strategy and its constant technification.
  • Through the design of the strategy, the acquisition channels and the definition of KPIs of the marketing strategy, the student learns to understand what Design Thinking and Service Design are.
  • It dives deep into the acquisition channels and their main typologies; Paid Media vs. Organic Media, and the importance of establishing metrics, KPIs and control and reaction dashboards, analyzing programmatic purchasing and technification in contact with users.

Faculty Member:
Nacho de Pinedo, Co-Founder & CEO at ISDI/ PhD in Marketing

CERTIFICATION PREP - Bootcamp 3 - Email Marketing & Journey Builder

COURSE 4 - MMA5004

  • Knowledge of the fundamentals of marketing technologies around CRM solutions to improve comprehensive customer management.
  • Understanding of the platform architecture that is needed to build a correct and scalable business structure with a specific focus on automation.
  • Addressing the keys of event-based marketing, always considering the importance of data analysis and channel orchestration that allow for definition of touchpoints with the customer to design memorable experiences.
  • Hands-on workshops in which marketing technologies and frameworks, such as Salesforce or AWS will be used, in addition to their extended services with which to develop automation experiences, events and the tools we need to carry it out.

Faculty Member:  
Rafael López

CERTIFICATION PREP - Bootcamp 4 - Pardot

COURSE 5 - MMA5005

  • Digital strategy and funnel analysis application from Marketing Automation.
  • Study and analysis of paid and organic media. Importance of omnichannel and multiplatform presence, inbound marketing and lead management.
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud tools workshops (Krux, Social Studio, Marketing Email, among others), in addition to Hubspot.
  • Development of an effective Customer Journey: logical management of the flow of leads, optimization of channels according to their destinations and results, understanding the content as the key to our marketing plan and the relationship with users and customers.
  • Understanding of the relevance of email and technologies that make it possible, exploitation of personalized communication to prospects and clients according to different channels (push notifications, mail, etc.)
  • Denormalization of the data model to obtain information usable by business, and finally, once the customer is obtained, optimization and maximization of retention and loyalty.

Faculty Member:
César Álvarez, Phd en Derecho/ Former Chief of Staff at Ministerio de Energía, Turismo y Agenda Digital

CERTIFICATION PREP - Bootcamp 5 - Marketing Cloud Consultant

COURSE 6 - MMA5006

  • Understanding how new technologies contribute to being more efficient and scalable in terms of automation and business creation. Main concepts and technologies that exist for integrations and their architectures.
  • Workshops on Interaction Studio and its use to generate customer insights, and then activate them with other platforms and services of the marketeer. Customer engagement tools and their use at the user level and integration into marketing strategies.
  • Integration of analytics tools with Salesforce. Blockchain technology: founding, implications of its application in traditional industries, importance of the impact on society thanks to its principles of non-modification, transparency and decentralization. Evolution from data to experience using marketing and IoT. Analysis of the economy of voice. Artificial Intelligence as a vector of change in human capacity to solve problems and applications of findings using amounts of bit data.


Faculty Member:
Rodrigo Miranda, Managing Director at ISDI

COURSE 7 - MMA5007

  • Management and development of projects from a functional and technological perspective, as well as from the tools, methodologies and talent necessary for each type of initiative.
  • Fundamentals of Marketing technology project management. Main methodologies used for Project Management. Analysis and project management with Marketing Automation in sectors such as technology, banking and retail.
  • Main KPIs, metrics and analytical tools in marketing project management.
  • Project management and team roles through Agile marketing.

Faculty Member:
Diana Bermúdez, Academic Innovation Officer at ISDI/ PhD in Anthropology


Our experts

More than experts, benchmarks in the digital sector.

Maria del Mar Fernández

International Fashion Chief Digital Officer at Parfois

Maria del Mar Fernández

Javier Arquelladas Molina

Founder and Chief Strategy & Growth Officer at Omega

Javier Arquelladas Molina

Vânia Magalhães

Marketing at Pink Albatross

Pink albatross
Vânia Magalhães

Miguel Ángel Fort Perera

Innovative Strategic Maker

Miguel Ángel Fort Perera

Alba Alonso Siverio

Business Analytics Specialist - Transformation through data

Alba Alonso Siverio

Esther Checa

Head of Innovation at T2O Media

T2o logo
Esther Checa

David Hurtado

Customer Success Innovation Lead at Microsoft

David Hurtado

Ricardo Saez

Chief Technology Officer at BMIND

Ricardo Saez

Adrián Mañez

General Director Increnta

Adrián Mañez


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October 15, 2021

Friday from 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Saturdays from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.


What you need to know

Studying at ISDI involves an investment in a series of resources including both time and money, which is why good prior planning is essential. For those students who have passed through the admission process, we offer various financing possibilities and financial assistance to help them complete the program of their choice.

Program price

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18.232,50 € 21.450 €

15% Bonus for Early Payment

Financial aid and scholarships

Find out about the funding of your studies

Studying at ISDI involves an investment in resources, both in terms of time and money, which is why you must plan well in advance. We offer students who have been admitted different financial aid packages and financing options to help them do the program they have selected.

We offer candidates different financial aid options through special agreements we have with banks. To benefit from them, you must meet the financial institution’s requirements and have previously been admitted to the program at ISDI.

Our scholarships support the inclusion of everyone who wants to begin their journey towards digital transformation. Candidates who have been admitted can apply for a scholarship. For questions, please contact us at

Admissions process

Admissions process for the MMA

In these six steps, we will explain the requirements for being admitted to the program that will change your professional career.

After reviewing your CV/LinkedIn profile, we will invite you to have a chat with us so that we can get a grasp of where you are in your career and your goals. We will answer your questions about the program content, learning methodology, your future colleagues, and financial aid options. You will have the chance to discover our facilities, the program team, and our culture. We will also invite you to an Info Session, Open Day, or event.

Before your interview, we will need you to send us the following information to validate your profile:

  • A  motivation letter
  • A professional letter of recommendation (optional)
  • Updated CV/LinkedIn profile
  • Official university transcript
  • ID card or passport

Once we have answered your questions, we will schedule an admissions interview with a member of the Admissions Committee. We are looking forward to learning more about your academic and professional profile as well as your personality and values.

The interview, which can also be held over the phone, is a key requirement in the process.

After the admissions interview, the rest of the members of the Admissions Committee will evaluate your application together with the feedback from the person who met you.

In three to seven days, we will inform you of our decision.

If you are admitted, we will explain how to make the payment to reserve your spot and to enroll in the program.

At this point, you will become part of the ISDI Ecosystem. We will let you know about talks and events you can attend before starting your classes to get to know your future colleagues and to begin your contact with the digital world.

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