Learn to translate data into business results

Learn to translate data into business results

The Master in Data Analytics (MDA) is an intense program in which you immerse yourself in the world of data, analyze its meaning and apply it to make strategic decisions.


[October 2021]


9 months
450 hours



What is the MDA?

Learn to translate data into business results

The Master Data Analytics (MDA) is a unique program, designed to meet the needs of business both today and in the future. Our mission is to promote the career of professionals who want to focus their careers towards decision-making in companies from a data-driven perspective.

vision estrategica

Acquire technical knowledge

Only by understanding the technical fundamentals will you be able to identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement and their impact on the business. Learn to translate the different technological solutions and their benefits into an interpretable language for business.


Guarantee success in data-driven projects

Learn to manage multidisciplinary teams and understand the value of data in the digital age. There is no valid decision in business if it is not based on data, no matter what department it comes from.


Master's degree accredited by ACICS in the USA

With this degree accredited by ACICS, an American agency recognized by the United States Department of Education, the student opens up professional opportunities in the international market. You also get access to enroll in another Master's or Doctorate in American universities without having to validate your previous studies.


This will allow the student to get to know the main characteristics in a data ecosystem. Different sources of information and systems for data storage will be analyzed.


  • Understand the key elements of a data ecosystem
  • Learn about the sources of information and the origin of data
  • Analyze the information architecture
  • Study the structure of databases
  • Understand storage systems
  • Get to know the main formulas and application for data analysis


  • Analysis of how Data impacts traditional business models.
  • Understanding of how new business models emerge from the exploitation and monetization of Data.


  • Learn the current dimension of the data value
  • Learn and understand how data impacts traditional Business Models
  • Learn and understand how new Business Models arise from the Exploitation and Monetization of Data
  • Understand how Data impacts Organizations: Products/Services, Processes, People
  • Get to know different use cases around Data in industries, sectors and ecosystems
  • Learn and understand how to apply Innovation around Data


  • Understanding the different phases that exist in data management.
  • Study of the main processes in data management, the basic principles in the collection, intake, treatment, storage, integrity and governance of data.


  • Acquire a holistic view of the use of Data in companies
  • Learn and understand the different phases that exist in data management
  • Learn and understand the main processes in data management
  • Acquire the use of best practices in data management in companies
  • Learn the main roles and tools that exist in data management


  • Analysis of projects based on data and understanding their life cycle.
  • Study of the different roles related to the data.


  • Learn the principles, solutions and tools necessary for the application of agile methodologies in the management of data projects.
  • Get to know the management of data-based projects.
  • Learn the profile of professionals related to the Data.
  • Analyze the principles, solutions and tools for the application of agile methodologies in the management of data projects.


  • Understanding the technological “Stack” typical in data-based projects.
  •  Analysis of the technological implications of the 3V of Big Data.


  • Learn the principles and tools necessary to create scalable architectures for the management and processing of large volumes of information.
  • Analyze paradigms, principles, solutions and tools for deferred data processing.
  • Get to know the tools for data processing in real time.
  • Study the bases involved in the management, monitoring and optimization of Big Data systems.
  • Learn about tuning and optimization of Big Data systems.
  • Get to know the technological "stack" of data-based projects.
  • Learn the technological implications of the 3V of Big Data.
  • Understand the importance of data monitoring.
  • Understand the importance of security in data processing.


  • Study of what data analytics is and the value it offers.
  • Knowledge of the most common analytical techniques and tools.


  • Understand what data analytics is and what value it offers.
  • Learn about the most common data analytics techniques.
  • Get to know the frequently used data analytics tools.
  • Understand the limitations of basic analytical approaches.
  • Study practical cases and understand their business value.

Faculty Member:

Diana Bermúdez, Academic Innovation Officer at ISDI / PhD in Anthropology


  • Knowledge of the history of Artificial Intelligence and the fundamental concepts of Machine Learning in order to know how to differentiate existing approaches and techniques.


  • Study the history of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Learn the fundamental concepts of Machine Learning in order to know how to differentiate the existing approaches.
  • Learn about the types of existing techniques: data processing and cognitive services.
  • Understand the types of common problems: classification, regression, clustering,     reduction of dimensions.
  • Understand the meaning and operation of Artificial Neural Networks.
  • Present use cases and application areas of advanced analytics.


  • Visualization of information for a more effective and complete data analysis. 


  • Analyze the most important visualizations and the usefulness of each of them. 
  • Study use cases and visualizations necessary to represent temporal data. 
  • Understand the visualizations necessary to represent geographic data. 
  • Understand the visualizations necessary to represent multi-dimensional data. 
  • Understand the importance of interactivity in the visualization of information and existing techniques.


  • Real use cases in optimization lines, learn about various sectors and ecosystems and understand future trends in Data & Analytics.


  • Generate innovative solutions focused on Technology, Business and People.
  • Understand the challenge that Big data presents with respect to its social impact, especially on privacy, ethics and the generation of new forms of work.
  • Study Big data and its impact on the business environment and how it has created new paradigms in the way of working or in decision-making, among others.
  • Understand the relationship and application of Big Data with other technologies (Banking-NLP, Blockchain).


  • Put the main resources and analytical tools into practice, as well as the main strategic pieces when working with data. The main focus will be on Data Driven Business Models, SQL, Digital Analytics and Tag Manager, and R, all through case studies and challenges.

Objectives :

  • Get to know the main tools and resources of each of the courses.
  • Understand the digital business strategy.
  • Analyze data management and data architecture.
  • Study the Marketing Analytics and Customer Analytics tools.
  • Analyze Advanced Analytics models.


Our experts

More than experts, benchmarks in the digital sector.

Alba Casero Mier

Media Intelligence & Digital Media Manager at Orange España

Alba Casero Mier

María González Nieto

Data & Analytics Manager at Everis

María González Nieto

Antonio Cerdan

Chief Information Officer at Copernicus

Antonio Cerdan

Pedro Cadahia Delgado

Data scientist. PhD Student. Msc Computer Science.

Pedro Cadahia Delgado

María Borbonés

BM Garage Solutions Architect at IBM

María Borbonés

Ander Jauregui

Chief Strategy & Business Development Officer at BMIND

Ander Jauregui


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Works as managers or heads of digital projects directing digital projects related to data.


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7 October 2021

Monday to Thursday 19:00 – 22:00


What you need to know

Studying at ISDI involves an investment in a series of resources including both time and money, which is why good prior planning is essential. For those students who have passed through the admission process, we offer various financing possibilities and financial assistance to help them complete the program of their choice.

Program price

Tuition fee

21.450 €

Up to 20% off until 30 June

Financial aid and scholarships

Find out about the funding of your studies

Studying at ISDI involves an investment in resources, both in terms of time and money, which is why you must plan well in advance. We offer students who have been admitted different financial aid packages and financing options to help them do the program they have selected.

We offer candidates different financial aid options through special agreements we have with banks. To benefit from them, you must meet the financial institution’s requirements and have previously been admitted to the program at ISDI.

Our scholarships support the inclusion of everyone who wants to begin their journey towards digital transformation. Candidates who have been admitted can apply for a scholarship. For questions, please contact us at study@isdi.education.

Admissions process

Admissions process for the MDA

In these six steps, we will explain the requirements for being admitted to the program that will change your professional career.

After reviewing your CV/LinkedIn profile, we will invite you to have a chat with us so that we can get a grasp of where you are in your career and your goals. We will answer your questions about the program content, learning methodology, your future colleagues, and financial aid options. You will have the chance to discover our facilities, the program team, and our culture. We will also invite you to an Info Session, Open Day, or event.

Before your interview, we will need you to send us the following information to validate your profile:

  • A motivation letter
  • A professional letter of recommendation (optional)
  • Updated CV/LinkedIn profile
  • Official university transcript
  • ID card or passport

Once we have answered your questions, we will schedule an admissions interview with a member of the Admissions Committee. We are looking forward to learning more about your academic and professional profile as well as your personality and values.

The interview, which can also be held over the phone, is a key requirement in the process.

After the admissions interview, the rest of the members of the Admissions Committee will evaluate your application together with the feedback from the person who met you.

In three to seven days, we will inform you of our decision.

If you are admitted, we will explain how to make the payment to reserve your spot and to enroll in the program.

At this point, you will become part of the ISDI Ecosystem. We will let you know about talks and events you can attend before starting your classes to get to know your future colleagues and to begin your contact with the digital world.

Welcome to ISDI!

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