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We work to achieve digital transformation

The institution

Our institution was created by distinguished Internet professionals with the goal of accelerating change towards a new, more competitive and efficient business model that maximizes the potential of people, businesses, and markets.

  • A group of Internet experts, led by Nacho de Pinedo, Javier Rodríguez Zapatero and Víctor Molero, found ISDI (Higher Institute for Internet Development) to help the digital transformation of professionals, companies, institutions and society.
  • 64 students enroll in the 1st digital business Master’s in the world: the MIB
  • The first iteration of classes starts in classrooms at Avda. Islas Filipinas 3, Madrid, with more than 100 teachers for a single Master's degree.
  • Nacho de Pinedo is named CEO de ISDI
  • Graduation of the 1st Iteration of the MIB in Madrid
  • The ISDI-COMPLUTENSE CHAIR is established
  • The BUSINESS ANGEL FUND is established to invest in digital startups
  • The first PADIB is launched, a senior management program in Internet business aimed at company presidents, CEOs and senior executives.
  • Start of the In Company Training line to help companies in their digital transformation.
  • The ISDI campus in Barcelona opens with the launch of the MIB in Barcelona
  • The Optimism Digital blog is created to circulate news and information about the digital sector.
  • The ISDI Scientific Advisory Board is constituted in which more than 40 experts from the world's leading universities participate: Harvard, Stanford, MIT ...
  • Signing of the Agreement with Deusto Business School to be part of their MBAs
  • Graduation of the 2nd Iteration of the MIB with students from the Madrid and Barcelona campuses, in San Sebastián.
  • Signing of the Agreement with the Real Colegio Complutense at Harvard to collaborate in the development of content in the digital business area and teach digital transformation seminars in Harvard, Massachusetts.
  • The MIBers launch their own Business Angel Funds: Making Ideas Business and 101 Startups
  • Signing of the Agreement with INSEAD
  • ISDI produces the first documentary on entrepreneurship in Spain: Different minds for different times.
  • Signing of the ISDI-AECOC Agreement to support the digitization of SMEs.
  • ISDI channels its corporate social responsibility by founding the ISDI Foundation to help disadvantaged NGOs and groups to cross the digital gap
  • Launch of the International Digital Transformation Seminar at RCC at Harvard, given by professors from Harvard, MIT and other American universities at Harvard University, USA.
  • The ISDI-Complutense Chair launches with the Association of Advertisers of Spain the Digital Barometer, 1st study of digitization of Spanish companies
  • Launch of DIBEX, an executive digital transformation program aimed at executives and managers
  • Collaboration agreement between UNICEF and ISDI Foundation
  • ISDI launches the startup INTERNET ACADEMI, an e-learning training academy of courses and training pills on digital skills
  • Rodrigo Miranda is appointed Managing Director of ISDI and Internet Academi
  • Creation of ISDI Mexico together with a group of Mexican digital experts headed up by Daniel Cervantes
  • Launch of the MIB in Mexico City at its Santa Fé campus
  • Signing of the Agreement with EDEM to launch the joint program ABC of Internet Business in Valencia 
  • ISDI opens its new CAD Madrid campus at Viriato 20, in the Chamberí neighborhood
  • The 1st Digital Program for the Unemployed is created, a blended program in collaboration with SEPE for the long-time unemployed. 68% find a job in less than 6 months
  • Delivery of the Mobile Experts program in collaboration with Google
  • Internet Academi awarded as the best training project in the digital field at the Digital Execs Awards 2014
  • Recognition of ISDI as a Training Center for Employment
  • ISDI and ACCSOS launch Drindex which ranks first place in corporate and professional reputation on the Internet
  • ISDI launches its IMPACT startup accelerator, with a first acceleration vertical for 71 mobile application startups from all over Europe, distributing 8 million euros
  • ISDI creates the global Generation program for McKinsey Social Initiative, to train unemployed youth from around the world. In its first edition, 100% of the students find a job in less than 6 months
  • ISDI is awarded the Madrid Emprende award
  • Opening of a second ISDI campus in Mexico City in Polanco
  • Launch of the MDA, the first Master's degree in Data Analytics
  • Achievement of ISO 9001: 2008 Certification
  • Launch of MODIB, the first online Master's degree in digital business
  • Creation of the documentary Inside a Startup for BBVA to explain the dynamics of startups and the entrepreneurial mentality
  • ISDI awarded as the best training project for professionals in the Digital Industry at the Digital Execs Awards 2015
  • Launch of DITEX, the first human resources management program in the digital age
  • Internet Academi joins ISDI, becoming its e-learning division and modifying its educational offer
  • The PADIB is launched in Mexico, a senior management program in Internet business aimed at presidents, CEOs and senior executives of companies
  • Creation of the documentary  Digital Change Makers with Cink to explain the digital transformation processes
  • Presentation of the Innovaction Music study on digital music consumption in Spain, carried out by ISDI and Ipsos, together with Spotify
  • ISDI launches a new IMPACT GROWTH acceleration vertical for 28 startups in the growth phase of the Smart Cities, Industry 4.0, Agrifood and Content sectors, distributing 6 million euros
  • ISDI opens its new CAD Barcelona campus at Diputació 37, in the Eixample neighborhood
  • ISDI carries out a Report to analyze the Digitization of Spanish Professionals
  • Creation of ISDI US jointly with a group of American digital experts headed by Steve Cadigan
  • Launch of the MIB in Silicon Valley with new headquarters at the Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce in San Jose, California
  • Launch of the Digitalite mobile learning platform, with on-the-go training pills
  • Presentation of the #FashionISDIgital study of online fashion consumption in Spain carried out by ISDI and Ipsos
  • Javier Rodriguez Zapatero is appointed President of ISDI
  • Signing of the Agreement with the Tecnológico de Monterrey
  • Launch of the xISDI app for the development and network of the Alumni Community
  • Launch of the first edition of the physical magazine IS DIGITAL MAGAZINE with interviews, articles, studies and trends on the digital environment
  • Launch of the international GXMDB program, a blended program in English with bootcamps in Harvard, Silicon Valley and Barcelona, ​​aimed at training global digital leaders
  • ISDI receives the National Marketing Award 2017, awarded by the Association of Marketing Directors of Spain
  • Presentation of the study Barometer of Digitization of Investment Fund Managers with the collaboration of Funds People and Carter Lane
  • Launch of the Online MIB, the 100% e-learning version of the MIB, with versions in English and Spanish
  • ISDI opens its new CAD México campus at Volcán 150, in Lomas de Chapultepec
  • ISDI launches a new IMPACT CONNECTED CAR acceleration vertical for 39 startups in the automotive sector in the digital environment, distributing 5.5 million euros
  • Launch of MMA, the first Master's degree in marketing automation and martech, in collaboration with Salesforce
  • ISDI launches a new IMPACT ROBOTUNION acceleration vertical for 20 early stage startups in the robotics sector, distributing 8 million euros
  • Launch of the DMBA, the first MBA of the digital age aimed at recent graduates and in English 
  • The ISDI Foundation supports the Endesa Foundation's Generación Savia project to develop digital skills in senior talent
  • ISDI becomes Salesforce Educational Partner in EMEA to teach courses, seminars and workshops on its technology
  • Launch of the International Seminar at Silicon Valley, a seminar in San Francisco to understand the business and management models of technology companies and digital startups in Silicon Valley
  • ISDI becomes the first business school to certify its diplomas through Blockchain technology
  • Launch of DAEX in Mexico, executive seminar on Data Analytics
  • ISDI becomes an Educational Partner of Google Digital Academy in EMEA to teach courses, seminars and workshops on its technology
  • Graduation of the 9th Class of MIB Spain with students from the Madrid and Barcelona campuses in Córdoba, of the 5th Class of MIB Mexico in Mexico City and of the 1st Class of MIB USA in Silicon Valley
  • Miguel Alegre is appointed CEO - Managing Director of ISDI Mexico
  • Launch of the Merlin Proptech Challenge, ISDI Accelerator's real estate acceleration vertical for Merlin Properties
  • ISDI makes a spin-off of its Salesforce technology training division creating ISDI CRM, a joint venture with Salesforce Ventures to scale the International expansion of training in Salesforce certificates and workshops in EMEA and Latam
  • Jorge Villabona is appointed Managing Director of ISDI CRM
  • Creation of ISDI CRM France, the new ISDI headquarters in Paris
  • ISDI launches a new IMPACT DIH2 acceleration vertical for 26 early stage projects in the robotics sector across Europe, distributing 16 million euros
  • ISDI invited as a speaker to share its EdTech innovations at the Higher Ed Summit in San Diego, USA
  • ISDI CRM begins operations in Mexico
  • The European Commission awards the IMPACT CONNECTED CAR accelerator as the best acceleration program in Europe
  • Signing of the Agreement with the Complutense University for the development of the project "Present and Future of Artificial Intelligence and robotics in Business Processes in Spain"
  • ISDI Accelerator creates UZU, TOYOTA EMEA Innovation Vortex for Mobility, an international corporate innovation and acceleration program
  • Incorporation of the ISDI Challenge in the main Master's degrees, through which students create and launch real Ecommerce businesses to the market during their training
  • ISDI Accelerator launches UNICEF LABS, the first  acceleration program for social projects
  • ISDI exceeds the figure of 20,000 students trained
  • Publication of the first book with its own ISDB: MiYoDigital
  • The ISDI Foundation initiates a collaboration agreement with the Robert F. Kennedy Foundation
  • Magnum Capital Partners becomes a shareholder of ISDI to create the DIGITAL TALENT group, which aims to consolidate a global educational leader in the digital age
  • ISDI launches the first pilot in Europe for the use of Artificial Intelligence in Facial Recognition to measure student attendance
  • ISDI launches a new IMPACT SHOP4CF acceleration vertical for 30 early stage projects in the robotics sector and connected industry across Europe, distributing 15 million euros
  • Presentation of the study Use of Voice Technologies first European study on the use of ISDI and Webedia voice interfaces
  • IISDI Accelerator launches TOYOTA Mobility for All Awards, accelerator for inclusive mobility projects
  • Due to the COVID-19 crisis, ISDI  migrates all its face-to-face programs to e-learning.
  • Launch of Online DIBEX, the e-learning version of the executive program for digital transformation
  • Launch of ISDI Start, a startup incubation project for the Student ecosystem
  • New IMPACT EDTECH acceleration vertical for 50 early stage startups in the education and e-learning technologies sector in Europe, distributing 7 million euros
  • Launch of Online ECOM, program for the launch and start-up of an Ecommerce Business
  • ISDI and UNICEF launch UNICEF Lab COVID-19, a collaborative platform to accelerate projects to collaborate against the coronavirus crisis in the environment of Children

Purpose, Vision & Mission

“It ́s not an era of change, but a change of era”

This is how we see the present and future of the organization, society and the digital environment

keep sharing


Help Humanity to find a way to positively manage the transition to the digital age, thus contributing to the construction of a more just, sustainable, and egalitarian world in which no one is left behind.

vision estrategica


Build an educational model capable of responding to the different challenges, needs and opportunities generated in this new and exciting era, challenging the established order from our position as world leaders in digital education.

keep sharing


Help students, professionals, entrepreneurs, companies and institutions in their own transformation, with the aim of overcoming the fear of change and being competitive in this era, driven by the best learning methodologies and our deep knowledge of the new digital environment.

Our symbols

logo perpetuum v2

The Armilar Sphere

The emblem of ISDI, an ancient instrument that allows for determining the position and height of the stars on the celestial vault.

It was used by navigators, astronomers and scientists to locate the stars and observe their movement, to determine the time from latitude or, vice versa, to find out the latitude knowing the time. It symbolizes the vocation to navigate and discover a new world always in perpetual motion in which the unknown is nothing more than something temporarily hidden, yet to be conquered.

corchete isdi v2

<> Angle brackets

The symbol is a fundamental element in the composition of the ISDI brand.

Its origin is the double spelling sign called the angle bracket, used to identify the tags of the HTML markup language, the code that Internet browsers read. It represents the universal language that the digital world brings to humanity

perpetuum mobile v2

Perpetuum Mobile

The motto of ISDI is the Latin phrase that means "perpetual motion."

This concept, eternally pursued by scientists and alchemists, symbolizes our vocation of permanent updating in our methodologies and contents in a world in which the only constant is change.

Manifesto of Digital Optimism

We think that the phenomenon of digitization is not only inevitable but also positive, fun and exciting. Our attitude to this new era should be one of curiosity, experimentation and enjoyment.

la personsa

1. The person

The person is the center and the power resides in the individual. Never before has each of us had such a capacity to influence our environment.

punto 2

2. The user

For the user, the digital environment makes life easier, richer, more interesting and fun, since it simplifies processes and eliminates bureaucracies, orders our chaos, saves our time, facilitates the acquisition of services and products, lowers prices, allows comparison , provides access to data, content, services and products, encourages communication, contact and mutual help.

punto 3

3. The society

The digital society is more egalitarian. Reduce differences in sex, race, beliefs and nationalities. What matters is the conversation, not the characteristics of who is behind it.

mundo digital

4. The digital world

The digital world is more global and humanity is more connected. The geographical and psychological borders are blurred since we are all within the same Internet world in which communication is easy and instantaneous and contact with other cultures and ways of understanding the world is automatic. This encourages and facilitates solidarity and understanding.

entorno digital

5. The digital environment

The digital environment favors the development of talent, eliminating barriers to intermediation, financing and access: ideas are closer to reality, art and artists closer to their public, entrepreneurs closer to profit, products within reach of the markets.

mundo laboral

6. World of work

For the world of work, digital technology facilitates family conciliation, the choice of residence and the integration of people with disabilities, making the slavery of schedules and physical presence in a static job more flexible.


7. Knowledge

The vast knowledge of all humanity throughout its history, updated in real time, is finally available to that same humanity and access to education and culture to immense layers of society, which was once denied, is now possible.


8. Share

The ability to generate, share and access direct and real-time conversations on a planetary scale between individuals guarantees transparency in information and reduces the gags of censorship, interpretation and manipulation by power groups..

denunciar combatir

9. Report and combat

The immense power of the digital environment also allows its tools to be used to do evil. Our mission is to report and combat such attitudes and situations with the power that the digital world has given us. But we will not let the establishment turn isolated negative actions of individuals, organizations or groups into self-serving arguments to delay the unstoppable digital development.

This manifesto has no point 10

Because the speed of the digital world means that it is being continuously rewritten by all of us, at the same speed that the rest of the articles are being erased or modified as they become outdated.

manifesto 10


This catalog presents a general description of the policies, regulations and procedures of ISDI. The institution reserves the right to change any provision of this catalog at any time. The modifications will be present in a revised catalog, annex or supplement, or in any other written format.