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Internet Barometer

2017 The Digital Observatory is a joint project of the ISDI-Complutense Chair, which analyses Spanish companies’ level and rate of digitisation. The Observatory’s main goal is to find out the situation of Spanish businesses in the digital ecosystem through the different editions of the barometer.



Digital Marketing Budget.


Have a slow mobile speed.

Technology as an engine of employment 4.0 (ebook)

2020 How will Technology impact the evolution of the 4.0 labor market? How will this change affect new job opportunities? According to consultant IDC, Salesforce is creating an unstoppable economic impact that will translate into 4.2 million new jobs worldwide in the period 2019-2024...


These are the new direct jobs that Salesforce will create in Spain between 2019 and 2024.


People will be trained by ISDI CRM in the next 3 years.

The use of voice technology in Spain

2020 Voice technology is implemented among us: more than half of the Spanish population already uses voice commands to perform actions through various smart devices. However, when we analyze in depth the uses that are given to this recent technology we find a panorama still with multiple challenges for its development, especially compared to its potential.


Of the Spanish population currently uses voice technology.


Users have experienced some problems in the use of voice technology.

Third Sector barometer

2019 The third Sector barometer analyzes the current situation and future trends of non-profit organizations operating in Spain with regard to the challenge of digital transformation.

Third Sector Barometer


From fundraising / partners comes from the Internet.


It allocates less than€ 1,000 to Digital shares.

Digital professions map 2019

2019 Get to know the digital labor market: which profiles are most in demand, what companies are looking for and how prepared candidates must be to face selection processes in consulting companies, technology companies, startups and large corporations.

Travel is digital

2019 The study analyzes the way in which Spaniards book leisure trips –business trips are not included - comparing the use that is given to on and offline channels, as well as the preferences of the different user targets to draw an unpublished portrait of the digital travel user.


Turn to travel agencies.


Use online platforms to book.

Publications from other years

#MobilityISDIgital by ISDI.DATA

2018  A report on the citizens' transportation habits in cities like Madrid and Barcelona.


of the citizens use the new digital urban transport services.


of the non-digital users never use bicycles.

Investment Fund Manager Digitalization Barometer

2018 This barometer offers an understanding of the degree of digitalization of asset management companies operating in Spain – both national and international – and helps detect the way the sector understands and uses digital channels and their opportunities for development in this area.

Download report (ES) 2018

Barometer of Fund Investment Managers 2017


of fund managers offer their clients online procurement of their products.


of fund managers have their own mobile app.

Talent and Digital Culture Barometer

2017 Involving their leaders and the relevance of the HR department in the process are the main challenges faced by Spanish companies in the digitisation process; although digitisation is on the rise, Human Resources Managers in companies are demanding more training and the creation of a culture linked to innovation to successfully address this transformation.

Download report (ES) 2017



of companies are in a digital transformation.


of HR Departments are involved in the process.


The 2017 FoodISDIgital study, carried out by Ipsos for ISDI, shows the consumption habits and behaviors of the Spanish population by looking at online restaurant reservations, online food delivery orders and online food purchases.


of users better control their spending when purchasing food online.


of online reservations are made for restaurants that have limited menus.


2016 The results of the FashionISDIgital study, carried out by Ipsos for ISDI, show an important maturity of the digital fashion sector and a great coexistence and interaction of the on and offline channels, which customers use according to their preferences.


Online spending on clothing: mew vs women.


Online shoppers that compare price in several stores.

Digital skills among spanish professionals

2016 This report, based on individual questionnaires on the previous knowledge of professionals when deciding to digitize their careers, shows significant gaps that have to do mainly with culture and entrepreneurial approach to the digital economy, as well as with the lack of a comprehensive and multidisciplinary vision of it.

Download report


Professionals trained of their own initiative


HR Involvement in digital training

Music consumption habits in Spain #MusicISDIgital

2016 In order to obtain some highlights about music consumption habits in Spain nowadays, we asked more than 500 Spaniards between the ages of 16 and 45 about their behavior and daily habits. The INNOVACTION Music report has allowed us to obtain quatitative data about it.


De los españoles solo consumen música gratuita.


De los españoles reconoce haber realizado "pirateo".

ISDI Trends

2014 The Digital Trends Observatory, set up by the Masters in Internet Business (MIB) provides the view of twenty or so leading academic institutions such as Harvard, the MIT and Cornell on the challenges and trends which will shape future digital activity.


Increased investment in mobile ads.


use of social networks on mobile devices.


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