Global Faculty Round Table

Top professionals leading their areas in the most relevant companies.

Who will we meet in this Round Table?

We will have the pleasure of meeting different experts in each of their areas, who will tell us, as experts and professors of ISDI, how to embark on this personal formative journey to become a leader:

  • Stacey Bevan, Global Head of Performance Marketing at Catena Media. Expert in Technology.
  • Helen Creeger, Senior Interaction Designer at eBay. Expert in customer Experience.
  • Cathy McCabe, Co-Founder & CEO at Proximity Insight. Expert in Go-To Market Strategy.

What will we discuss about?

1. Four top topics that are the pilars for the future of the organizations. We will be rounded by four top professionals leaders from eBay, Catena Media and Proximity Insight that will discuss about:

  • Technology
  • Customer Experience
  • Culture
  • Customer Experience

2. Why choose this master

The experts will nudge you to discover the programme. It is an unprecedented learning experience during which executives become digital leaders through a complete journey of personal and professional transformation. You will master digital transformation through online classes and in-person bootcamps in the hottest centres around the world: Silicon Valley, Madrid, Shanghai and RCC-Harvard.