Impact Methodology

We study strategic priorities with the company's management and jointly define which ones we should act on. We develop an ad hoc educational program that impacts on the development of employees - digital transformation, innovation, data, martech, coding, and thus act directly on training deficiencies that will immediately and positively affect the business.

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We analize

The company's quarterly and annual strategic priorities to weigh the impact our educational plan may have on them. We choose the ones with the greatest scope.

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We design

One or more educational solutions tailored to the departments and profiles of the professionals to whom they are directed. We evaluate and iterate throughout the entire training process.

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We measure

The impact that the value of theoretical and practical knowledge, the use of tools, the updating of processes and the cultural change of teams has on the organization.

In numbers

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Trained by ISDI with impact methodologies



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References and success stories

Companies we have worked with

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Through a unique learning methodology

As the program progresses we will measure the results while we iterate and optimize.


Master clases

Renowned professionals in different disciplines of business management and digital economy: innovation, technology, digital marketing, ecommerce, data analytics and transformation are in charge of delivering the keys to knowledge in practical and dynamic classes that will lay the foundations of many concepts.


Hands-On workshops

100% practical workshops in which teams face first-hand the use of tools, methodologies, and problems that they must solve with soundness and skill, applying previous knowledge.


Transformation Project

This learning methodology is unique to ISDI. It is a practical project of digitization of a real company in which, as a team they will have to apply and put into practice all the knowledge acquired during the program. It is tutored by an expert and is developed by applying agile methodologies and collaborative tools.