December 16, 2020

The best programming school in the world joins ISDI

Skylab Coders Academy joins the Digital Talent Group, expanding its digital mission and adding new avenues for employment to its ecosystem.

The best programming school in the world joins ISDI

The digital revolution has resulted in a world dominated by software. And, as we know, this trend is growing exponentially. According to IDC estimates, five billion new apps will be created in the next five years.

Programming is having its moment in the sun. It is one of the most in-demand jobs with the highest employability rates. And the data backs this up. European multinationals and startups currently need 1,500,000 developers to keep up with other world powers. Coding specialists have high upward mobility and can earn more than €50,000 per year just seven years after joining the industry.

Salary growth from 2019 to 2020 in the San Francisco area.

In this super-digitalized context, ISDI has decided to expand its capabilities by incorporating the Skylab Coders Academy into its group. The Digital Talent Group is a project created by ISDI and Magnum Capital Partners aimed at developing the world’s largest community for education and transformation in the digital environment. With this new agreement, the group has been able to add the recently named best programming school in the world to its ecosystem.

The objective is clear: to continue producing talent that is not currently widespread in the market, while ensuring the employability of ISDI students. In this way, Skylab is perfectly in line with the Digital Talent Group’s mission.

“At Skylab, we don’t just teach you programming, we turn you into a programmer.” 

Skylab Coders was founded by David Monreal in Barcelona in 2016. Only four years later, it was recognized as the best coding bootcamp in the world by Switch Up, the most important quality stamp in the sector.

The Barcelona laboratory focuses on training in Web Programming, with a bootcamp methodology that many consider to be a global reference point. In the academy, students receive immersive, 100% practical training in the skills that the technology industry is urgently seeking. These are software engineering, testing experience using the most-frequent tech tools and knowledge of the most-efficient working methodologies (Github, TDD, Scrum, Kanban, Craftsmanship and SOLID), as well as the use of frameworks like AngularJS, React, NodeJS.

The outcome is incredible, both in terms of results and in the time spent by the school and the students in securing employment. Only 11 weeks after joining Skylab, students become programming experts endorsed by the technology industry. This is how they reach an employment rate of 98%, with higher salary ranges than those of other similar courses.  In fact, the average first salary of a Skylab student is more than €23,407, much greater than the average salary in other sectors.


Skylab Coders will continue to develop alongside ISDI thanks to the school’s global expansion plan. The demand for programmers has already ensured its growth, with new sites in Madrid and Paris, as well as the expansion of the headquarters in Barcelona.  And there’s more. New courses have been launched in English and online, formats that are in high demand by the global community of programmers. As for the B2B market, Skylab Coders will begin professional training for companies alongside the In-Company division of ISDI.

Skylab Coders and ISDI have such a similar DNA that their collaboration was inevitable. “ISDI shares with us the idea that in a business focused on employability, the quality of training is key,” explains David Monreal, founder of Skylab. “That’s why this partnership gives us the opportunity to maintain the high quality standards that have made us the best coding bootcamp in the world and allow us to offer our courses in different cities and formats.”

We are uniting the best coding school in the world with the leading school in digital business.

Javier R. Zapatero, President of Digital Talent Group.

For his part, Javier Rodríguez Zapatero, President of Digital Talent Group is convinced that, “this is the only way to ensure higher rates of employment and entrepreneurship among students. With this partnership, we are bringing together the world’s best coding school and the leading digital business school.”

If you want to discover why Skylab is the best programming academy in the world, you can visit us at one of our offices. And if you can’t wait, you’re welcome to find out more at


Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash