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Our institution was created by distinguished Internet professionals with the goal of accelerating change towards a new, more competitive and efficient business model that maximizes the potential of people, businesses, and markets.

Nacho de Pinedo

Co Founder and CEO of ISDI
We are not experiencing an era of change, but rather a change of era. This is the digital era.
Nacho de Pinedo

Welcome letter

On the quiet, Internet has entered our lives. In just two decades, nearly half the world is already connected to the network of networks. This digital environment has transformed the way in which humans communicate, have fun, share, receive information, or make transactions. We are currently at a historic crossroads, where digital is the new normal. We are not living a time of changes, but a change of times. We have entered the digital age.

Digital revolution is the most disruptive revolution in history, even more than the discovery of fire, writing, the printing press or the steam engine. This is so because, unlike previous revolutions, which required centuries to establish worldwide, Internet has deployed globally in the span of one generation. However, what truly upsets us about Internet is not only the change it entails, but its speed. And this is just the beginning: in the coming years, thanks to a better connectivity worldwide, a greater supply of products and services, and mostly the popularity of smartphones and the IOT, the digitalization of our planet will increase exponentially.

Throughout the history of mankind, every great echnological breakthrough triggered a transformation of its paradigms, together with a profound disruption of business, labor, social and family structures. Change is not easy to assimilate for us humans, as we are often initially reluctant to follow unknown paths. And this specifically collides with the feelings of many companies, whose hitherto successful business models are built on grounds that the new digital ecosystem shakes, or of many professionals, who are aware of near obsolescence of their modus vivendi. Unfortunately, for all of them, the only way to survive in this new era is to embrace digital transformation by all means.

What really matters the most in this new digital scenario is our attitude, and the decisions that we make to face this reality. We cannot pretend that this not going to affect us, and just bury our heads, wait for this tsunami to pass by, and expect that everything will remain the same, knowing that we will be dragged by uncontrollable forces. Alternatively, we can choose to become digital optimists and ride the wave of digital change, soak up its speed, lead our own transformation, and enjoy a new ecosystem where everything is to be discovered.

Fondo Diagonal

Unique methodology

We're a one-of-a-kind institution due to our holistic approach, offering a comprehensive view of digital business via module-based teaching, coordinated and updated each year. Our practical approach can be directly applied to the digitalization of real businesses and promotes immediate professionalization.

Our professors come from the most important digital businesses and are the best, active experts in the industry. They are continually committed to students: professional opportunities for digital professionals, entrepreneurial support, networking, etc.

ISDI has demonstrated its success and ability to carry out the institution's mission: to contribute to the acceleration of digitalization within society.

ISDI students

Birth of ISDI

In march 2009 a group of Internet professionals had the idea of creating a business school to provide training for professionals and entrepreneurs in digital business, using the most high-calibur content adapted to current needs, 21st-century methodology, and the best Internet professionals as its professors.