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We are experiencing a change of era.
A new digital paradigm that gives us the opportunity to create a better society.

At ISDI we want to take advantage of our wide digital experience to help the transformation of society, supporting and promoting initiatives from different areas: digital education, social entrepreneurship and the research and dissemination of new technologies, methodologies and experiences in the digital environment.

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ISDI Foundation

A digital revolution for all

We would like to extend the advantages and opportunities that the digital revolution brings with it to EVERYONE in society. Our mission is to contribute to digital empowerment through education, the development of digital skills and support for the digitalization of projects with a social impact.

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Three pillars for accelerating social impact through the digital world

Our three lines of work seek to inspire and strengthen society as a whole, providing it with the tools to manage the new technological context.

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We want to equip society with a new mindset and the skills needed for this new era, through digital education, aimed at the whole ecosystem: children, teachers, and families.

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Digital support to entities with social impact

We give support and training to organizations and social entrepreneurship initiatives so they can multiply their social impact through the digitalization of their projects with the help of our volunteer network of digital professionals and collaborating companies.

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Empowerment and visibility

We promote the empowerment of EVERYONE in society in the digital world, promoting the visibility of vulnerable groups or people with fewer opportunities.

Some projects

DQ Everychild


We are ambassadors for the #DQEverychild project in Spain. We are working together for the implementation of a digital curriculum in educational systems which addresses 8 key digital areas to guarantee the training of future responsible digital citizens.

Unicoos Internacional


In collaboration with David Street, finalist of the Global Teacher Prize and founder of the UNICOOS educational platform, we are carrying out a project to provide subtitles in different languages for the videos on his platform so they can be made available to teachers and students, offering a multilingual digital resource that serves to help children with difficulties in adjusting to education.

Dona Kolors

Dona Kolors

Our Foundation helps projects such as Dona Kolors, a brand of clothing designed and manufactured by women survivors. For them, we are carrying out consultancy and advice regarding their online communication strategy.

Do you have a project
with a social impact?

If you have a social project, especially if it has an impact on education or focus on the empowerment of women and think we can help you multiply your reach through digitization,please fill in this form.

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Some of the entities that we have helped

Ayuda en Acción
Plan Internacional
Haz lo posible
Mi grano de arena
Fundación Botín
Fundación Ana Bella


We have a team of people who form part of our Digital Optimists community and who donate their time and experience to social projects. They are specialists in different digital disciplines and thanks to them we can digitalize or optimize projects with a social purpose and multiply their impact.

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Support to the Unemployed

SEPE, the Spanish Public Employment Service, has entrusted ISDI with the delivery of training to the unemployed people who are now joining the workforce in new jobs within the digital economy.

We bring talent closer to the needs of the job market in the world of Internet business. We provide high level professional training that helps people find work in a sector with an ever greater need for staff.

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We have provided training to more than 170 people at our centers in Barcelona and Madrid, with an 80% success rate of participants who have found work. Our training has focused on programs such as Community Manager, Marketing on Search Engines, Web Analytics, Mobile Marketing and eCommerce.

Florence D' Emmerez

eCommerce I Course in the SEPE Program

“All the contacts that you get to make thanks to your immersion in the school are very useful for finding a job or changing your professional focus.”

Project Generation

The McKinsey Social Initiative and ISDI collaborated in this project that helped more than 250 young unemployed people under 30 to join the workforce in Spain. This unique large-scale project located in Spain and the USA took on a complex social challenge.

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Digital Marketing Planner for CartoDB

"Look at the difference between: Hello, I'm Belén, I'm unemployed..., and – I've just finished training in Digital Analytics and I am your best offer."


Digital Consultor in KPMG - ADN

"My work before Generation consisted in looking for a job. I knew there had to be opportunities somewhere, but I had no idea how to find them. I sent my CV to many employers, but nothing came of it. Until, through this program I was able to acquire the right competencies to enter the digital economy sector."

Research and Dissemination

Digital Ecosystem Outreach Projects

At ISDI we carry out studies and research in collaboration with universities and research centers of excellence on the impact of digitalization on society and the main results and trends in the digital world.

We want to help portray the digital reality and provide ideas that contribute to the improved solving of the social problems that we face.

Proyectos de Investigación y Divulgación