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We have a clear objective to pursue

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The world IS DIgital.

We are not in an era of changes, but in a change of an era. Those who are not capable to reinterpret this new digital ecosystem will find themselves in a growing competitive disadvantage.

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ISDI is the worldwide leader in digital education.

Our mission is to help professionals, entrepreneurs, enterprises and institutions in their transformation to become competitive in the digital era.

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We are confident that by doing this we will help humanity to find the way to positively manage this transition and thus contribute to build a more fair, sustainable and equal digital world where nobody is left behind.

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Manifesto of Digital Optimism

We believe that the phenomenon of digitalization is not only inevitable but is also positive, fun and exciting. Our attitude toward this new era must be one of curiosity, experimentation and enjoyment.


Because the speed of the digital world means it is continuously being rewritten by all of us, at the same speed as the previous points are deleted or modified as they become obsolete.

Our symbols

Perpetuum mobile


The ISDI emblem is an ancient instrument for determining the position and height of the stars in the sky.

It was used by navigators, astronomers and scientists to locate astral bodies and observe their movements, to determine the time from the latitude or, vice versa, to establish the latitude when the time is known. It symbolizes the vocation of navigation and discovery of a new world that is always in perpetual motion, in which the unknown is no more than something temporarily hidden, yet to be conquered.

<> Angle brackets

This symbol is a fundamental element in the composition of the ISDI brand.

Its origin is the double symbol known as angle brackets, used to identify the tags in HTML markup, the code read by Internet browsers. It represents the universal language that the digital world brings to humanity.

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Perpetuum mobile

Perpetuum mobile

The motto of ISDI is the Latin phrase that means "perpetual motion"

This concept, eternally pursued by scientists and alchemists, symbolizes our vocation of constant updating of our methodologies and contents in a world where change is the only constant.