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Why is Silicon Valley a model of success?

Remember, the International Seminar in Digital Transformation at Silicon Valley (ISDT) begins on April 16th. Don’t miss out on your chance to be part of it!

Wednesday, 14 March, 2018

silicon valley exito

As everyone knows, Silicon Valley has a tremendous amount of resources in both capital and in innovation to accommodate a large number of projects. This combination has led it to become home to some of the world’s most technologically advanced companies.

But the success of Silicon Valley goes far beyond these factors and represents in itself a new philosophy for both life and business, something entirely new.

This philosophy is based on the notion of OPTIMISM and ACCEPTANCE of failure, and the combination of both is the solid foundation on which Silicon Valley sits.


What do Silicon Valley and ISDI have in common?

ISDI's International Seminar in Digital Transformation (ISDT) takes students on an intensive journey into the heart of innovation and entrepreneurship, Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley is home to some of the largest and most powerful companies in the world. ISDI understands that the exponential growth a person can have when being in such an inspiring environment requires more than just one day of exposure. This is why ISDI has chosen to create a week-long intensive program which includes visits to the headquarters of technology giants such as Google, Linkedin, Salesforce or Slack. It's important to us that our students understand the secret of success at the hands of great entrepreneurs and executives of leading companies.

The combination of all of the above provides students with the right attitude to implement these Silicon Valley models across the world, creating a new generation of digital optimists.

The reason why we have chosen Silicon Valley as the official stop of this seminar, and more specifically the reason why we have chosen visits to these companies, is because of the synergy between ISDI and Silicon Valley’s values. This synergy makes it the ideal location for the ISDT at Silicon Valley. Let's take a look at some further reasons as to why Silicon Valley makes an ideal location for this seminar:

1.Constant desire to learn

Silicon Valley is unique because of the constant desire to learn that companies and entrepreneurs have there. Let's not forget that it is home to Stanford University and it's 19 Nobel laureates that are currently members of the Stanford faculty. Specifically, Professor Frederick Terman, who can be called the intellectual father of Silicon Valley. Professor Terman encouraged the students to set up electronic startups on the West Coast, thereby promoting entrepreneurship. Without these key players, Silicon Valley would not be what it is today.

2. Digital Optimism

Another critical component in Silicon Valley's success is optimism. The entrepreneur and executive, Marten Mickos, considers Silicon Valley professionals, "optimistic about themselves and others". The only concern that these professionals have seems to be the lack of time to carry out their projects.

3. You have to take risks to be in with a chance of winning

Silicon Valley professionals have a different perception of business failure. They consider failure a valuable lesson that is useful for those who start a business.

4. Social commitment and a desire to change the world

In Silicon Valley, it is often heard that entrepreneurs and their teams want to "change the world" and contribute to a better quality of life. An example of this is the World Cup Tech Challenge, a competition between startups around the world that takes place at Microsoft's Mountain View campus. Always using a technological basis for their solutions, entrepreneurs present their proposals to improve the care of the chronically ill or for companies to obtain more agile ways of doing business.

5. Environment / Collaborative ecosystem

Silicon Valley's collaborative and open attitude has been a remarkable trigger for its technological boom. Elies Campo, former Spanish director of WhatsApp, states, "When I am interested in a topic, I contact people who are in that area and when I do that I don't encounter any obstacles."

6. Innovation and Creativity

Not only is innovation and creativity encouraged by Silicon Valley companies and entrepreneurs, but it is an undisputed requirement when looking for new talent. Google, for example, allows its employees to devote 20% of their time to projects that are not related to the department in which they work.

7. Globalize

In Silicon Valley, there is one clear goal for any startups created there, to globalize. Companies there are aware of their need to grow and internationalize. "The challenge is to be global from the start" says Pepe Agell, Director of Chartboost, an online gaming platform and world leader in its sector.

8. Cultural exchange

30% of the engineers working in Silicon Valley were been born outside of the USA. Silicon Valley is new territory that welcomes people from all over the world, with a mix of ethnicities and languages.

9. Without fear of failure

Those who do not risk, do not win.  This is the unwritten mission statement that companies in Silicon Valley work by. They hire employees and  developers who are able to learn from their mistakes.



If we had to highlight a common factor that unites all Silicon Valley professionals and companies and links them to ISDI’s vision of the world, it would be the goal to help one another. To help other companies, to allow people to grow and consequently to grow together as a society. Together we have all of the components to become engines of change. That's why we want to change your blurred vision for prescription glasses, and open your eyes to the new reality of the market and all that it can offer you.

We seek to inspire you! That is why we have chosen leading global companies such as Google, LinkedIn, Salesforce and Slack (among others) to learn from the best and most importantly, learn to open your mind in a new way to create successful projects through the generation of synergies between different companies. The ISDT at Silicon Valley offers you:

  • A community that grows together

  • Talent Accelerators

  • An entrepreneurial philosophy

  • The drivers of technological development



ISDT at Silicon Valley

Remember, the International Seminar in Digital Transformation at Silicon Valley (ISDT) begins on April 16th. Don’t miss out on your chance to be part of it!


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