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SLACK: New Work Mindset and the death of email culture

Slack one of the fastest growing startups and winner of The Oscars of Silicon Valley. Want to know more?

Wednesday, 14 March, 2018


Everyone knows the Oscars. A simple golden statue that Hollywood stars hold with pride because it signifies much more than just a statue. That simple golden statue is a symbol of the tedious work that has gone behind what the common eye sees as just a movie.

Now do you know  the Crunchies?

Also  known as “The Oscars of Silicon Valley” or better yet “Oscars of Technology”. Simply the Crunchies objective is to reward the best startups in the industry.

Can you guess which company won this award in 2017?

None other than the company founded by Stewart Butterfield, SLACK.

2017 was not the first year Slack was rewarded a Crunchie.  In 2016 they were named as the fastest growing startup and in 2015 their founders took the "Founders of the Year" award.


What kept Slack so motivated?

Market analysis.

In Japan there is Line, Wechat in China, WhatsApp in Europe, but yet the world did not have an instant messaging market focused on the work world.

Instant messaging is a phenomenon that occurs everywhere. And if people use WhatsApp to communicate it is because there's a  demand to use a tool more than email.

However, email culture is very ingrained and Slack knew that even though the demand was there, it was going to be very difficult for everyone to start using their hit tool at the same time. For this reason, they focused on the user experience and that it was always positive.

For acceptance of the tool,  little time is needed, and there must be a consolidated group that uses it. A key point in this is that you have to replace a channel, not duplicate it. In ISDI for instance, we have gradually internalized this mantra in our own way. Internally we have seen a correlation in that there are more and more employees who use SLACK actively, digress in the use of the email.

Cultural Challenges

A obstacle that must never be forgotten. For example, many people do not want to ask question on public channels because of the insecurity of seeming uninformed.

People will always want to communicate in the form that’s most common at the time. Slack has provided this gesture for their customers, in an open channel. With the use of channels it is easy to ignore the information that is not relevant to you at the moment, but still have access to that information.



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