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The first academic degrees validated through blockchain were awarded by ISDI at Stanford

Students of GMDB first edition were the first to receive their degree certificate through blockchain technology, and can validate its authenticity by downloading a simple link on their social media profiles.

Tuesday, 8 May, 2018

blockchain certificacion

We recently announced that all degree programs will be validated in this way, making it the first business school to embrace this technology, for which new applications are already being planned. The students that recently graduated from the first edition of Global Executive Master of Digital Business (GMDB) at ISDI, will be the first to receive a degree validated through Blockchain.

GMDB graduation took place at Stanford University, in the heart of Silicon Valley. The nine-month program is specifically designed for international digital leaders. It uses a blended format to combine online training with three on-site classes at the RCC Harvard, Barcelona and Silicon Valley campuses. The first edition kicked off last June and is the first in the world to receive degrees through Blockchain.

What are the benefits of receiving a degree through blockchain? 

Now, you can verify the authenticity of ISDI degrees with just one click. Students may add the link to their LinkedIn and other social media profiles, so that any interested party can verify the existence of their degree.
We have enabled a system in which, simply by selecting the document, you can verify its authenticity and at the same time download an authenticity certificate that includes not only a unique ID but also the date and time of issue and the registration block.

These are the first authentications of their kind to be awarded by ISDI. Following this graduating class, the school’s objective is to certify all degrees through this technology. Although it’s currently mainly used for cryptocurrency, this technology has many other potential applications. With this initiative, we want to continues to add value to the academic ecosystem.

Using blockchain to certify degrees provides students and companies with an accessible and secure authentication process. 

The high demand for digital professionals is parallel to the need for human resource departments to validate candidates’ capabilities. ISDI has spent months working to offer our students a model of digital certification that eliminates any arbitrary modification, and allows employers easy degree validation. Blockchain technology addresses this need in a permanent, transparent and secure way. Blockchain is to digital transactions what the hyperlink was to digital marketing. Nacho de Pinedo.

Blockchain degree specifics

Each degree will have a unique digital footprint that is tamper-proof and totally secure, thanks to Blockchain technology. The institution’s technical team has used the open-source Ethereum platform, the digital currency that is second in the market for issuance and investor volume, also supported by Blockchain. Created to back Bitcoin cryptocurrency, Blockchain technology is on its way to becoming the next major system of information exchange. Its security, transparency, distribution control for communities, tamper-proof system and low cost have made this technology increasingly popular for application use across sectors. 


Aside from this initial stage, ISDI’s goal is to continue to create services with Blockchain technology that benefit our community. The idea is that each student will have their own ID so that their transcripts are on permanent record.


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