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Master Marketing Automation

9 months November to July


Logo MMA Master Marketing Automation

Specialize in automated customer management projects. Lead the change.

The MMA is the world’s first program to combine a comprehensive vision of digital business, together with agile methodologies and techniques for marketing automation. Discover an intelligent, automated, personalized and efficient Marketing. Marketing for a new era.


Towards an intelligent marketing

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Professionals with the same concerns as you

Professionals, directors and team managers who want to acquire an strategic vision about marketing technologies and agile methodologies.

Most part of the alumni currently perform marketing and business development functions and come from an academic background in marketing and business management.

Besides that, some of the students perform project and program management, as well as communication and consultancy, and come from academic disciplines related to communication, advertising and design.



Average Age

36 years

Work experience

12 years



Women & Men



Alumni ISDI

You will join the biggest network formed by more than 3,000 alumni, professionals, digital entrepreneurs and more than 600 experts.

You will enter the biggest digital job board in Spain and you will have a team specialized in careers advice services which will guide you to define your professional goals. In addition, they will get you in touch with the appropriate companies and headhunters.

Elena Castillo Astiaso

Estrategia Clientes. Marketing Automation. Planificación y gestión del contacto. - El Corte Inglés

Mariangeles Santos

Marketing Cloud Account Executive for Enterprise Accounts. - Salesforce

Rebeca Gutiérrez

Head of Marketing and Communications. - Orange Bank

Where and When

Lead the new marketing management

Lidera el cambio: un Marketing para una nueva era digital.

Year 2019/2020


November 2019 to May 2020


Fridays from 16:00 to 22:00h and Saturdays from 8:30 to 14:30h

MMA Program Overview

Here you have a general description of the content of the program and what you can expect, discover and learn.

Program details



In this course the student will understand how Data impacts traditional business models. Understand how new business models emerge from the exploitation and monetization of Data. You will know how the data impacts on organizations: products / services, processes, people. We will analyze different use cases around the Data in industries, sectors and ecosystems. We will study how to apply innovation around Data. We will also introduce the Agile ISDI method that will be applied in the development of the backboneproject.

Miguel Taboada

Project Management INNODRIVING

Miguel Taboada

Project Management INNODRIVING


BOOTCAMP 1 - ADMIN 201 Certification



In this course the different sources of data and types of data will be analyzed. The student will learn the main characteristics of the data, as well as the different phases in data management. In addition, you will understand what is the Government of the data, the quality of the data and what is its impact on the business. Finally we will study the regulations and legislation related to data management.

Miguel Taboada

Project Management INNODRIVING

Miguel Taboada

Project Management INNODRIVING


BOOTCAMP 2 - Marketing Email Certification - Journey Builder Certification



During the course, the basic elements of the marketing strategy will be established. From the design of the strategy, through the channels and channels of acquisition to the KPIs and the objectives of the marketing strategy.

Javier Arquelladas

CEO en Omega CRM, Coordinador Módulo 3

Javier Arquelladas

CEO en Omega CRM, Coordinador Módulo 3



In this course we will approach the technical concepts of CRM's and the integral management of clients, as well as the platform architecture necessary to build a correct and scalable business structure. In addition, the bases of event-based marketing will be analyzed. The importance of compiling and analyzing data and touchpoints will also be understood. The student will learn the use of Salesforce and its extended services as well as the legal aspects of data management.

Javier Arquelladas

CEO en Omega CRM, Coordinador Módulo 3

Javier Arquelladas

CEO en Omega CRM, Coordinador Módulo 3

Elisa Tormes

Managing Partner en Practical Marketing, Coordinadora Módulo 4


BOOTCAMP 3 - Marketing Cloud Consultant Certificate - Pardot Certificate



During the course the student will learn to develop a digital strategy and to use funnel analysis. The importance of Marketing Automation will be analyzed. The payment means and the organic payment means will be studied and compared. The student will understand the importance of omnichannel and multiplatform presence and inbound marketing and lead management. In addition, the Google Adwords tool will be introduced and we will learn to create an effective Customer Journey.

Elisa Tormes

Practical Marketing

Elisa Tormes

Practical Marketing



Understand how new technologies are helping every market to be more efficient and scable in terms of automation and business creation.

Ignacio Suardiaz

Partner & Head of Salesforce en Atmira Digital

ignacio suardiaz

Ignacio Suardiaz

Partner & Head of Salesforce en Atmira Digital



Understand how to manage and develop porjects, not only through the technological perspective but also with the tools, methodologies and talent needed for each different project.


  • Google Analytics: Understand the keys of web analytics.
  • Admin201: Learn to set up and manage Salesforce, in addition to improving features.
  • EEB + Journey Builder: Creation of emails, sending and tracking of results, data management, segmentation and learning about automation tools to generate campaigns and daily tasks.
  • Marketing consultant + Pardot: Offer the most powerful strategies for customer acquisition and long-term loyalty.

Javier Arenillas

Digital Analytics & Marketing Manager at The Cocktail, Coordinador Módulo 6

Javier Arenillas

Digital Analytics & Marketing Manager at The Cocktail, Coordinador Módulo 6



The objective of the Backboneproject is to provide the alumni with the relevant tools and information in order to, ideate and solve a challange around a particular company. They can apply all their learing into.

Towards an intelligent marketing

Download all the information about the program

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Start your journey to the MMA

To start your admission process, the first step is to fill in the form on the left, so that we can contact you via phone and/or email and start the evaluation of your application. We do this in order to identify the greatest potential, bringing together groups of diverse students to share knowledge, skills and a spirit of change.

Once you start the admission process we will propose having a chat to provide more information and learn more about you.

  • With your Linkedin profile or your CV we will be able to advise you about the program: what happens before, during and after passing through ISDI.
  • We will evaluate your profile and see if your expectations and needs fit with the training program in which you have expressed interest.
  • We will answer all your questions about the learning methodology, your future classmates, methods of financing the program etc...

After meeting you and resolving your questions, in addition to your CV we will ask you for the following documents to complete your application:

  • Motivation letter
  • Academic record

This interview is an essential requirement to allow the Admissions Committee to best assess your request.
We will invite you to an interview, when it best suits you, with one of the members of the Committee where they will want to know you not only from an academic and professional aspect but also more personally.

We will put your profile to all members of the admissions committee and you will receive our assessment in writing within a maximum of 1 week after conducting the interview. If you have applied for a scholarship you will also receive a response to this request.

If your application has been approved, we will indicate how to reserve your place and register for the program.

From then on you will become part of the ISDI ecosystem. We will inform you of events and sessions that you can attend before starting classes to be able to meet your future colleagues and begin to truly discover the world of digital business. 
Welcome to ISDI!


We offer various ways of financing the program, such as scholarships, Fundagge and financing facilities.

To ensure your place, once you have been accepted to the MMA, you must pay a reservation fee of 1.850€.

This fee will be deducted from the total cost of the program.


XISDI Community

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  • Attend ISDI talks about the latest digital trends, exclusive for students and alumni. 
  • Access updated content of academic programs. 
  • Learn about the news of the digital sector in our ISDI magazine.
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Keep onGrowing

Join the working market as a professional prepared for the digital era. 

  • You will have two sessions of Career Advisors either in person or online, during which you can define your objectives and create an action plan for your professional development. 
  • Access the best professional opportunities with the Job Board of xISDI, where we publish an average of 300 job offers each year. 
  • Improve your employability with the ISDI Talent Box, where you will have all the resources to design your own career plan. 
  • Participate in the ISDI Start program, designed for students who want to be entrepreneurs. ISDI Start is especially aimed at the creation and consolidation of innovative companies and new projects within our alumni.
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Expose your talent to the market. Share your knowledge with the largest digital professional network through talks, networking, collaborating with our foundation "ISDI Foundation" or writing articles of interest in our blog.

At the end of one of our programs, students are integrated into the xISDI community; a network of more than 3,000 students formed by professionals and entrepreneurs with whom they share challenges and concerns. Thanks to the xISDI community, student are able to develop their talent with free access to exclusive services and advice to grow both personally and professionally. Start a Master's degree in ISDI, and enter the largest professional community in the digital market.

Master Marketing Automation

You are one step away from learning how to manage and automate the conversion processes of your customer journey thanks to technology and a strategic and business layer. You are one step away from entering the MMA. Sign up now!