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Online Master Internet Business

10 months October - July


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Expand your digital horizons, on your terms

Gain comprehensive knowledge of global digital business that can be applied to a range of disciplines, all with the convenience of an entirely online program. Discover the Online Master Internet Business and take your career to the next level today.


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Welcome to freedom of learning. Welcome to the Online MIB.



Designed for the modern professional

For forward thinking people who want to gain a competitive advantage in digital business, entrepreneurs looking for ways to make their start-up excel or experienced professionals who want to take the next step to become internet experts.

Are you willing to give your career the boost it needs?


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Alumni ISDI

You will join in the biggest networking net formed by more than 3,000 alumni, professionals, digital entrepreneurs and more than 600 experts.

You will enter to the biggest digital job board in Spain and you will have a team specialized in services of career advising which will guide you to define your professional goals. In addition they will get you in touch with the appropriate companies and headhunters.



Live classes and tutorials, recorded sessions and workshops with professionals from the sector.

campus online


17 April 2020

Virtual Campus

Martes y jueves de 18 a 20h


Here you have a general description of the content of the program and what you can expect to discover and learn.


Program Leader

Nacho de Pinedo. Phd in Marketing.

Organizations are going through digital transformation processes that arise from the fact that consumers have been empowered by devices permanently present In every single purchasing act of anyone In today’s society. As a consequence, It Is necessary to have a clear understanding of the new digital Marketing dynamics, to approach such new profile of consumers and provide managerial tools to undertake the transformation of companies for the digital ecosystem that businesses and Institutions are In.

Nacho de Pinedo

Co Founder & CEO at ISDI

Nacho de Pinedo

Co Founder & CEO at ISDI

OMIB5001 Strategy

Vision, Strategy & Marketing in the digital era

This course will offer an overview of the possibilities that the internet and the digital ecosystem allows for all types of companies. Students are then introduced to the use of different tools to develop business models as well as techniques and tools for project management..

Aside from this, there will be a comprehensive and eminently practical exploration of the fundamentals and tools of marketing and their application in the digital environment, understanding the evolution that the consumer has experienced and the possibilities offered by this environment, as well as in offline actions.

Javier Rodríguez Zapatero

ISDI Chairman & Former Managing Director, Google Spain & Portugal

Nacho de Pinedo

Co Founder & CEO at ISDI

Rodrigo Miranda

Managing Director at ISDI

Víctor Molero

Academic Director of ISDI

Sebastián Muriel

Innovation in Personal Comms at Telefónica

Jorge Casasempere

Managing Director ATIS, Digital Transformation & Strategy, Associate Professor #LifeIsDigital

Javier Martín

Digital Transformation Strategist

Andreu Alfonso

High Performance Digital Teams Coach at ISDI

Omar Rois

Founding Partner at Xeerpa

Minerva Pérez Ferreras

Digital Marketing & Digital Transformation Consultant, ISDI and Better an App

Robert Aran

Regional Digital Marketing Manager for Europe at Nestlé Health Science

Eva Rodríguez

Digital Advisor | Speaker & Marketing Professor | Youtuber

Rafael López

Digital Marketing Director at ISDI, Coordinador Módulo 1

OMIB5002 Innovation

Innovation, Design Thinking & Lean

This course teaches students about the most important aspects in the process of human-centered innovation. It covers three out of the four areas that we believe should be addressed in the innovation process: 

  • design research (the stage where potential problems and their solutions are explored),

  • creative problem-solving (where solutions are provided for the challenges that arise in the exploration stage), and

  •  the evaluation of concepts by using design tools and prototyping


Alicia Chavero

Innovation Director & Founder at The Crew Concept

OMIB5003 Technology

Digital Tech, Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence

Technology is a crucial impetus for companies’ digital transformation and plays a fundamental role in the domain of online business.

Technology is the internet’s driving force, but we can only turn it into a competitive advantage if we fully understand it.

In this course, we will help you to understand how digital technology works and the foundations of its various elements. With these insights, students will be able to apply their knowledge to devise solid, competitive strategies.

During this course, we will also discuss the concept of Blockchain; how it works, what  the principles that allow us to talk about transparency and efficiency are, as well as the implications of its implementation in traditional industries.

Finally, we will explore Artificial Intelligence and from an understanding of what it consists will study its main applications such as voice recognition, learning systems or planning and problem-solving.


Marcelo Royán

Innovation and digital product at reclamador, co-founder at ISDI

Julio Gómez Ortega

Product Manager & Security Consultant at Telefónica

Mariana Aranguren

EMEA Innovation Program Manager at Amazon Web Services

Andrés Pedrera

General Manager at Km77.com

Ángel Luengo

Co-founder/CTO at Metastartup

Fernando González-Mesones

COO Docomo Digital & CEO B! (NTT Docomo Group)

Alex Preukschat

AlianzaBlockchain.org Spain Node Member

Verónica Torras

Marketing and Business Development de NameJelurida B.V.

OMIB5004 Design

Service design, Mobile & Apps

In this course we will explore the process of designing an Internet service from start to finish. We will identify the basic processes of web design, the stages of definition and development that should be respected, followed and completed so that your service can go online with the highest reliability and the greatest possible appeal for users and customers, with a special focus on mobile device interfaces.

Also in this course there will be a comprehensive and eminently practical tour of the fundamentals and mobile tools to understand their applications in the digital ecosystem and, in particular, how the new multi-screen and hyperconnected user has changed the way we approach this environment.

Fernando González-Mesones

COO Docomo Digital & CEO B! (NTT Docomo Group)

Daniel Fernández Arroyo

User Experience at Telefonica & ISDI Board Member

Laura De La Fuente

CEO de Calusa Media & SNIPPET

Gemma Escribano

Director of Marketing (CMO) at Wallapop

Olmo Romero

UX/UI Director at Gigigo

Jaume Clotet

Partner Digital Services en PWC

Thomas Petit

Growth team member at 8fit

Ismael Viejo

Head of Design at Tuenti España

Mario Tascón

Managing partner at Prodigioso Volcán

Marcos Guerrero

Chief Product and Retail Officer at eDreams ODIGEO

Nehomar Correa

COO at Gigigo Group

OMIB5005 Sales

eCommerce, marketplaces & omnichannel

This course gives a general overview of sales models for electronic channels, as well as a practical and applied perspective on the main processes and activities necessary to manage a successful online sales operation. It provides all of the knowledge necessary to structure an online business, including sales, operations, purchasing and customer service processes.

Aquilino Peña

Founder at Kibo Ventures

Fernando González-Mesones

COO Docomo Digital & CEO B! (NTT Docomo Group)

Albert Serrano Pons

Country Manager Spain Privalia & vente-privee

Marcelo Royán

Innovation and digital product at reclamador, co-founder at ISDI

Juan Macías

CEO en QaShops

Enrique Sánchez

Director of International Business at Correos

Fernando Aparicio

Social Commerce Director at Amvos Consulting

Rafael López

Digital Marketing Director at ISDI, Coordinador Módulo 1

OMIB5006 Content

Content & Social Networks

This course will allow the student to approach the world of online content from a conceptual and operational point of view, responding to aspects such as:

  • what is considered content on the internet and the elements that compose it, 

  • what is a content strategy, what is it for and what we need to carry it out, focusing on Content Marketing and the keys to having a suitable project for each company.

In addition, we will study content management and briefly delve into the world of CMS and the keys to selecting a system.

In parallel, we will analyze the impact of social networks in our day to day and the opportunity they represent for brands that want to connect with real and potential customers and establish new relationships with them. In this course we will also learn to integrate social networks into the business plan, and think about how social media helps us in terms of conversion, leads and customer service, etc.

Daniel Fernández Arroyo

User Experience at Telefonica & ISDI Board Member

Rodrigo Miranda

Managing Director at ISDI

Mauro Fuentes

Director de Redes Sociales en el Corte Inglés

Yurena Sánchez

Digital Brand Strategist at Freelance & Professor

Elvis Santos Sierra

Director General en Shackleton Buzz&Press

Juan Baixeras

VP Sales Operations at PlayGround Communications

Paco Campos

Social Media Manager at Leroy Merlin España

Pablo Gallego García

Social Media & Digital Public Affairs Director en Kreab

Salvador Suárez

Socio Director Good Rebels

Beatriz Calzada

Social Supervisor en Performics EMEA, Publicis Media

OMIB5007 Advertising

Digital Channels: Search, Social & Display

This course will address the challenges facing digital advertising due to the profound changes in the habits of potential customers that the digital revolution has generated.

For this we will go deeply into the positioning in search engines as well as in the business strategies based on the different channels and digital media. All of this from an eminently practical point of view in which the student will learn the techniques necessary to develop digital advertising campaigns and how to position a brand, product or service on the network.


Fuencisla Clemares

Country Manager at Google Spain & Portugal

Javier Rodríguez Zapatero

ISDI Chairman & Former Managing Director, Google Spain & Portugal

Marcel.lí Zuazua

Partner and CEO at Herraiz Soto & Co Founder at Notegraphy

Gabriel Sáenz de Buruaga

Founder and co CEO at WINK, Transforming Through Digital

Hugo Llebrés

Managing director MEC Spain

Gonzalo Madrid

Head Of Strategy at WINK Transforming Through Digital

Roger Sendra

Deputy Managing Director at Ymedia

David García Fuentes

CEO at Fibonad

Gonzalo Galván Garrido

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder en BMind Sales Maker Company S.L.

Alberto Galaso

Director of Digital unit and Pepephone at MASMOVIL Group

Chechu Lasheras

Director General Desarrollo Ingresos Digitales at PRISA

Ismael El-Qudsi

CEO at Internet Republica

Esther Checa

Head Of Innovation at T2O media, Digital Media Agency

Juan Domínguez

Fundador y Director General de Red CPA

Carlos Álvarez

Agency Relationship Manager & Real Estate Initiative Lead at Google ES

Javier Zubeldia

Account Director at The Science of Digital

OMIB5008 Data


Today, every little action we take on the network is registered and every device we use is a data generator. Knowing and analyzing these sources of information and the origin of the data they generate will allow us to make decisions to size, monetize or market a brand, product or service.

This course allows us to create a digital measurement plan and to know the fundamentals of Big Data, define metrics and KPIs, use digital analytics tools and visualize the information graphically to facilitate decision making

Arnaldo Muñoz

General Director Spain and Portugal AirBNB.

Víctor Pascual

Data analysis and Visualization Consultant Mobile Media Content

Sergio Simarro

Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) en MagnifiCRO

Javier Di Deco

Co-Founder & Data Scientist at PiperLab S.L.

Javier Arenillas

Digital Analytics & Marketing Manager at The Cocktail, Coordinador Módulo 6

Alba Alonso Siverio

Associate Director Business Analytics en ESADE

Rubén Gallardo

Head of Web Development and Digital Business Intelligence at Real Madrid C.F.

OMIB5009 Transformation

Digital Transformation, Law, Leadership, Ethics & Entrepreneurship

In this course the student will understand, in both a conceptual and practical way, what the transformation of companies implies in the digital age from the business and organizational point of view, establishing the guidelines and required methodologies as well as analyzing the new profile of leadership that is required.

This transformation also implies having essential knowledge of the main legal areas that affect businesses, companies and people who operate and develop their activity on the Internet.

Finally, we will analyze what entrepreneurship means, the implications of launching a startup, the different business models and the forms of financing available.

Alberto Díaz

Founder partner of Digital Migration Partners & ISDI

Miguel Ángel Díez Ferreira

Director IMPACT Accelerator & Co-Founder & Member of the Board ISDI

Ventura Barba

Executive Director Advanced Music (Sónar - Sónar +D)

Juan Carrasco Linares

Commercial Lawyer | Technology, Media & Advertising | Compliance | Chambers TMT | Santiago Mediano Abogados

Javier Berrocal

Managing Partner en Santiago Mediano Abogados

Paula Ortiz

Legal and Institutional Relations Director at IAB Spain

César Lorenzana

Captain Cybercrime Unit Guardia Civil

Rosa Guirado

Legal Sharing

Marina Rodríguez

Industry 4.0 at Windmill Consultants

Miguel Arias

Global Director Telefonica Open Future_

Pepita Marín

CEO & Co-Founder at We Are Knitters

Carlos Sánchez Valle

Growth Manager & Stilist at MIORA

OMIB5010 Backbone Project

Backbone Project

Students will work in groups on a collaborating company project that lends itself to transferring its business reality to applying digitalization. In this highly practical exercise, the newly acquired digital methodologies are put to the test. The Backbone Project will be tutored by experts who meet with the student groups every 3 weeks and accompany and guide the evolution of the project, which is presented to the owners of the companies and a court of professors at the end of the Masters.

Luis Ferrándiz

Partner McKinsey & Co.


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If you have decided to transform your professional career into the digital world you know that ISDI is going to help you get it, we invite you to start your admission process and if you meet the admission requirements you will have taken the first step to success. The selection of students to the ISDI Masters is crucial, and it will be the Admissions Department who will accompany you during this process.

To start your admission process, the first step is to fill in the form on the left, so that we can contact you via phone and/or email and start the evaluation of your application. We do this in order to identify the greatest potential, bringing together groups of diverse students to share knowledge, skills and a spirit of change.

Once you start the admission process we will propose having a chat to provide more information and learn more about you.

  • With your Linkedin profile or your CV we will be able to advise you about the program: what happens before, during and after passing through ISDI.
  • We will evaluate your profile and see if your expectations and needs fit with the training program in which you have expressed interest.
  • We will answer all your questions about the learning methodology, your future classmates, methods of financing the program etc...

After meeting you and resolving your questions, in addition to your CV we will ask you for the following documents to complete your application:

  • Motivation letter
  • Academic record

This interview is an essential requirement to allow the Admissions Committee to best assess your request.
We will invite you to an interview, when it best suits you, with one of the members of the Committee where they will want to know you not only from an academic and professional aspect but also more personally.

We will put your profile to all members of the admissions committee and you will receive our assessment in writing within a maximum of 1 week after conducting the interview. If you have applied for a scholarship you will also receive a response to this request.


We offer a variety of ways to facilitate your payment, with comfortable installments or with a special discount for those paying in full.

To hold your position once you have been accepted onto the Online Master in Internet Business, you must pay a commitment fee of €2,450. This fee is deductible from the total program cost.

See below for more information on the possibility of financing your studies, and also our scholarship opportunities offered in conjunction with our corporate partners. Learn more here





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Online Master Internet Business

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