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Lead the data revolution

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Dive into the master’s program that will help you lead the data revolution

This master’s program will help you discover the power of data. It unleashes the true value of data, extracting insights that organizations need in order to make smart business decisions.

The MDA is the perfect ally in a world of data-driven decisions. We train future management and business data analysis professionals. The MDA provides the knowledge, technologies and key methodologies necessary to become an expert in this area of high professional demand by helping you to:

  • Understand the value of the data in the digital age. There is no valid marketing or business decision that isn’t based on data.
  • Develop an efficient and robust data model and KPIs capable of assisting with decision making.
  • Mastering current technologies and tools for extracting, processing, modeling and visualizing data.
  • Generate analytical thinking for the management of the company.

Some of its key points:

  • Technology and digital business classes with top digital experts.
  • Data analysis and management classes with the best international experts in the sector.
  • Problem-based learning using real-life situations for handling data and tools. 
  • Official certifications in Google Cloud, Google Analytics, Tableau, Amazon Web Services, and DAA (Digital Analytics Association).
  • Backbone Project involving the comprehensive management of a real company’s data set, supervised and managed using agile methodologies. We’ll work with KPIs and data implementation, UX & content campaigns, and data & visualization.
  • Unique and eminently practical methodology.

Download the catalog to read the full MDA program details.


Choose the option that best suits you

Campuses and schedules

This master’s program will allow you to become a data analysis professional in the digital age.


A methodology that combines: Classes in technology and business, and data analysis and management, all under a problem-based learning model and complemented by preparation for official certifications, as well as a real, hands-on project.

  • MDA5000 - COURSE 1
    Introductory Course
  • MDA5001 - COURSE 2
    Data-driven Economy
  • MDA5002 - COURSE 3
    Data Management
  • MDA5003 - COURSE 4
    Data-Based Project
  • MDA5004 - COURSE 5
    Big Data Technology
  • MDA5005 - COURSE 6
    Data Analytics
  • MDA5006 - COURSE 7
    Advanced Data Analytics
  • MDA5007 - COURSE 8
  • MDA5008 - COURSE 9
    Data in Real Life
  • MDA5010 - COURSE 10
    Data in Use
  • Official Certifications

We’ve prepared a PDF catalog with all the details so that you can learn more about the program whenever and wherever you want.

Download catalog

With our best experts


Discover the master that will advance your career

Designed for professionals with an average of five years of experience, who come from the field of business, engineering or mathematics, with a focus on data-based management. These individuals are familiar with digital technology and eager to learn and take the leap to lead digital analytics projects under a data visualization approach, to create strategies that benefit the business through data analysis.

The digital revolution led to an unprecedented “data explosion.” In order to tackle this challenge successfully, companies and professionals have to understand the technological foundations of data. This is the only way they will be able to design processes to make the right decisions, speak this language and express themselves properly in it. Their future depends on it.

Do you want to join one of the most in-demand sectors?

Average Age 28 to 35 years
Years of Experience 7 to 10 years


Carlos Urgelles

Any current analytical project has to be oriented towards the real monetization of data, otherwise it’s very difficult to justify its investment

Iván Palomera

Without data you're just another person with an opinion. Data is the new oil

José Miguel Pérez

I’d say the hardest thing for a new data scientist isn’t understanding algorithms, but being aware of the tools available to us. It’s the ability to use them to turn data into strategic information. The ability to translate what the data says in order to use it in day-to-day business


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We are still working on preparing informational sessions for this program. If you wish, you can get information or clear up any doubts by calling our admissions team. They will be happy to assist you.
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Todo lo que necesitas saber antes de tu proceso de admisión


Program price

Fees & enrollment

Once you have been accepted to the program, you must pay a $40,000 MXN reservation fee, which will be deducted from the total cost of the program.

For payment of the remaining amount, we offer attractive financing possibilities and advantages during the admissions process. We also have various scholarship opportunities on offer. You’ll find more information in this document.

MDA admissions process

In six simple steps, you can access the program that will change your career and your company.


The first step to start the admissions process will be to fill out the admissions form with the requested information. The Admissions Team will then contact you as soon as possible to answer any questions you may have.

The selection of students for ISDI’s master’s programs is crucial, and it will be the Admissions Department who will accompany you during this process.


After reviewing your CV on your LinkedIn profile, we will invite you to have a chat with us—either by phone or in person—in which you will receive personalized advice from our Admissions Manager.

In this first meeting, we will get a grasp of where you are in your career and what your plans are after completing the program.

We will clear up all your doubts concerning the content of the program, the learning methodology, your future peers, and financing possibilities. At ISDI, you will have the opportunity to discover our facilities, the workspace available to students, the program team and our ISDIness culture and essence. We will also invite you to an Info Session, Open Day or any event that will be held in the near future.


In order to validate your profile, we will need you to send us the following information prior to the interview: A 1-page cover letter, a letter of professional recommendation, your updated CV, academic record and DNI/Passport.


Once your questions are resolved, we will coordinate an admissions interview with a member of the Admissions Committee. We are looking forward to learning more about your academic and professional profile, as well as your personality and values.

The interview, which may also take place over the phone, is a compulsory part of the process.


After conducting the admissions interview, the other members of the Admissions Committee will evaluate your application together with the input of the person who has met you.

In a period of three to seven days, we will inform you of our decision.


If admitted, we will tell you how to make the payment to reserve your spot and enroll in the program.

At that point, you will become part of the ISDI Ecosystem. We will inform you of talks and events that you can attend before starting classes to meet your future classmates and touch base with the digital world.

Welcome to ISDI!


If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call 900 814 144 FREE CALL +34 917 373 925 (+521) 55 40 80 45 85 Call from Mexico (+521) 5561119917 Call from Mexico +34 917 373 925


Become a lifelong member of the ISDI community

Always keep learning! At ISDI we help you continue to access new trends in the digital market through our lifelong learning initiatives.

Attend our xISDI Learning Tracks exclusive for alumni.

Training seminars through which you can learn in a strategic / tactical way everything you need about the most disruptive and exponentially growing trends in the market.

Complement your knowledge such as Voice Technologies, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence or Marketing Technologies among others.

Free annual access through the xISDI platform to the updated academic content of the program you studied with us.

Develop your employability and entrepreneurship skills and join the digital economy as a professional prepared for transformation. In ISDI we have at your disposal different Career Paths for you:

Define your objective, put together your value proposition, grow in market positioning and achieve your objectives.

Access the Career Advisors team and our Panel of Experts to be able to hold 1to1 work sessions in which you can create an action plan for your professional development.

Sign up for the best career opportunities with the xISDI Job Board.

Through it, we publish several job offers.

Work and learn from the best, with the content generated and arranged on our Talent Box platform.

In it you will have all the necessary resources to design your own career plan. If yours is not working for someone else, and you think you have given or are about to find the next great idea of ​​digital business ... SOON you will be able to access the support services for entrepreneurship.

ISDI Start is the startup incubator for ISDI and xISDI students. You can find information about the program and dates on your web ISDI Investors Club.

Access the best investment opportunities validated by ISDI Accelerator and from ISDI Start, join our network of private and institutional investors.

  • Expose your talent to the Market. Share your knowledge with the largest professional digital network through all our networking initiatives.
  • Give back a little of everything you have learned and conquered and help others achieve digital transformation by collaborating with our ISDI Foundation.

Upon completion of any of our programs, students become part of the xISDI alumni community: a network of more than 4,000 professionals and entrepreneurs with whom to share challenges and interests. Thanks to the xISDI community, students can develop their talent with free exclusive services and advice on personal and professional growth. Start a master's degree at ISDI. Join the largest professional community on the digital market