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Master Data Analytics

Madrid Barcelona
450 hours (9 Months) October - July


MDA Master Data Analytics

Do you want to lead the data revolution?

The society is in need of profiles that know how to obtain value from the data. The Master in Data Analytics is a program that will allow you to advance in your capacities as Data Analyst and acquire, thanks to its methodology, a balance between business vision, technological knowledge and analytical method, thus becoming a highly qualified profile in the sector business.

Portada MDA

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Aimed at professionals

Designed for professionals with an average of 5 years of experience, who come from the field of business, engineering or mathematics, with a focus on data-driven management, familiar with digital technology and eager to learn and take the leap to lead digital analytics projects under a data visualization approach, to create strategies that favor the business thanks to data analysis.

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Average Age

30 years

Work experience

5 years



Women & Men




You will join in the biggest networking net formed by more than 3,000 alumni, professionals, digital entrepreneurs and more than 600 experts.

You will enter to the biggest digital job board in Spain and you will have a team specialized in services of career advising which will guide you to define your professional goals. In addition they will get you in touch with the appropriate companies and headhunters.

Inmaculada Navarrete

Fernando Carmona Rodríguez-Acosta

Alfonso Sáenz Sancho


Become the profile that companies demand

The digital revolution brought with it a "data explosion" and now we live in an era in which to identify the necessary information, interpret it, understand technological foundations and select tools with criteria, design continuous improvement processes based on data analysis, express ideas and making decisions is increasingly important and vital for companies.

The moment is now. Welcome to the Master in Data Analytics.

7th edition


19th October


7th edition


5th October



Here you have a general description of the content of the program and what you can expect to discover and learn.

Program details


Phd in Anthropology. Data Is currently associated with computing, although the whole world Is data as It Is perceived by humans. This way we have created civilizations, cultures and societies as expressions of how humans relate to each other producing huge amounts of Information, on the one hand, and behavioural patterns that, once understood, make It possible for organizations to respond to human needs In a way as they have never been tackled before. The understanding of human behaviour with the extensions that our new digital tools provide to our human capacities brings a necessary perspective to go beyond the simple technological approach.

Diana Bermúdez

Academic Innovation Officer at ISDI

Diana Bermúdez

Academic Innovation Officer at ISDI



This course will introduce the student to a data ecosystem's main characteristics. Different data sources and data storage systems will be analyzed. Database structures will also be studied, and students will also acquire knowledge about data consultation, data manipulation, and data visualization, which are necessary to be able to carry out proper data analyses.

Jorge Casasempere

Partner at 5DS


In this course, the student will analyze how Data impacts traditional business models, understand how new business models emerge from the exploitation and monetization of Data, the innovation around the Data and which is the Agile ISDI method that will be applied in the development of the Backbone project.

Miguel Taboada

Project Management INNODRIVING


In this course / module the student will understand the different sources of data that exist and learn to differentiate and classify data. Study the main characteristics of the Data and the phases of its management, understand what the Data Government and Data Quality are and how they impact in the business, also they will approach the legislation and regulation of data management.

Miguel Taboada

Project Management INNODRIVING


In this course / module the student will analyze projects based on Data and understand their life cycle. You will know the different roles related to the data and understand what is the structure of project teams based on data.

David Diez Cebollero

Technology Strategist at Everis


In this course students will learn about the technological "Stack" of projects based on data. They analyze the technological implications of the 3V of Big Data. Students will gain understanding about the importance of monitoring and safety in regards to data management.

Ibai Pérez Arbulu

Cloud Architecture - Google Cloud Champion at Everis


The objective of this course is to understand what Data analytics is and the value it offers. Approach the most common analytical techniques and frequent tools, and know the limitations of basic analytical approaches.

Alba Alonso Siverio

Associate Director Business Analytics en ESADE


The objective of this course is for the student to know the history of Artificial Intelligence and to learn the fundamental concepts of Machine Learning in order to know how to differentiate existing approaches and techniques.

Alba Alonso Siverio

Associate Director Business Analytics en ESADE


In this course / module the student will understand the importance of the visualization of the information for a more effective and complete analysis of the data, also know the most important visualizations and the usefulness of each of them.

Víctor Pascual

Co-founder at OneTandem


The objective of this course / module is for the student to understand the actual use cases in optimization lines, to know different sectors and ecosystems and to understand the future trends in Data & Analytics.

Alba Alonso Siverio

Associate Director Business Analytics en ESADE


The objective of the course is that the student understands the keys of the web analytics, knows the main services that Cloud offers and knows the main methodology in data projects.

Álvaro G. Saldaña

Digital & Data Strategist 5DS


The objective of this course is to put into practice the main resources and analytical tools, as well as the main strategic methods when working with data. Students will gain an understanding of this through case studies and challenges ( based on ISDI Ecommerce and others)

Álvaro G. Saldaña

Digital & Data Strategist 5DS



The aim is for students to analyze and understand the sector in which the company operates in, as well as the environment and market conditions that influence the development of their business operations. At the same time, an analysis of the company's performance and the identification of business development opportunities that could be addressed as axes of innovation and model transformation are needed. Apart from data, students will analyze the strategy and actions that the company develops in a purely digital environment. As well as analyzing in depth the operations and performance of actions of recruitment, conversion and loyalty channels, in order to identify and prioritize areas of improvement in regards to digital strategy.

Based on the conclusions of the previous deliverables the aim is to develop an Advanced Analytical solution that can improve the performance of the company's current business. Students will work in a team studying a collaborative company that lends its business reality to develop a data analytics plan. This way, students will incorporate the new analytical knowledge that they have acquired into their business project.


Jorge Casasempere

Partner at 5DS


Download the complete catalog of the program and find out all the details of the MDA.

Industry leaders Masterclasses.

Classes are taught only by industry professionals with the highest ranks with proven methods.

Proyecto troncal

Backbone project.

Work on a project throughout the master that focuses on the digitization of a real company using agile methodologies.

Enfoque práctico

Practical approach.















Get to work with real tools and practical exercises.

networking opportunities

Networking Opportunities.











Meet other leading executives, promote your business and acquire potential partners and investors.

Leading international experts

Learn the latest digital trends from top-experts who dominate their fields.

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To start your admission process, the first step is to fill in the form on the left, so that we can contact you via phone and/or email and start the evaluation of your application. We do this in order to identify the greatest potential, bringing together groups of diverse students to share knowledge, skills and a spirit of change.

Once you start the admission process we will propose having a chat to provide more information and learn more about you.

  • With your Linkedin profile or your CV we will be able to advise you about the program: what happens before, during and after passing through ISDI.
  • We will evaluate your profile and see if your expectations and needs fit with the training program in which you have expressed interest.
  • We will answer all your questions about the learning methodology, your future classmates, methods of financing the program etc...

After meeting you and resolving your questions, in addition to your CV we will ask you for the following documents to complete your application:

  • Motivation letter
  • Academic record

This interview is an essential requirement to allow the Admissions Committee to best assess your request.
We will invite you to an interview, when it best suits you, with one of the members of the Committee where they will want to know you not only from an academic and professional aspect but also more personally.

We will put your profile to all members of the admissions committee and you will receive our assessment in writing within a maximum of 1 week after conducting the interview. If you have applied for a scholarship you will also receive a response to this request.

If your application has been approved, we will indicate how to reserve your place and register for the program.

From then on you will become part of the ISDI ecosystem. We will inform you of events and sessions that you can attend before starting classes to be able to meet your future colleagues and begin to truly discover the world of digital business. 
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Once you have been admitted to the MMA program, the place will be reserved with a € 1,850 payment, which will be deducted from the total cost of the program.

For the rest of the amount we offer different methods of payment, you can consult the possibilities and the advantages of financing during the admission process, among them Fundae and the possibility of obtaining one of the scholarships that we offer.


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Master Data Analytics

Prepared to address data's present and future with a business perspective? This is your master. Sign up today to the MDA.