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Global Executive Master Digital Business

Madrid Silicon Valley Online Boston
450 hours (9 months)


GXMDB Global Executive Master Digital Business

Become a leader in digital transformation.

The GXMDB (Global Executive Master in Digital Business) program is an unparalleled learning experience that transforms top-level executives into digital leaders, providing them with the skills, tools and knowledge to guide their companies through a digital transformation or to launch their own projects in the global marketplace.

- A unique blended education experience
- Acquire cutting-edge knowledge and trends
- Sessions by top international experts
- International seminars at leading tech hubs 


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The digital transformation learning experience tailored to you.

A top international executive is always at the forefront of digital, in tune with the latest trends in business, technology and ways of working. Take a look at the variety of students that make up our program and get a sense of who you’ll work alongside with. One thing you will all have in common is leadership experience and a track record of success.

This program is exclusively aimed at those who want to :

- Lead the digital transformation of their company
- Launch your own successful digital transformation project


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Average Age

44 years

Work experience

19 years



Women & Men




See what previous participants have taken away from the GXMDB, and hear how their learning has changed their business.





Virtual Campus

San Francisco



San Francisco



November - February

Virtual Campus







February - July

Virtual Campus



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Here’s a general overview of the program content and what you can expect to discover and learn.



A foreword from the GXMDB Program Leader:

"ISDI master’s programs lead the digital world with comprehensive educational programs designed for today’s professionals. The inspiration behind their creation comes from the remarkable era we live in, with businesses and institutions constantly adapting to a new, unique reality. This reality will reshape the structures of businesses and institutions, from their design to their everyday operations, such as planning, coordination, monitoring and management. Through the master’s programs at ISDI, the business world’s most celebrated digital professionals aim to build a group of highly trained individuals, qualified in a number of areas, including business digitalization, managing digital sectors and departments, and creating new business models for new ecosystems. This talent pool will produce leaders who will change how business is done in the world and, sooner or later, create the organizations and workplaces of future generations".

Javier Rodríguez Zapatero, Master in Auditing. ISDI Chairman & Former Managing Director, Google Spain & Portugal.

Javier Rodríguez Zapatero

ISDI Chairman & Former Managing Director, Google Spain & Portugal

Javier Rodríguez Zapatero

ISDI Chairman & Former Managing Director, Google Spain & Portugal


A week-long immersion into the ISDI digital ecosystem with our top professors and collaborators. These experts will give you an overarching view of digital business in a globalized economy with topics ranging from fintech to smart cities, all in the backdrop of one of the world’s most vibrant cities: Madrid.

Sebastián Muriel

Global Director Omnichannel & Customer Experience at Telefónica

Jaime Rodríguez de Santiago

General Manager Spain at FREE NOW

Javier Rodríguez Zapatero

ISDI Chairman & Former Managing Director, Google Spain & Portugal

Toni Raurich i Marcet

Professor and Board Member at Wallapop and

Luis Ferrándiz

Senior Digital Advisor at McKinsey & Company

Jonny Voon

Digital Innovation Lead at InnovateUK


An eye-opening week on the campus of Harvard University in the Boston area with leading professors and researchers from both Harvard and MIT, two of the most prestigious universities in the United States. You will get a first-hand look at what these leading minds are working on in the areas of robotics, public data, and technological innovations, with a keen focus on how these breakthroughs can find business applications.

Colin Maclay

Research Professor and Executive Director of the Annenberg Innovation Lab at USC

Pai-Ling Yin

Associate Professor of Clinical Entrepreneurship and Director of the Technology Commercialization Initiative at USC Marshall School of Business

Finale Doshi-Velez

Finale Doshi-Velez

Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Harvard

Michael Maness

Co Founder at Subculture

David Weinberger

Writer In Residence at Google PAIR

Joshua Benton

Founder and Director at Nieman Journalism Lab, Harvard University

Elizabeth J. Altman

Visiting Assistant Professor at United States Military Academy at West Point

Carlos Osorio

Cofounder of Yuken Impact Research Lab, Guest Lecturer at Singularity University, Visiting prof at Deusto Business School

Local visit to


The story of Silicon Valley, as told in five days from the protagonists themselves. Startups sharing their struggles and success stories. VCs revealing what they look for before investing. Incubators and accelerators showcasing the next big thing. Industry leaders providing behind-the-scenes looks at what keeps them on top. You’ll hear it all in San Francisco, where innovation and entrepreneurship thrive. 

Steve Cadigan

Former VP of Talent at LinkedIn & Current Talent Hacker and Advisor at Cadigan Talent Ventures

Hugo Giralt

Founding Partner & CEO at Propelland

Sally Thornton

Miguel A. Acosta

CEO at

Juan Pablo Puerta

15+ yrs experience running Engineering, Growth and Globalization efforts for some of Silicon Valley's top companies.

Ed Fernandez

Partner & Co-Founder at naiss

Balvinder Singh Powar


Local visit to


This course serves as the program's opening week and will introduce students to the major components of the program. Students will also interact with key ISDI staff that will aid them throughout the program. The moment is now. Welcome to ISDI!

Faculty member: Rodrigo Miranda 

* This is an online course.

Víctor Molero

Academic Director of ISDI

Javier Rodríguez Zapatero

ISDI Chairman & Former Managing Director, Google Spain & Portugal

Rodrigo Miranda

Managing Director at ISDI

Balvinder Singh Powar


Javier Martín

CEO en SumaNetworks

Jesús Tapia

Mentor & Former European Head of Practice at Urban Science


This course will cover different work and innovation methodologies, which play a huge in finding success within the context of the program by establishing a strong link to the Backbone Project. It also introduces students to new ways of working that can be implemented in their current organizations.

Faculty member: Miguel Ángel Sastre 

* This is an online course.

Nicolas-Emmanuel Leblanc

Strategy Designer + Facilitator / Strategyzer Business Model Innovation Coach

Paul Iliffe

Former VP of Product at Tuenti & Current Director of Product & Design at Telefónica Customer Experience

Björn Ühss

Owner of Marketing & Innovation Agency 22tribes

Alberto Díaz

Founding Partner MIGRATION (B&O) and Co-Founder at ISDI

Rodrigo Miranda

Managing Director at ISDI


This course will cover different work and innovation methodologies, which play a huge role in finding success within the context of the program by establishing a strong link to the Backbone Project. It also introduces students to new ways of working that can be implemented into their current work in their organizations.

Faculty member: Víctor Molero 

* This is an online course.

Marina Rodríguez

Culture, People & Organization Agile Transformation at Windmill Consultants

Christopher Autry

CEO at Iothic

Alberto Díaz

Founding Partner MIGRATION (B&O) and Co-Founder at ISDI

Miguel A. Acosta

CEO at

Miguel Ángel Díez Ferreira

Director IMPACT Accelerator & Co-Founder & Member of the Board ISDI

Noelia Fernández

Director of Large Customer Sales, Northern Europe at Google

Daniel Suardiaz


This course covers digital technologies, their business applications, and innovation strategies aimed at helping the organisation run its business and operations successfully. It will cover digital business tools in the areas of content plans, mobile apps, and e-commerce that will empower you to the get the most out of digital business strategy. 

Faculty member: Víctor Molero 

* This is an online course.

Marcelo Royán

Innovation and Digital Product Director at Reclamador

Alex Preukschat

Node Member at Spain

Ed Fernandez

Partner & Co-Founder at naiss

Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

Head of Labs @ Bulb/ Author of 'Smarter Homes: how technology will change your home life'

Blanca Gómez González

Chief People Officer at Opinno | Freelance consultant at Lucta

Rob Thurner

Founder and CEO at Burn The Sky

Talia Wolf

CargoFounder and Chief Optimizer of GetUplift

Leon Felipe Sánchez

Owner, Fulton & Fulton SC

Alberto Barreiro

Strategic Designer | Board Member & Patner at Voikers

Fernando González-Mesones

COO Docomo Digital & CEO B! (NTT Docomo Group)

Stacey Bevan

Head of Performance Marketing International at William Hill

Irene Noriega

Global One-to-One Marketing Specialist at IKEA Group

Ignacio (Iñaki) Molto LinkedIn

Ignacio Molto

Board Director Member at DOCOMO Digital

Richard Wilding

Full Professor and Chair of Supply Chain Strategy at Cranfield School of Management

Craig Crawford

Former VP IT Strategy at Burberry & IT Strategist

Daniel Fernández Arroyo

Chief of User Experience at Telefónica & ISDI Board Member

Francisco Servia

Senior Product Manager at Amazon


The course will focus on the execution of business strategies and plans in the digital era needed to bring a product/service to market. The content will delve into the strategic aspects of digital marketing, social media, digital advertising, search engines, and metrics so that company business objectives are well-defined and executed.

Faculty member: Javier Rodríguez Zapatero 

* This is an online course.

Nacho de Pinedo

Co Founder & CEO at ISDI

Craig Crawford

Former VP IT Strategy at Burberry & IT Strategist

Brent Chaters

Managing Director Digital Customer - Leading change for Canada's top brands across Marketing, Sales and Care

Michele Macnab

Managing Director at Hells Bells Digital

Aleyda Solis Duarte

International SEO Consultant & Founder at Orainti

Jeremy Spiller

Professor and faculty member at EDHEC Business School

Miquel Moya

Director, Global Marketing Partners at Google

Mark Ralphs

Partner and MD at Good Rebels

Pilar Barrio

Founder at Barrio Digital

Rob Thurner

Founder and CEO at Burn The Sky

Rob Griffin

Managing Director at RISE-iOT

Krista Seiden

Product Manager, Google Analytics at Google

Jim Sterne

Founder, Marketing Evolution Experience at Rising Media, Inc.

Víctor Pascual

Co-founder at OneTandem

Adam Greco

Senior Partner at Analytics Demystified

Noelia Fernández

Director of Large Customer Sales, Northern Europe at Google


Students work in teams to develop a digital transformation proposal in the area of retail trade. It is then up to them to do some research on the sector, and decide if the proposal should be a pitch to a major player, a smaller player that wants to grow, or come up with a completely new disruptive proposition in the sector. In this way, the new digital knowledge that is being acquired throughout the program is put into practice in real-world business applications. This project is worked under the ISDI AGILE Methodology. A PO will be assigned to the team and they will work in sprints to come up with a valuable proposal. Throughout the course they will face a Jury in Sprint Reviews & Release up to the end of the program.

Faculty member: Nacho de Pinedo 

* This is an online course.

Javier Martín

CEO en SumaNetworks

Jesús Tapia

Mentor & Former European Head of Practice at Urban Science

Download the catalog to read the full GXMDB program details.



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Are you really to transform your life and your business vision? If so call us and an Admission Manager will be thrilled to advice you.

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To start the admissions process, the first step is to fill out the form. Once we have received your request, the admissions team will contact you. The review and selection of students is crucial to the success of ISDI program, and the Admission Department is dedicated guiding you throughout the process.

After reviewing your CV or LinkedIn profile, our Admissions Department will follow up with you via telephone or campus visit. During this conversation, you will receive an assessment by our Admissions Manager. This assessment will focus on understanding your professional needs and goals and how they fit in line with the program. The Admission Manager will answer any questions you may have regarding the program content, learning methodology, student profiles, and financing.

On a campus visit, we would give you a walkthrough of our campus including classrooms, work spaces, staff, and a look at the ISDIness culture that thrives here. We would also invite you to attend a future Info Session, our ISDI Open Day, or other upcoming unique events.

Once you are ready to apply, we would set up an admissions interview with a member of our Admissions Committee. The interview would focus on your academic and professional background, as well as your personal goals.

This interview can be conducted in person or via telephone and is a mandatory part of the admissions process. For the interview, we would also ask you to provide us with your Academic record or transcript.

The Admission Committee will review your application documents and interview notes to decide if you are a good fit for the program. Within 7 business days you will receive a phone call or email with a decision from the Admissions Committee.

If you have been granted admission into the program, our Admissions Team will follow up with you regarding details about reservations, tuition & fees, as well as answer any remaining questions.

And once you have been officially admitted into the program, you form part of our ISDI ecosystem. This means we will keep you up-to-date on all events and sessions that you can attend before starting the program, as well as opportunities to meet your future colleagues and begin to truly discover the world of digital business. Welcome to ISDI!


We offer a variety of ways to facilitate your payment, with comfortable installments or with a special discount for those paying in full. To hold your position once you have been accepted onto the GXMDB program, you must pay a commitment fee of €3,000. This fee is deductible from the total program cost.

See below for more information on the possibility of financing your studies, and also our scholarship opportunities offered in conjunction with our corporate partner. Learn more here


Early bird until May 1st: 34.850€


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Global Executive Master Digital Business

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