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Would you like to lead the digital transformation of your company?

Exclusive program with strategic digitalization sessions for presidents, CEOs and managing directors of the HR area.

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Aimed at professionals

Education directed to HR directors. It includes HR Managers and top level managers of the diverse functional areas such as attraction, selection, development and talent management.

It is a professional ecosystem increasingly globalized, technological and fast. Being so, the role of a HR Director must be reinvented in order to respond to the new opportunities that the digital era generates in business.

Average age 37 years
15 years

Once students have completed the PADIB RH program, 90% of them begin projects of digital transformation, with new roles as agents of change.

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Transform your company

HR must lead the digital transformation of organization, talent and culture. This is acheived by designing, implementing, and optimizing a change management project; in which talent is at the center of strategy.

If you would like to find out which are the latest trends in talent management innovation, as well as the technological tools and the best practices that can trigger change in the organization, this program is meant for you.



20 hours


$125,000 mxn + VAT



For the reservation of your place, enrollment and schedule confirmation.

It is done in one same payment which is made once your admission process is over.

Remaining amount to pay

If you pay all at once


A single payment which is made before classes begin.

Remaining amount to pay

If you split the payments


The payment is done in 3 parts:

XXXX€ - Before the program begins
XXXX€ - In December
XXXX€ - In March

Total fee through a single payment
Total fee through a divided payment

Finance your studies at ISDI

In ISDI we provide our students the possibility of financing with very advantageous conditions. Check the possibilities and advantages of financing during the admission process.

Places and calendar

Volcán 150

Mexico City

1st Edition - September

Two schedules

# Monday to Thursday from 00:00 a 00:00

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Comprehensive view of the key areas of the Internet from the point of view of business and HR

Intensive sessions of digital training for CEOs, presidents and general managers in the HR area.


Methodology based on strategic sessions, round tables, lunch & learn sessions and case studies, led by relevant professionals in the digital sector with a long career in the business world.


Comprises topics such as Digital Marketing, Technology, Social Media, Mobile, Search, eCommerce, Digital Advertising, Digital Analytics, Startup Ecosystem and Digital Transformation which allows students to start up and accelerate digital transformation processes in their organizations.


Classes given to small groups of up to 12 students, at most, with the aim of promoting networking dynamics and generating learning experiences which will enrich them.

Program details

9 academic modules taught in 5 sessions of 4 hours, followed by a debate dinner with an expert in the area.


¿Qué aprenderás?

Business Model You

Business & Organization Transformation in the Digital Era

Metodología Agile



¿Qué aprenderás?

Introducción a Negocios Digitales

Nuevo consumidor, Journey del talento y paralelismos con Customer Experience

Nuevas profesiones digitales

Employer branding

Linkedin Strategy



¿Qué aprenderás?

Design Thinking


¿Qué aprenderás?

Social Hiring & Diversidad

Engagement through Community

Social Network Enterprises

People 3.0


¿Qué aprenderás?

People Analytics

La visión del CEO


¿Qué aprenderás?

Talent management

People First

Innovación en HR

HR Analytics

Resolución de casos

Develop your talent

Career Advisor
Career Advisor We can help you define your positioning strategy in the market to increase your employability.
_In Group
_In Group You can participate in our LinkedIn discussion group. Be part of the community!
ISDI Updates & ISDI Talks
ISDI Updates & ISDI Talks Training is life-long... Our lectures about the digital world will keep you up to date once you have completed your program.
Discounts and Offers
Discounts and Offers Offers for your everyday life from the best services in dissemination, positioning, communication, consultancy, events, etc.

¿Do you want to join our PADIB RH program?

To get into PADIB RH, we only have three requirements: Education up to university, working experience and the desire to become digital.

Step 1


Do you meet the requirements? Then send us your admission request by filling in your information in the form.

Step 2


You will have an appointment with a person in charge of the admissions committee and have an personal orientation interview in our premises or through a videoconference. After the interview, you will receive written feedback.

Step 3


To ensure your spot in the program, you must pay the enrollment fee. In your admission letter you will be given the next steps of the process.