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9 months September to June



Ready to join the digital revolution?

The Digital MBA is a one-of-a-kind, nine-month program in Madrid created to train young, passionate professionals looking to prepare for the digital world. It offers students an overview of digital business and shows how to harness the skills needed to be a future leader of digital.

Combining agile methodologies with contemporary practical challenges to meet real business demands, the Master's program allows a holistic, global vision of the digital sector and the graduate’s place in it.


Want to join the digital revolution? Check out our program catalogue to find out how, today.



Tailormade for young professionals and recent graduates.

The Digital MBA is designed to prepare you for the digital world of tomorrow, today.

You will have the opportunity to learn alongside talented young professionals, gain essential practical skills and learn alongside international classmates from a range of different sectors and countries.


Students come to us after having completed a variety of roles and responsibilities.


From Advertising to Telecommunications, students have previously worked in a broad range of sectors.

Average Age

24 years

Work experience

2 years



Women & Men



An international program for international students

Our aim is always to provide an international perspective in terms of our aims and experience. We work with global experts and invite students from all corners of the world: France, Bangladesh, Russia, Argentina, Spain.



When you join ISDI you’ll be joining more than a digital business school alumni. You’ll be part of an extensive and exclusive ecosystem made up of over 3,000 alumni, professionals, digital entrepreneurs and more than 700 esteemed digital experts in their respective fields.

You’ll have access to the biggest digital job board in Spain and be supported by a specialised team of career advisors, with you every step of the way towards your professional goals and putting you in touch with leading companies and headhunters.

Ahmed Abdelraze

Antonella Catania

Janik Obstmayer



Designed with you in mind. Our programs are created to allow students to work and study in tandem.



September 2020 to June 2021


Monday to Thursday from 19:00 to 22:00



September 2020 to June 2021


Monday to Thursday from 19:00 to 22:00


Here's an general overview of the program content and what you can expect to discover and learn.




This course will explore different work and innovation methodologies, helping students learn where they come from, their applications, and most importantly, how to apply them actively throughout the program. Now more than ever, methodologies are important and set the tone for organizations, dictating how they work and establishing a clear ideology, for themselves, employees, and stakeholders. Students will learn about the origins of different methodologies within the Agile framework such as Scrum, Kanban, Design Thinking, and Business Model Canvas, and how they are applied in business. They will take a deep-dive into the inner-workings of these methodologies and learn how to become practitioners.

Björn Ühss

Owner of Marketing & Innovation Agency 22tribes

Björn Ühss

Owner of Marketing & Innovation Agency 22tribes

Local visit to

logo accenture


Team Kanban Practitioner - Business Model Canvas - Value Proposition Model



In this course, you will learn how to read and operate companies in the digital era, achieving an understanding of top-level finance, operations, and business models. You will look at the differences between digital business models and companies and understand the secret for their success based on how they operate. We will dive into customer-centricity under an omnichannel, multi-device, global approach, understanding back- office operations (process automation) and front office-operations (focusing on user experience). We will learn how to design, deploy, and follow KPIs. Additionally, we will cover innovation and partnerships, and establish a firm finance and legal foundation for companies in the digital era. Furthermore, you will see a new perspective on society and technology, the effects they have upon one another, and their impact on what a company is: an organization permanently ready for any disruption that might come to its industry; because such disruption will come sooner or later. This course will provide a space for open and shared reflection on the evolution of both technology and society, the consequences of such evolution on the way consumers behave in a time when their daily routines are enhanced by the superpowers granted by those outstanding solutions that nowadays seem normal, giving birth to competitive landscapes in which whole industries face a new normal to which they can only adapt or otherwise fade. What are the new rules of the business playground? How do we learn, adapt to and satisfy technologically- enhanced customers? Is there a way to navigate the new competitive landscape with a reasonable perspective for the future? What can be expected of the deeply disruptive technologies that await right around the corner?

Álvaro Romero

Director de Estrategia y Experiencia Digital @ Accenture Interactive

Álvaro Romero

Director de Estrategia y Experiencia Digital @ Accenture Interactive

Local visit to

Álvaro Romero  logo melia.png


Business Model Canvas - Digital Business Models



In this course, you will learn how to execute business strategies and business plans in the digital era. Specifically, you will be exposed to the pitts and the pendulums of digital marketing, social media, content management, digital advertising, search engines, mobile marketing, e-commerce, etc. But most importantly, you will learn strategic frameworks that will allow you to assemble those different pieces of the puzzle and turn them into actions plans tailor-made for your Customer Persona. Furthermore, you will be introduced to the usage of digital business tools that will empower you to get the most out of your CRM, social media marketing, search marketing, digital advertising, apps management, UX prototyping and analytics needs. The combination of digital knowledge and tools, together with the right attitude to manage them, will chisel the actions to deliver your company business objectives in this brave new digital environment.

Ana Gómez

Business Development & Agency Lead at Twitter

Ana Gómez

Business Development & Agency Lead at Twitter

Local visit to

Ana Gómez logo salesforce


Wave & Google Studio - Google Adwords - Google Analytics - Balsamiq - Facebook ads - Marketing Automation Hands-on / Pardot - Real Time Bidding (RTB) - UX and Prototyping



This course, will take the knowledge acquired from previous courses and apply it within the context of Digital Technology. We will be exposing students to disruptive technologies, trends, and the direction we are headed.

This course will allow students to discover disruptive technologies and how to execute and implement them in digital business. We will cover application and innovation strategies, disruptive digital technologies, harness the concepts and applications of IoT, Factory 4.0, deep dive into Blockchain and its inner-workings, structure, and applications, and ultimately understand these ideas, concepts, services, and digital tools and trends and their business applications.

Carlos García Sanz

Ejecutivo de cuentas de Marketing Cloud, Salesforce

Carlos García Sanz

Ejecutivo de cuentas de Marketing Cloud, Salesforce

Local visit to

Carlos García Sanz logo Amazon web service


Amazon Web Services - Coding - Arduino - Salesforce Admin - Google IoT: Tensorflow - Buzz Analytics



This course will help students to understand what leadership is in the modern business world and the qualities, characteristics, and skills it takes to become a leader. Students will understand and acquire key capabilities to succeed as a leader and to lead others, focusing on individuals, teams, and managers. Students will refine their soft skills and become the next wave of leaders in digital business.

Arnaldo Muñoz

Director General en España y Portugal de AirBNB

Arnaldo Muñoz

Director General en España y Portugal de AirBNB

Local visit to

Arnaldo Muñoz logo Linkedin


360-degree Leadership Workshop - Personal Leadership Model - LinkedIn Personal Branding - Pitch Bootcamp - Storytelling



The Backbone Project is the melting pot of DMBA knowledge, the place where all the acquired skills and knowledge will be applied to a company case study all throughout the program. The DMBA Backbone Project challenges students to digitally transform the business of a leading company from the fashion sector. Due to the strong presence of technology and threats coming from important digital pure players, the retail sector is in a state of digital transformation. Students will work on developing a proposal to digitally transform the company based on a concrete, viable action plan that also includes media and advertising planning. All of this will be encompassed by a project-based work system that adheres to Agile Methodologies and characteristic cultural values commonly seen at digital companies.

Want to join the career revolution? Check out our program catalogue to find out how, today.

Company visits.

Visit the offices of leading digital companies and see the inner workings of tech giants.

Backbone project

Backbone project.

You will work on a project throughout the master which focuses on the digitalization of a real company using agile methodologies.

Enfoque práctico

Practical approach.

Learn how to walk-the-walk with hands-on learning with real digital tools.

Becas y prácticas

Scholarships and work placements.

Secure internships and work placements with program partners and start applying all you learn.

Leading international experts

Learn the latest digital trends from top-experts who dominate their sectors




Ready for the transformation of a lifetime? Give us a call and our admissions department will be happy to answer your questions.

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To start your admission process, the first step is to fill in the form on the left, so that we can contact you via phone and/or email and start the evaluation of your application. We do this in order to identify the greatest potential, bringing together groups of diverse students to share knowledge, skills and a spirit of change.

Once you start the admission process we will propose having a chat to provide more information and learn more about you.

  • With your Linkedin profile or your CV we will be able to advise you about the program: what happens before, during and after passing through ISDI.
  • We will evaluate your profile and see if your expectations and needs fit with the training program in which you have expressed interest.
  • We will answer all your questions about the learning methodology, your future classmates, methods of financing the program etc...

After meeting you and resolving your questions, in addition to your CV we will ask you for the following documents to complete your application:

  • Motivation letter
  • Academic record

This interview is an essential requirement to allow the Admissions Committee to best assess your request.
We will invite you to an interview, when it best suits you, with one of the members of the Committee where they will want to know you not only from an academic and professional aspect but also more personally.

We will put your profile to all members of the admissions committee and you will receive our assessment in writing within a maximum of 1 week after conducting the interview. If you have applied for a scholarship you will also receive a response to this request.

If your application has been approved, we will indicate how to reserve your place and register for the program.

From then on you will become part of the ISDI ecosystem. We will inform you of events and sessions that you can attend before starting classes to be able to meet your future colleagues and begin to truly discover the world of digital business. 
Welcome to ISDI!


To hold your position once you have been accepted onto the DMBA program, you must pay a commitment fee of €2,450. This fee is deductible from the total program cost.

See below for more information on the possibility of financing your studies, and also our scholarship opportunities offered in conjunction with our corporate partners.


Get 10% if you pay at one time before April 30, 2019.




Learning at our excellent facilities in the heart of Madrid is truly a global experience. Madrid is a bustling international city, where among traditional values for a high quality of life, art and culture coexist with a thriving social scene.

VISIT LEADING COMPANIES IN MADRID AND BEYOND: Take advantage of our company visits and experience what the day in the life of an industry giant looks like.


Don’t miss out on the chance to access exclusive accommodation opportunities and learn Spanish with our accommodation and language partners.


For most people finding accommodation is the first item on their to-do list when moving to a new city. Luckily there is something for everyone in terms of accommodation in Madrid. Whether you’re looking for a luxury rooftop apartment down Gran Vía or a more affordable studio in Malasaña, there are many options to suit a range of budgets. Despite this, it can still be a daunting task to find the right place on your own. That’s why we have entered partnerships with rental agencies to ensure we can meet the needs of everyone who is studying the Digital MBA in Madrid.

Living cost

Madrid has relatively low living costs compared to most capital cities of its size and many smaller cities around Europe. According to Numbeo, the cost of living index for Madrid is 1.53% lower than Barcelona and 33.12% lower than London. This means you can have as much tapas and beer as your heart desires, without breaking the bank. There are also many perks of being a student in Madrid, such as the Abono Joven card for people below 26 using public transport. This card allows you to travel by metro, bus and train to anywhere in the Comunidad de Madrid for only 20€ a month.


For anyone visiting Madrid the first thing they will notice is the friendly and welcoming environment. From the relaxing, sun-soaked parks scattered around the city to the vibrant and lively atmospheres of areas like Malasaña, Lavapiés and Chueca. They will also have noticed that this energetic ambiance continues long into the night, often lasting until 6am if you are enjoying the many nightclubs of the capital city. Madrid offers some of the best nightlife in Europe with countless amounts of clubs and bars to suit everyone’s tastes. That’s why when it comes to choosing between a relaxing drink at a rooftop bar or dancing the night away in a bustling nightclub, you’ll be spoilt for choice.


Madrid is a city rich in culture and arts, with an abundance of museums and art galleries. The Prado, the Thyssen-Bornemisza and the Reina Sofía are examples of globally renowned museums situated in the heart of Madrid. However, the city boasts much more than an impressive array of art and history. There are also many different cultural activities to partake in while staying in Madrid, such as; watching a match at the Bernabeu stadium, taking salsa dancing classes or trying the many different foods of Spain. Many will argue that the latter is the most important to the people of Madrid, as the only thing they love more than football is their food. Whether it’s tapas, paella or churros con chocolate, Madrid has some of the best to offer in the whole of Spain. All while showcasing an impressive selection of foreign cuisine, tailored to the ever-growing diverse population.

Want to know more about Madrid? Browse through our city guide for insider tips!


Marta Butler
DMBA Student Testimonial



Marta Butler

Digital Consultant Assistant at Accenture

"I chose to study the Digital MBA because I wanted to know about the digital world a find a better job"


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