Social commitment

We digitalize social change

The foundation

Digital volunteers

Our community of digital optimists consists of volunteers who donate their time and experience to social projects.

The Foundation trains and advises NGOs and entrepreneurs to help them develop in the digital world. We digitally transform those who are investing in social progress.

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We are committed to educational change

  • We take workshops to primary and secondary schools so that children and young people can learn to programme without a computer, offering answers to the needs of a society in constant change.
  • We have created an innovative educational programme built on project-based learning. Within it we develop mentoring exercises using the Business Model Canvas.
  • During our digital entrepreneurship workshops we deliver coaching that meets the needs of the most innovative educational projects. In this way we help education to meet social and job needs in the Internet sector.

Help for the unemployed

We bring talent closer to the needs of the job market in the world of Internet business. We provide high level professional training that helps the unemployed find work in a sector with an ever greater need for staff.

+170 people involved in the project 80% of students have found a job/span>

SEPE, the Spanish Public Employment Service, has entrusted ISDI with the delivery of training to the unemployed who are now joining the workforce in new jobs within the digital economy. We have already delivered programmes such as Community Manager, Marketing on Search Engines, Web Analytics, Mobile Marketing and eCommerce to selected students in our centres in Barcelona and Madrid.

[VIDEO] Florence D'Emmerez, completed the SEPE Programme eCommerce I course. She currently works for ALSA's International Department.

Project generation

The McKinsey Social Initiative and ISDI collaborated in this project that helped more than 50 young unemployed people under 30 to join the workforce in Spain. This unique large-scale project located in Spain and the USA took on a complex social challenge.

Find out more about Generation

Guillermo Generation Spain

Digital Consultant for KPMG - ADN
Generation Spain (Madrid)

"My work before Generation consisted in looking for a job. I knew there had to be opportunities somewhere, but I had no idea how to find them. I sent my CV to many employers, but nothing came of it. Until through this programme I was able to acquire the right competencies to enter the digital economy sector."

Digital Marketing Planner for CartoDB
Generation Spain (Madrid)

"Look at the difference between: Hello, I'm Belén, I'm unemployed..., and - I've just finished training in Digital Analytics and I am your best offer."