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Marketing trends in 2017

Wednesday, 21 December, 2016

digital marketing trends


Innovations in digital marketing are ever-expanding, new developments and ideas are springing up at every moment. What new digital marketing trends will the year 2017 hold? Along with new apps and technologies, and marketing that is better adapted to user experience, in 2017 it´s likely that we´ll see an evolution of some of the trends that began in 2016.

Immersive experience

In 2017, immersive experience will become more relevant in digital marketing. In 2016 we witnessed the beginning of 360° videos on the Internet. These 360° videos can be used to ‘transport’ the viewer to a different place, time or let them see something from a different perspective. Most importantly, these videos encourage interaction. Customer interaction is the advantage to using immersive experience techniques in marketing. Other options include holding webinars and online workshops to facilitate customer involvement.

Condensed content

Next year, we’ll definitely see more condensed content in online ads and articles. We are bombarded daily with our social media newsfeeds, articles and advertisements which has caused us to have extremely short attention spans. Many people don’t even bother to read articles anymore, they just read headlines. Marketers are going to have to take note of this and start making every single word count in one condensed message.

Augmented reality

Under the umbrella of immersive experience is augmented reality. A great example of augmented reality is the popular game, Pokemon Go, which had incredible success in 2016. The mobile game raked in almost 200,000,000 euros in its first month on the market. Users were hooked by the location-based augmented reality that promoted interaction and physical activity. In 2017, marketers are sure to cash in on the growing popularity of augmented reality.

augmented reality

Focus on mobile

In 2017, mobile will have dominated desktop. People are now more likely to choose to surf the web from their phone instead of from their laptop. Google already gives an advantage to websites that are optimized for mobile, so it will be crucial for all businesses to make their websites compatible for mobile users as soon as possible. It´s also important to point out that because of this, it will be imperative to focus on mobile optimization, mobile search and mobile apps.

Rising prices

Digital marketing has become increasingly popular over the last few years. The Internet is the place to advertise due to the ability to specifically target and track customers and because of its wide range of advertising possibilities. Competition for the best online advertising spots is becoming more fierce which means that it will become more expensive.

Whether it´s a new technology or application, changes in online content or shifting prices, 2017 is sure to bring change in the world of digital marketing.