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The MIB is the first comprehensive master's degree in digital business transformation, professionalisation and specialisation.

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Directed at professionals

Professionals who want to retrain for the digital world, entrepreneurs who want to launch their own startup and people who are working or looking for a job and want to become Internet experts.

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Average age 40 years
10 years

After finishing the MIB, 24% of our students create Internet businesses and 68% enter digital professions.

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Your time is now

It's time to change the direction of your career, to acquire the comprehensive, integrated, up-to-date vision needed for the digital transformation that we are experiencing.

If you want to play a leading role in the digital age, your time is now. Welcome to your master's degree, welcome to the MIB.



400 hours



$242,250 mxn Usual price: $255,000 mxn

Payment for reservation


Within 10 days of being admitted in the program.



September 24th.

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October 1st.

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The payment is made in three instalments:

$68,200 MXN - October 1st
$68,200 MXN - December 1st
$68,200 MXN - March 1st

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Places and calendar

Santa Fe


Only one timetable available: # Tuesday to Thursday from 18:00 to 22:00

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5th edition - 2017/2018 from October to July

Two timetables to choose from: # Tuesday to Thursday from 18:00 to 22:00 # Friday from 16:00 to 22:00 and Saturday from 09:00 to 15:00

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You can also study for the MIB in Spain and USA.

The first fully specialized masters in digital business & transformation.

The MIB gathers together all the disciplines involved in the management of Internet businesses to achieve a unique global vision. The keys:


The MIB has developed a unique methodology, addressing the whole business and company management ecosystem in a single master's degree.


Professionals who are experts in the different areas of the internet supervise the delivery and excellence of the program me's content. See the Teaching Faculty.


The most relevant technology and teamwork will enable MIB students to live the experience of digitalizing a business in the real world.

Program details

16 modules, a practical core project of digitalization in a real business and more than 110 teachers who are professionals working in the sector.


  • Time of Change

    We live in a world of change and we must understand the advantages of being able to change continuously. A way of embracing what the MIB will be.

  • Evolution and future of the Internet in a 100% digital and 100% multi-platform environment

    The foreseeable digital evolution for the world of transactions, contents and generation of knowhow and efficiency.

Coordinators and profesors

Víctor Molero
Víctor Molero
Director Académico de ISDI
Nacho de Pinedo
Co Founder & CEO at ISDI


  • Introducción Human Centered Innovation

    Creativity, Process, Creative profiles

  • Design Research
  • Creative problem solving

    From the challenge to the idea.

  • Design of services and concepts


Coordinators and profesors

Rodolfo Ramírez
Rodolfo Ramírez
Founder and General Manager Redbox, leading innovation agency in Mexico and Latin America
Saray Sánchez
Senior Consultant at Redbox inspiring Innovation
Sergio Caetano
Senior Consultant at RedBox
Mónica Rivera
Strategic Designer at Redbox Inspiring Innovation


  • Marketing basics

    Basic marketing concepts, Positioning, Marketing Mix, Segmentation, Marketing Plan, Copy strategy, Unique selling proposition.

  • Digital marketing and digital marketing plan

    Integral Digital Marketing Model, Strategic Concepts of Digital Marketing, Reputation Management Marketing, Traffic Generation Marketing: Drive to Web, Conversion Marketing: Drive to Sell, Management Marketing of the Multi-Channel Digital Client, Digital Marketing Plan.

  • Brand Experience

    The global brand, Integration of online strategy in brand construction, Crossumers and moments of interaction with the user, User experience: Emotional, functional and social dimension, Coherence in communication via all communication channels.

  • CRM and Business Intelligence Digital

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Relational marketing, Social CRM, ON/OFF integration, Customer Management Strategies, Customer Metrics, Customer Centric Marketing, Customer Characterisation, Predictive analysis, Big Data, Multi-Channel Marketing.

  • The Digital Customer

    Integral customer experience, Customer Segmentation Strategies, Ancillaries, Customer development strategy on the online channel, Integration with other channels, Program and action management.

  • Digital Marketing Strategy

    Long Tail Business Model Strategy, Benefits of CrowdSourcing, E-Bay Marketing Strategy Case, Optimisation of the digital marketing mix, Benefits and limitations by channel, Management of digital marketing equipment.

  • Gamification

    Origin, Gamification techniques, Gamification-based business models, Best practices, Trends.

  • PRACTICE: Brand positioning

    Positioning, Copy Strategy, Unique Selling Proposition

Coordinators and profesors

Diego Cosio
Diego Cosio
CEO at Maskota, former CMO at Citibank
Joy R. Sen
Digital transformation, founder, dotcom advisor and passionate lecturer
José Manuel Medina
Managing Director at Kamikaze Lab
Antonio Huerta
Director de Estrategia Digital en HolaGus
Rodrigo Hutt
Head of Classifieds at Mercadolibre.com.mx
Nacho de Pinedo
Co Founder & CEO at ISDI
Raquel Valverde
General Manager at ISDI México


  • Digital Identity

    Social Media.

  • Redefining communication through user interaction
  • Strategy

    Design of a corporate strategic plan for presence on social platforms.

  • Listening and monitoring: ORM

    Alerts, Identifying opportunities, Customer management, Social CRM

  • Adopting Social Media

    Control and management of Social Media projects, Round Table with brands.

  • Conversation Management

    Community Management, channels and contents, blogs, microblogging... Gamification dynamics.

  • PR 2.0, management of digital influencers. Dissemination. Round table agencies..

    Social networks, product vision, capitalising vertical communities: Wiseri, Duelia, RedKaraoke. Technical aspects of social integration through APIs.Business and marketing via social networks. Round table with Tuenti, Facebook, YouTube. Business generation via social media (Social Commerce, Active listening, etc.) Management of the social media area at corporate level, responsibilities of each of the areas, communication, marketing, ATC, General Management.

Coordinators and profesors

Jorge Ruiz
Jorge Ruiz
Director at Facebook
Salvador Suárez
Socio Director en Territorio Creativo
Ana Sofía Sánchez Juárez
Head of Sales Facebook Mexico & Central America
Antonio Exsome
Head of agencies - North Cone at Facebook
Pavel Álvarez
Co-founder & Council Member at Collective Minds México
Karim Tanfin
Twitter Sales Manager en IMS Social Mexico
Efrain Mendicuti
Head of LCS Client Account Management & Agency Development at Twitter
Dale Piceno
Founder & CEO at Spotlight Media


  • Introduction to technology
  • Software engineering
  • Technical Internet architecture
  • Servers and infrastructure
  • Application programming
  • Products and services
  • Integrations
  • Technology management

Coordinators and profesors

Antonio Rallo
Antonio Rallo
CEO ID345.TECH, Kionetworks CoFounder
Sergio Rosengaus Leizgold
Co-Founder/CEO, Kio Networks
Israel Madiedo
Technology Director, izzi Televisa Corporation, México
Bernardo González
CTO at Televisa Digital


  • Description of contents
  • Content strategy
  • Application of content strategy in real life
  • Content management
  • CMS and the key factors for its selection
  • Content management
  • Measuring the success of content programming
  • Content marketing
  • Content operatives
  • Content managers
  • Implementation of the editorial strategy
  • Other necessary web operations

    Customer service, Help pages, Ethics regime, Page maintenance.

Coordinators and profesors

Miguel Alegre
Miguel Alegre
Online Ventures, Roll & Rancho Digital Founder
Elisa Najera
Digital Marketing Manager
Jorge Taboada
Prodigy/MSN Digital Content Director at Microsoft
Ariel Solorio
Partner & CTO at Rancho Digital


  • Word Press Workshop
  • Design of Strategic Services
  • Detailed design and usability

Coordinators and profesors

Miguel Alegre
Miguel Alegre
Online Ventures, Roll & Rancho Digital Founder
Selene Castilla
Directora de UX at Scotiabank
Pablo Hernández
President & Founder at Ingenia


  • Introduction to e-commerce

    The e-commerce market: main figures, categories and companies, both globally and in Spain, Available market information sources, E-commerce models: B2C, B2B, pure plays, coexistence and channel integration.

  • Maximising attraction

    Online marketing plan: main objectives, Search engine management (SEO, SEM focused on e-commerce), Database management: construction and exploitation (emailings, newsletters…), Development of Partnerships, Main management KPIs of an online sales business and main levers

  • Management of customer conversion and loyalty

    The concept of the purchase funnel, Construction of online showcases and operation of search engines, Structure and design of forms, Management of repeat business

  • Online payment methods

    Description of online payment systems, Legal and security implications, Advantages from the business' and the customer's point of view

  • E-commerce platforms

    Description of the types of development applicable to e-commerce, Review of the main market solutions to understand the advantages and disadvantages in terms of cost, scalability, dependency and flexibility

  • Logistics and customer service

    The fulfilment cycle: from the order to the home, Logistic structures and specificities of e-commerce. Identifying added value elements. Structures and customer service types

  • Mobile Commerce

    Description of the main platforms for mobile commerce and their implications: conversions, penetration, Managing a multi-platform e-commerce operation and web-mobile differences, Success stories and main lessons

Coordinators and profesors

Alfonso Luna
Alfonso Luna
Co-Founder & CEO at Kentriki.com, former Director at Google & Microsoft
Jorge Acevedo
Cofounder at The Place Mexico
Enrique Nogales
E-Commerce Specialist
Bernardo Cordero
Co-Founder at STARTegy Venture Builder
Benjamín Franco
VP Online Acquisition - Credit Cards at Banamex
Aarón Fernández
Founder at Agavis Digital
Marcos Penhos
CEO at Pengo Stores


  • Introduction and construction of online brands

    Introduction, Advertising ecosystem, From FMOT to ZMOT, Strategic communication framework, The advertiser's vision

  • The ecosystem of advertising means

    The different ‘agents’ of digital advertising, Round table

  • Direct response advertising and sales generation

    The balance between sales channels, the role of the internet in generating results, Strategic principles in Internet sales, Basics of using media as a sales channel, How to measure and evaluate a direct response action effectively

  • Digital PR

    Redefining and evolving the role of PR, PR management, Crisis management and cleaning up your reputation, What is said about the brand; Buzz Monitoring Tools

  • Social advertising and contents

    Fundamental and strategic principles of Branded Content and Branded Entertainment, Success story analysis

  • Technologies for online advertising

    The Internet technology roadmap; technical advertising infrastructure behind a campaign, Planning Tools, Measuring Tools, Optimisation Tools, Business Intelligence, reporting and analysis tools

  • Purchasing and negotiation

    Strategic basics of media negotiation, Elements of a communication plan; Prices, Discounts... The future. Trading Platforms.

Coordinators and profesors

Andrés Azpilicueta
Andrés Azpilicueta
Chief Digital Officer at Publicis Media
Iván Palomera
Founder at SmartUp
Fernando Bermúdez Pire
CEO Carat
Jordi Oliva
General Manager at Publicist Media
Santiago Durán
Product Specialist - Spanish LATAM at Google
José Ignacio González
Founder & General Manager at Mobile 360 - Epa Digital
Veronique Ricardoni
Strategic Client Service Director- Digital Arena-Havas Media & Arena Board Member
William Rodríguez Norato


  • The importance of search engines as a gateway to the Internet

    Search engines: Gateway to today's net and gateway to the digital world of the future.

  • The natural search

    Indexing, deep search, semantic search, image search, video search, Speed, depth and relevance as operating principles, Basic differences in the natural search methods of the major search engines: Google, Yahoo!, Vista, Bing. The ten basic principles for understanding Google’s natural search for any website creator.

  • Optimisation of websites and content in natural search engines (SEO - Search Engine Optimisation)

    How the situation of a website is analysed in relation to its positioning in search engines, Page Ranks, Page Index, Number of links, Number of results, analysis of relevant search terms to the product and category, Establishing an action plan to improve positioning, Measuring results

  • Marketing in search engines (SEM - Search Engine Marketing)

    Basic SEM concepts Search engine marketing as a service rather than advertising, The Google Adwords model, Business potential analysis of a web with Adwords, Strategies to measure investments in adwords, Application of Google Insights and Google Trends to improve campaigns in Adwords, Advanced SEM planning techniques, Other SEM models: Yahoo!, Microsoft.

Coordinators and profesors

Lino Cattaruzzi
Lino Cattaruzzi
Regional Director Middle East and North Africa at Google
Edgardo Frías
Head of Agencies Google Mexico
Aarón Sánchez
Senior Metrics Analyst
Nicolas Maslo
Semion Lipner
Head of Programmatic & Media Platforms, Spanish Speaking Latin America at Google
Jorge Ezquerro
Performance Lead en Google
Javier Pérez
Sales, Business Development & Marketing executive with cross functional US & Latam markets experience.
Feliu Quílez
Agency Training Specialist / Snr Industry Analyst at Google
Karla López
Operations Director at T2O media México


  • The importance and convergence of other online platforms and screens

    Introduction, The multi-device consumer.

  • Mobile Internet

    The mobile internet value chain, Current situation of mobile internet in Spain and worldwide, Technology in mobile internet and its implications.

  • Business models in the “Mobile Internet” environment

    Mobile applications (Apps), The HTML5 phenomenon and possible implications, Gamification in mobile webs and Apps.

  • Mobile Marketing

    Basics of mobile marketing, How to develop a mobile marketing strategy, through practical cases.

  • Mobile advertising

    Market size, Mobile advertising formats.

  • Mobile commerce

    Basic concepts, Business models and the mobile purchase funnel, Practical cases.

  • Payment via mobile

    Basic concepts, Existing technologies, Practical cases.

Coordinators and profesors

Andreu Casadella
Andreu Casadella
General Manager at Mexico TomTom Telematics
Pablo Slough
Pablo Slough
Head of Performance Sales Activation at Google
Andrea Scarano
Country Manager Mexico at Privalia
Rubén Ferreiro
President VIKO GROUP
Tomás Bleier
COO & Co-Founder Biko App
Enrique Nogales
E-Commerce Specialist
Blas Caraballo
General Manager Mexico at PayPal
Sebastian Gomez
Co-founder at Reservamos.mx
Andres Sucre
Co-founder at Reservamos.mx
Arcadi Magre
Director at AM Consulting, Partner at sindelantal.mx & Investor and advisor in different startups


  • Information sources
  • Key metrics I and II
  • Web analytics tools

    Google Analytics.

  • Commercial metrics in action

    Media and Transactional Sectors.

  • New trends in the use of metrics
  • Project

    Search for relevant metrics, Monitoring model approach.

Coordinators and profesors

María Teresa Arnal
María Teresa Arnal
Director at Google México
Isabel Menendez
Operations management at Mirum Mex
Javier Dorrego
CEO at VML Mexico
Hebert Hernandez
Founder & CEO at Abaco Metrics & Partner at Klustera
Bruna Hatakeyama
Digital Marketing and Innovation


  • Introduction to digital creativity

    How creativity can help us in our business, How to prepare a commission for a digital campaign

  • The creative process

    Ingredients of the creative process, Branding campaigns, Traffic generation campaigns

  • Evaluating the creative message
  • Management of the creative process

Coordinators and profesors

Jaime Kalb
Jaime Kalb
Founder and President Mirum México
Rafael Jiménez
Founder at Seenapse
Juan Pablo Manazza
Founder and General Director at La Agencia Viva!
Miguel Calderón


  • E-Commerce

    Applicable legislation (general vs. sectoral). Criteria for determining the applicable law in cross-border operations. Conflict between applicable law and products. Electronic contracting: contracting conditions. Prior information and contracting confirmation. Consumers (withdrawal, customer service mechanisms). Fraud and scams. Taxation.

  • Social Networks

    Advertising and promotional actions. Responsibility. Minors.

  • Contents

    Intellectual property.

  • Responsibility of the service provider. UGC and “principle of effective knowledge”.
  • Marketing and Advertising

    Sponsored searches and use of other brands. Cookies. Behavioural targeting. Viral marketing. Newsletters. Spam..

  • Privacy

    General issues (information, consent, transfers, confidentiality, security measures). Person in charge of Processing. Cloud Computing Services. Mobility: Apps and geolocation. International transfers.

  • Communication

    Electronic communication and data retention services.

Coordinators and profesors

Leon Felipe Sánchez
Leon Felipe Sánchez
Owner, Fulton & Fulton SC
Jorge Luis Ringenbach Sanabria
Partner en Fulton & Fulton SC
Enrique Ochoa
President of the Legal Affairs Committee at IAB México
Fatima Cambronero


  • Creation of a Startup

    From the idea to the business model, The partners, Legal considerations, Organisation and culture

  • Business Models on the Internet

    Digital business models, Business Plan in the digital era, Assessment of startups.

  • Financing

    Seed Phase: FFF and Subsidies, Startup Phase: Business Angels, Growth Phase: Venture Capital, Consolidation Phase: IPO


Coordinators and profesors

Marcus Dantus
Marcus Dantus
Founder and CEO at Startup Mexico
Bernardo Torres
Uncommon Founder, Business Innovation Specialist, Business Innovation Speaker
Claudia Ludlow
Co-Founder at Alium Mexico
Rubén Alejandro Romero García
Education Director for the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem at RiskMathics


  • Learning and enterprising

    The speed of change.

  • Disintermediation and digital opportunity

    Key factors of digital transformation models, Disintermediation and consumer sovereignty.

  • Enterprising outwards and inwards

    Startups (see startups module), Digital transformation.

  • Examples of digital transformation

    Media, Publishers (Pearson), Childcare (tablets, subscriptions), Industrial (internet of things), Handmade revolution, 3D Printers, Toys: LEGO, Photography (Kodak-Fujifilms), Mass Consumption (The new consumer journey)- Big Data-Social CRM.

  • Roadmap of digital transformation

    The 5 phases of transformation.

  • Managing digital change in organisations

    The 4 phases of transformation, Resistance to change, Management psychology, Networking, New roles: Chief Digital Officer

  • Startup culture in corporations

    Adoption of foundations by the corporations, Processes of cultural change, Management tools, Holacracy, Agile, Scrum VS Cascade, New roles: Chief Digital Officer, Others

Coordinators and profesors

Gonzalo Alonso
Gonzalo Alonso
Digital Transformation Igniter at ClowderTank (CEO & Co-Founder)


  • Core project

    It is the case study methodology of the 21st century, which enables the academic content acquired during the Master in Internet Business to be fully integrated, by putting it into practice in a real way in an existing company.

    Students work together in groups, focusing on a partner company that is prepared to offer its business reality so students can implement their digitalization project in the company. During the course students incorporate the new digital knowledge they are acquiring into the business project.

    The Core Project is closely supervised by experts who meet with the student groups every 3 weeks, accompanying them and guiding the development of the project, which is presented to the business owners and a panel of professors at the end of the master's degree.

Coordinators and profesors

Arcadi Magre
Arcadi Magre
Director at AM Consulting, Partner at sindelantal.mx & Investor and advisor in different startups
Ariel Cilento
COO en LatAm Autos y mentor en Endeavour México
Joel Cano
Investor and advisor at different startups. Professor at Disruptive Business Academy.

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