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The MIB is the first comprehensive master's degree in digital business transformation, professionalisation and specialisation.

Directed at professionals

Professionals who want to retrain for the digital world, entrepreneurs who want to launch their own startup and people who are working or looking for a job and want to become Internet experts.

Are you ready to begin your transformation?

Alumnos en una clase del MIB
Average age 35 years old
10 years

After finishing the MIB, 24% of our students create Internet businesses and 68% enter digital professions.

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Your time is now

It's time to change the direction of your career, to acquire the comprehensive, integrated, up-to-date vision needed for the digital transformation that we are experiencing.

If you want to play a leading role in the digital age, your time is now. Welcome to your master's degree, welcome to the MIB.



400 hours


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9th edition - 2017/2018
from September to June

Two timetables to choose from: # Monday to Thursday from 19:00 to 22:00
# Friday from 16:00 to 22:00 and Saturday from 08:30 to 14:30

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9th edition - 2017/2018
from October to June

Only one timetable available: # Friday from 16:00 to 22:00 and Saturday from 08:30 to 14:30

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You can also study for the MIB in Mexico and the USA


The first fully specialized masters in digital business & transformation.

The MIB gathers together all the disciplines involved in the management of Internet businesses to achieve a unique global vision. The keys:


The MIB has developed a unique methodology, addressing the whole business and company management ecosystem in a single master's degree.


Professionals who are experts in the different areas of the internet supervise the delivery and excellence of the program's content. See the ISDI Academic Board.


The most relevant technology and teamwork will enable MIB students to live the experience of digitalizing a business in the real world.


16 modules, a practical core project of digitalization in a real business and more than 110 teachers who are professionals working in the sector.


  • Internet's Ecosystem and Evolution
  • Business transformation in this environment
  • Building Digital Identities
  • Digital Talent
  • Lean Methodologies
  • Management of High Digital Performance Teams


Sebastián Muriel
CEO at Tuenti
Javier Rodríguez Zapatero
Executive Chairman at ISDI
Andreu Alfonso Moragues
Fátima Gallo
Digital Talent Manager @ ISDI
Rodrigo Miranda
Managing Director at ISDI


  • Marketing basics
  • Digital marketing Fundaments
  • CRM and Social CRM
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Digital Marketing Plan
  • Digital Customer Management Tool


Nacho de Pinedo
Former Director of Marketing and Strategy at Canal+, Co-founder and CEO of ISDI
“There is only one way of understanding marketing: from the integral experience (digital and off-line) of the customer”
Omar Rois
Xeerpa Social CRM Intelligence
David Gracia
Chief Marketing Officer & Chief Digital Officer at Sanitas
Eva Rodriguez
CMO GLOBAL in Famosa
Robert Aran
Regional Digital Marketing Manager for Europe at Nestlé Health Science
Rafael López
Marketing director at ISDI
César Crespo


  • Human Centered Innovation
  • Design Research
  • Creative problem solving
  • Design of services and concepts


Alicia Chavero
Innovation Consultant at KPMG Digital
“We can all innovate: in any sector, in any company and in any team”


  • Content Strategy
  • Content Progamming
  • Content Marketing
  • Content Management
  • CMS and the key factors for its selection


Daniel Fernández Arroyo
Head of Movistar Services at Telefónica
“The only way to create a successful initiative on the Internet is to think about the user”
Mario Tascón
Socio Director - Prodigioso Volcán
Santiago Sagrado
Digital Senior Manager at Accenture Interactive
Emilio García
UI Designer / Developer at CartoDB
Noelia Fernández
Managing Director of Digital Development and Digital Transformation at Prisa
Juan Baixeras
General Manager at 2bkids


  • Social Media Strategy
  • Listening and Monitoring: ORM
  • Social CRM projects
  • CM Conversation Management, channels, contents, dynamics...
  • Public Relations 2.0
  • Social Commerce
  • Social Media Advertising


Rodrigo Miranda
Managing Director at ISDI
“There are real machines here. It is an ecosystem constantly at full steam”
Juan Bodas de la Cal
Social and New Media Manager en Tribal Worldwide
Salvador Suárez
Managing Partner at Territorio Creativo
Mauro A. Fuentes
Director of Social Media in @SocialOgilvy
Paco Campos
Head of Community and Social Networks at Leroy Merlin España
Yurena Sánchez
Digital Brand Strategist
Andrés González Pacheco
Paid Media Consultant at Territorio Creativo
Juan Carlos Garrosa
Growth, Innovation Leader Findasense


  • History of Internet and its role
  • Software engineering
  • Internet Technical architecture
  • Servers and infrastructure
  • Application programming
  • Products and services (Open Source, SaS)
  • Integrations
  • Technology management


Marcelo Royán
CTO and Product Manager of Entradas.com Eventim
“Does technology scare you? Don't worry, here we explain technology for non-technologists”
Andrés Pedrera
General Director at Km77.com
Ángel Luengo
Fundador/CTO 24 symbols
Julio Gómez Ortega
Product Manager & Security Consultant at Telefónica


  • Convergence of other online platforms and screens
  • Multidevice consumer and Business Models in "Mobile Internet"
  • Apps (iOS and Android), HTML 5, mobile webs
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Payment via mobile


Fernando González-Mesones
COO Docomo Digital y CEO B! (NTT Docomo Group)
“Mobile devices will be key in the digital world; the trend is unstoppable: Social, Mobile and Local”
Laura De La Fuente
Directora de Desarrollo Estratégico The Fact. La Factoría de Producción Digital
David García Fuentes
Global Head of Digital Marketing & Operations en Buongiorno (NTT DOCOMO Group)
Nehomar Correa
Founder at gigigo.com
Olmo Romero
Director UX/UI Gigigo Group
Jaume Clotet
Director Digital Strategy at KPMG ADN
Thomas Petit
Growth team member at 8fit
Juan de la Torre
Head of Marketing & Sales Spain en Cabify
Juan García Braschi
Country Manager Iberia & CFO at Cabify


  • Strategic Services Design
  • Strategic Services Design
  • UX heuristic analysis
  • Multiscreen Prototyping
  • Experiences with Design Tools


Daniel Fernández Arroyo
Head of Movistar Services at Telefónica
“The only way to create a successful initiative on the Internet is to think about the user”
Ismael Viejo
Head of Design at Tuenti España
Marcos Guerrero
E-commerce Expert: Expedia Viagogo, Yahoo! and marketing director of Thomas Cook
Luis Ferrándiz
Partner McKinsey & Co.


  • E-Commerce Models
  • Customer acquisition
  • Management of customer conversion and loyalty
  • Online payment methods
  • E-commerce platforms
  • Logistics and customer service


Aquilino Peña
Founder of Kibo Ventures
“Does anyone want to sell online? Not without listening to them first because they have sold everything”
Albert Serrano Pons
Country Manager Spain en Privalia
Enrique Sánchez
CEO en iBird y ex Managing Director en MRW
Fernando Aparicio
Social Commerce Director at Amvos Consulting
Fernando González-Mesones
COO Docomo Digital y CEO B! (NTT Docomo Group)
Marcelo Royán
CTO and Product Manager of Entradas.com Eventim
Víctor Clar
Strategy Analyst en eBay Enterprise
Juan Macías
CEO at QaShops
Rodrigo Martínez
Rodrigo Martínez
Early Stage Tech Investor at Point Nine Capital
Fernando Muñoz
Fernando Muñoz
SEO director, consultant and auditor


  • Search engines: entrance to the Internet
  • Search Marketing Strategy
  • Mobile Search
  • SEO: Natural search
  • SEM: PPC
  • AdWords Tool
  • Advanced Techniques and Applications for the optimization of campaigns


Javier Rodríguez Zapatero
Executive Chairman at ISDI
"Internet is not the future it is the here and now and we need professionals to lead a new way of seeing the business world"
Fuencisla Clemares
Country Manager at Google Spain & Portugal
Borja Berzosa
Agency Product Specialist en Google
Esther Checa
Head of Owned and Earned Media en T20Media
Ismael El-Qudsi
CEO at Internetrepublica
Javier Fernández Saavedra
Industry Head - Telecom & Consumer Electronics Sectors at Google
Carlos Álvarez
Agency Relationship Manager and Real Estate Initiative Lead at Google


  • Digital Advertising Strategy
  • The ecosystem of advertising means
  • Performance: Direct answer advertising and sales generation
  • Branded content, branded entertainment
  • Technologies for online advertising
  • Purchase and negotiation
  • Trading and RTB Platforms


Gabriel Sáenz de Buruaga
Founder and co CEO at WINK
“The values of advertising are the same: emotion, impact... but the medium is radically different”
Gonzalo Madrid
Head Of Strategy en WINK Transforming Through Digital
Juan Domínguez
Fundador y Director General de Red CPA
Chechu Lasheras
Subdirector General Comercial en PRISA Brand Solutions
Hugo Llebrés
Managing Director en MEC
Jorge Villabona
Jorge Villabona
Chief Marketing Officer at ISDI
Alberto Galaso
Alberto Galaso
Director Lowi.es, Vodafone yu & Segments at Vodafone Spain
Ícaro Moyano
Ícaro Moyano
Audience Development and Distribution Strategy
Gonzalo Galván Garrido
Gonzalo Galván Garrido
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder en BMind Sales Maker Company S.L.
David Garcia Fuentes
David Garcia Fuentes
Global Head of Digital Marketing & Operations at B! (NTT DOCOMO Group)


  • E-Commerce Legislation
  • Frauds and scams
  • Social Network Strategy
  • Intellectual Property in contents and UGC
  • Legal aspects of technology in the marketing and advertising framework
  • Privacy, confidentiality and security


Ventura Barba
Co-Founder & Chairman, Tenzing Media
“We are creating a new world and it is the companies that are setting the tone”
Javier Berrocal
Managing Partner at Santiago Mediano Abogados
Juan Carrasco
Head of Tecnology at Santiago Mediano Abogados
César Lorenzana
Captain Cybercrime Unit Guardia Civil
Paula Ortiz
Directora Jurídica y de Relaciones Institucionales en IAB Spain


  • Digital Information Sources
  • Metrics and KPIs
  • Web Analytics Tools: Google Analytics
  • Commercial metrics in action
  • Big Data and new trends
  • Data Visualization


Arnaldo Muñoz
General Manager Spain and Portugal at Airbnb
“Measuring, assessing, comparing, analysing, optimising: are his professional obsessions”
Luis Ferrándiz
Partner McKinsey & Co.
Jaume Clotet
Director Digital Strategy at KPMG ADN
Eduardo Sagües
Digital & Marketing Director en Vaughan Systems
Sergio Simarro
Business & Digital Senior Manager at adn KPMG
Toni Raurich i Marcet
Director at Booking.com
Albert Bosch
CEO & Board member Groupalia
Rafael López
Director of Marketing at ISDI


  • Creativity in Digital Campaigns
  • The creative process
  • Branding
  • Creative Process Management
  • Creative Message Evaluation


Marcel.lí Zuazua
Partner and CEO of the digital creative agency Herraiz Soto & Co.
“They are crazy, but there are no other brains capable of generating the most brilliant ideas”
Quico Vidal
Socio Fundador y Director de Nadie - The Creative Think Tank
Rafael Soto
Fundador y Director Creativo de HerraizSoto&Co


  • Startup Creation
  • Success and Failure
  • Startup Models
  • Business Plan
  • Startup Financing
  • Exit Search


Miguel Ángel Díez Ferreira
Co-founder and CEO of Red Karaoke
“To understand a startup you have to have lived, enjoyed and suffered an enterprising experience”
Jose Martín Gtz de Cabiedes
Partner in Cabiedes & Partners SCR
Miguel A. Acosta
Partner in BeRuby
Fernando Moreno
Co-CEO and Co-Founder ICSW Group
Inmaculada Martínez
Tech Entrepreneur, Product Maverick, Angel Investor
Carlos Sánchez Valle
Owner, nvivo.es, 5gig.com


  • Enterprising outwards and inwards: digital transformation, startups
  • Disintermediation and digital opportunity
  • Digital Transformation Roadmap
  • Digital Change Management in Organizations
  • Culture: startuptation of corporations


Alberto Díaz
Founding Partner of Digital Migration Partners
“It is more difficult to transform than to create, and for that we need intra-entrepreneurs”
Javier López de Haro
Director Estrategia Digital,Comunicación y Marketing Openbank
Antonio Bravo
Head of Strategy & Planning - Business Development Growth Markets at BBVA
Esther Alonso
Marketing and Development Director at eldiario.es
Alberto Benbunan
Mobile & eCommerce connoisseur. Curious about Grocery Tech.

Core project

  • Core project

    Students work together in groups, focusing on a partner company that is prepared to offer its business reality so students can implement their digitalization project in the company. During the course students incorporate the new digital knowledge they are acquiring into the business project.

    The Core Project is closely supervised by experts who meet with the student groups every 3 weeks, accompanying them and guiding the development of the project, which is presented to the business owners and a panel of professors at the end of the master's degree.


Luis Ferrándiz
Partner McKinsey & Co.
“Theory provides the foundation but experience in real companies provides an invaluable lesson”
Javier Poveda
Javier Poveda García-Noblejas
Internet and Business Development Manager en Direct Seguros
Cristina Chacón
Fundadora Carne Villa María
Rosa Fernández-Velilla
Directora ecommerce Bershka
Dionís Guzmán
Fundador y Director General en wöwbile!
Álvaro Romero
Digital Transformation Senior Manager en Accenture Interactive
Javier Martín
Digital Transformation Strategist at Freelance
Ana Belén Fernández Vidaurre
FMCG Senior Marketing Manager
Silvia de León
Fashion E-commerce Manager at El Corte Ingles
Isis Boet
Chief Digital Officer at Vinizius Y&R
Montse Jodar
Marketing Manager at Idilia Foods

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